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    Goin Platnumb
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    Ceder City Utah
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    Drive By's , Ak47's & Bitches
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  1. yo son that type talk will get you bodied up in here
  2. Whaddup crackers!!! I'm free!!! Did 6 months in county for selling my dads Viagra to sum skool kids Ya missed the kid right?
  3. dey cant hold us down wesley!! fight da power!!
  4. will da real slim shady pleeze stand da up! imma merk all you fradulent mofos. gats up bitchz
  5. Ayyyeeee yooooo, watz poppin crackers? Dad bailed me out for the holiday and sh*t. Doin a bid,**** is hard . 22 days for an open container,****ing utah pigs. Imma be back. Audi 5000
  6. watz good moses !happy birthday money grip. Keep ya head up.
  7. dont make me slap the white off you.
  8. watz good? Kobe sux. Karl Malone bitch!
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