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  1. Living on the East Coast, I did not get to see Sayers play very much. But when I did, it was spectacular. Every time he touched the ball, he was a threat to go the distance. There was one game where he scored touchdowns 5 different ways (at least if I remember correctly). His career was cut short by a knee injury, which, if it happened today, would be treatable. RIP Gale. You were a great player and a better person .
  2. If they get the #1 pick, I'm trading it. Picking Lawrence would only put him in the same situation Darnold is in now.... no weapons, shoddy offensive line (except for Becton). This team has too many holes to fill to put it all on one QB. We need a pass rusher, cornerbacks, offensive line, wide receivers, linebackers and possibly a tight end. Get the haul for the pick and start filling some of these holes, then draft a QB.
  3. The Jets’ radar only picks up people with little talent that are going to get hurt
  4. Well I’ve been a Jets fan since 1962, the days of Dick Wood, 3 years before Namath came. I remember going to games with my grandfather before they moved into Shea (IIRC, they played at the Polo Grounds). There have been many more bad years than good years and lots of disappointment. There are many days that I wish I could do it over, but I can’t leave this team. I cope by managing expectations and not believing any of the BS that comes from this incompetent organization. At one time I could take short term losing for long term gain, but there never is any long term gain. And now that I am 67, a cancer survivor, I realize that I am probably never going to see this team win. It’s just going to take too long for another rebuild and the corresponding wait for maturity. For you younger fans, I hope that you get the chance to revel in the joy that is a Super Bowl victory. Miracles can happen. See, the Wilpons are finally selling the Mets!
  5. Good review of yesterday's action. I disagree with 2 things however. If you're the third pick in the draft, you have to have more impact that getting close and having 3 tackles. Basically, Q is invisible, and there is only pressure if they blitz. And they don't have enough talent to cover the receivers. We can talk about the score being close, but this game was never in doubt. The secondary did not play well, with the exception of Marcus Maye and Bless Austin. The Bills had a number of unforced errors, and anytime they needed a first down they just had to go to their right side to pick it up. The Bills could have easily scored 45+ points and then we would be having a different discussion.
  6. Brady, Brees and Marino wouldn't look good with this sad excuse for WR talent. And Herndon isn't exactly Kellen Winslow either. Not an excuse for Sam's poor play, but he has never had a good group of receivers. Much like Trubisky. People are on him for not producing, but which of his wide receivers has been better than average? The talent on this team needs to be vastly upgraded. And that is going to take a long time.
  7. Unless he pulls a Kotite, he’ll be here for the rest of his contract
  8. The real question is if I’m going to be able to watch this crap for the rest of this game
  9. Isn't Douglas already the GM? I get what you're saying, but you have to hit on all those picks, which has not been a strong point for many years. Teams that go worst to first usually have some base of talent that the draft/fee agency supplements. I don't see that here.
  10. This goes far beyond Gase. This is a total systemic failure of ownership, management, coaching and players. It will take 4-5 years to climb out of this morass created by bad drafting and other suspect personnel and coaching hires. Really, the only way to put pressure on these people is for everyone not to attend a couple of home games (and that means you don't sell the tickets either). I know that will never happen, but imagine the embarassment of showing en empty stadium on CBS

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