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  1. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    I did not criticize his YAC. I criticized his hands. Don't get sassy with me because you can't read a post
  2. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Maybe you didn't read his scouting report: "If the pass isn’t right on the money, however, don’t count on it being caught. The Tide often worked around their leading receiver’s shaky hands last season by weaponizing his speed on sweeps and tap passes that stretched the defense from sideline to sideline."
  3. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Even if the Jets are bad enough to get the #1 pick, if you are Sam Darnold, would you join this clueless train wreck or stay in school another year?
  4. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    If only he could catch, he might get some YAC
  5. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Way to go. Trade down, miss the decent OLs and get to pick some useless special teamer. Typical Jets
  6. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Bills traded up to take one of the WRs I bet
  7. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Maybe not any more
  8. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    No question about it, they can't make a second round pick. I like Adams but this is ridiculous
  9. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Adams is a great pick. Heady, can tackle and can cover. Obviously people don't remember all the blown coverages last year. Now a CB or an OL in the next round
  10. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Best pick they have made in a long time. I understand the desire for a QB but have people forgotten how putrid our secondary was last year?
  11. Hack ripped by anonymous Jets coach

    Really? Carr has been good from day 1. Cousins was good once the owner got over his mancrush on RG III. Manning took about a year, but isn't that normal for QBs? Smith I'll give you, but I think that's just more of finding the right system. The difference is that all of these guys had success at college and took time to adjust to the NFL game. Hackenberg was benched at Penn State and can't even get some garbage time snaps on a 5-11 team. I seriously doubt that he will ever be more than a clipboard holder.
  12. We are beyond incompetence....

    Please tell me how a team can go an entire game without one penalty even called. Unbelievable. Those two PI non-calls were ridiculous
  13. Jets v Pats game thread 11-27-16

    Same old Jets-Pats. Two blatant PIs against NE don't get called and the Jets can't get a stop at the end. Why do I even watch?
  14. Petty was bad

    Don't forget Mariota has started for the better part of 3 years. The was Petty's first game. This is a bad team. Secondary is horrible, OL is horrible and the other units aren't much better with the exception of the D line. It's going to be 3-4 years before this team is any good and that is if we hit on every draft pick, which is not likely.
  15. Winning Culture, Leadership, and Quality

    Wow. I guess having Rodgers, Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger and Flacco has nothing to do with winning. You don't win in this league without a franchise QB. Period.