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  1. Alright SE - I'll give it to ya. That was pretty funny. But I think his being out of the league for 20 years took the biting edge off of it.
  2. Where the hell have you been? Monsanto went home crying several weeks ago.
  3. Wait a sec. Are you saying we'd have to offer our first three picks in each of the next five drafts to persuade some team to take Bolly off our hands? I think I'd rather hang on to him them. He can't do nearly that much damage in a game if he has to go in. Close - but still not quite that much.
  4. Of course we can be shocked by this. This time it's being said by someone who has a smidgeon of credibility...
  5. The article seems to contradict itself here regarding Ellis - which is it Shaun?
  6. Is it just me Garb, or does the girl in your avatar have something like a 16" neck?
  7. "HEY YOU!!! Chicken or Beef?." one of my all time classics
  8. rajensen088 has never made an intelligent post and it shows.
  9. Tex would have 8000+ posts calling him "BradyBoyWonder" and "noodle-arm".
  10. I like Tex as a poster. Especially if you like reading the same tired crap in 20+ threads a day.
  11. You must be going to the matinee. Took the wife the other day and it was $9.50 each. I think at the prices they're charging nowadays and I'll go to see a movie at the theater only if it's at an IMAX.
  12. Fine. So copy and paste the article and provide a link so as to "give credit". Without it you might as well be taking credit.
  13. Looks more like Adriana Wilson to me.
  14. I was drawn in to Jets fandom by Joe Willy and so, the last time the Jets won the Super Bowl, I was locked in for good - unaware of what would transpire over the next 37 years. I certainly thought there would be more to come but so far it's been one empty season after another with a few teases thrown in. Hope springs eternal though, so I root on...
  15. See? If you are just a regular run-of-the-mill dumbass then people may feel a little sorry for you. But if you are a famous dumbass people will get "really upset" then.
  16. Sell. Rex Grossman's skeletal system is made up of #2 pencils. Buy or Sell? Rothlisberger will play in any games this season...
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