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  1. "It's amazing what 48 flashlights can do" - Al Groh after beating Tampa Bay and Keyshawn
  2. Oh, is that why he laid that cheap shot on Wolford yesterday? He should have been penalized and ejected, IMHO.
  3. Washington, Carolina or San Francisco could possibly be that team. Don't discount Cincinnati either. Rumor has it that they want Sewell and if the Jets show interest they could be willing to trade.
  4. You are not wrong at all. Even if we don't like Gase (and I truly don't) you have to give them credit for playing hard all season. It's a good thing for them to be rewarded. There are players on this team that we will want to stay and 0-16 puts a big dent in that. I was resigned to taking Lawrence, even if I thought they should go another route. Now they have options. I believe that there is going to be a large demand for that second pick. They can trade out for multiple picks to improve multiple areas, or they can take a very good player at that point. They need OL, WR, pass rusher, CB, RB and a TE. If some team offers multiple firsts and seconds I'm trading down. If not, I like the OT from Oregon, Sewell, or whoever the most pro ready CB is. The current roster has a few players to build around, so I still think that they will be attractive to coaching prospects.
  5. OTOH, he also made stars out of Randall Cunningham and Dante Culpepper so the reverse is also true
  6. I wouldn't mind if they win a game. Since I am not sold on Lawrence, I am of the opinion that whatever happens, we are going get get some good players this draft. I am not up on who would be available in the 2022 draft, but ther are good QBs available in every draft, the team just has to identify them and develop them.
  7. The good news for Jim Harbaugh is that he won’t have to endure another Ohio State beat down. The bad news is that he may not get another chance to beat them.
  8. After almost 60 years of Jets fandom, I cannot conceive of rooting for a different team. There would be changes though. No more merchandise (the new stuff is butt ugly anyway). And since I live in Bills country, I wouldn’t do all the things I do to watch a Jets game. I was on the season ticket waiting list for 18 years and when my number finally came up it was PSL time. I have endured Rich Kotite, the buttfumble, the Mud Bowl, the Fake Spike, numerous draft screwups and other low points too numerous to name. This too will pass, I just hope that I am alive to see it.
  9. Might add the Vikings, depending on how they finish the season
  10. Nobody intentionally loses games in any league. They may assemble a terrible roster devoid of much talent, but I guarantee those people on the field or on the court are trying to win the games. Intentionally losing games will get your keister thrown in jail. See: point shaving.
  11. I've just about had it with this idea of "tanking". No one in the NFL is intentionally trying to lose games. Do you really think that any of the players on the team now give a crap about the draft pick? Do you really think that the front office is trying to lose games? The coaching staff knows that it is unlikely that they will get another job in the NFL after this mess. The talent level on this team has been abysmal for a few years now and it's just coming home to roost this year. Here are some of the ramifications of tanking: lower rate of season ticket renewals (I was on the season ticket waiting list for 18 years, the waiting time is now 18 seconds), lower merchandise sales, lower revenue from parking and concessions, and generally less relevance in the NFL and the New York area. Seems like a lot to sacrifice for someone who may never be a star. Tanking is a conspiracy theory only fans believe in. It's not a reality in the NFL.
  12. Don't hire Bill O'Brien unless you want to trade Becton for a 6th round draft choice and a bag of footballs. Absolutely the worst judge of talent I have seen. Once he got the GM role in Houston, he absolutely destroyed the team. Like a previous poster said, the good CFB coaches would have to take a pay cut to come to the NFL, and I don't see that happening. Plus the talent differential between the top teams and the others is ridiculous. These guys really only have to perform 2 games a year. I see Campbell replacing Harbaugh at Michigan and then do you really want a guy who has driven a great program into the ground? I know this is crazy, but I would consider Anthony Lynn if he gets canned by the Chargers. But I would make sure Douglas gets him a great ST coach, as they always seem to get beat by ST screwups.
  13. Let me play devil's advocate here. Let's say that I am a NFL GM (yuk yuk yuk). I know that you're going to draft Lawrence or Fields. Why on earth would I give anything more than than a 4th round pick for someone I know that you are eventually going to have to release? They are not going to keep both Sam and the drafted QB. The thought that you are still going to get a 1st or 2nd round pick for Sam is ludicrous. If Douglas pulls that off, I want to see his wand and his cape.

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