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  1. To each his own. To me, that is ridiculously ugly. Looks like a fish with the word JETS imposed on it. Then again, it's a match for the current uniforms which I find to be a copy of Denver's uniforms with different colors
  2. Best available player among OL, RB, EDGE/LB, CB. YES, I Want to protect Wilson, but one way to do it is to shore up the defense so that he doesn't have to pass on every down. I would be OK with Zaven Collins from Tulsa or Basham from Wake or the edge rusher from Washington.
  3. If you want someone off the team, all you have to do is get me to buy his jersey. Once I do, he will be either hopelessly hurt, traded or cut. Bought a Vilma jersey, he was gone the next year. And, yes I do have a Darnold jersey. Imagine my shock when the first pass he threw in the NFL was a pick-6 (sarcasm meter pegged). And there are many others before that, as I have been a Jets/Titans fan for almost 60 years. This also applies to the Mets. Bought a Santana jersey, blew out his shoulder. Had a Gooden jersey, he got hooked on the nose candy. I may buy a jersey, but it will hav
  4. I grew up on LI but for the last 30+ years have lived in Bills country here in Rochester. Before that, I lived in DC for 5 years. I think that the amount of ball busting depends on the recent history of the local team. The Bills fans really act more like they feel sorry for us, and I think it's because they have very recent memories of being in that position. That will probably change if we get better and start to challenge them. In DC, it was the heart of the Joe Gibbs era. They had been good for a while and were merciless toward other teams. I would bet that that attitude has chang
  5. No one in the NFL is going to pay him $25 million no matter how well he plays this year. So if they trade down, they do not pick up the fifth year and he's a free agent after the season. If he doesn't play well, goodbye. If he does you can resign him for less than the $25 million. If he wants to go somewhere else, you can trade for next year's hot QB. Assuming you get a 2022 first round pick, youn have 3 first rounders to trade up to get the pick that you want, while having filled a lot of needs with this years draft. Caveat: I don't think they should trade down further than 8, where
  6. The plain fact of the matter is that, at some point, you have to get a few stops in order to win a game, no matter how good your offense is. Bless Austin is a good tackler, but he is horrible in coverage and commits a lot of penalties. I believe that signing a pro like Sherman would help him develop and that we should draft one of top CBs at either 23 or 34. With the WR signings, I would pass on that position in the draft unless we trade down and Chase or Pitts somehow falls down to us. I like Davis from Ohio State in the second round to address interior OL. I would consider Harris o
  7. JHC, I can't believe the tenor of some of these posts. We may be a loyal fan base, but we're also a fickle fan base. They were 2-14 lat year, have not been relevant for at least 5 years, don't know who their QB is, and have significant problems at every position on the roster. Given that, did you really expect to sigh a Jerry Rice, a Lawrence Taylor and a Junior Seau? They are not going to sign that type of player (without tremendously overpaying) until the team becomes somewhat competent. Douglas has been here for one draft. If anyone thought that he was going to wave his Harry Pott
  8. Thanks for the effort in putting the post together. Excellent work. I just want no part of Fuller. Tremendously fast, yes, but he gets hurt when the wind blows.
  9. I have been thinking Sewell the entire time, but now I'm leaning to taking Ja'Marr Chase. If they trade down to 4, he will probably be there. If they trade down to 8, he probably won't be. In that case, I would take Pitts or Sewell, whichever is available. Later on I hope they look at edge rusher, CB, OL, WR (depending on who was taken at 4 or 8)
  10. He obviously can't talk about covering receivers. Good tackler though.
  11. I've been a Mets fan since the beginning in 1962 and I have to say that I don't have a lot of hope for the team in the next couple of years. I think their pitching is somewhat overrated. Yes, deGrom is one of the best in the game, but the rest of the rotation is not that great. Carrasco is ok, Stroman is JAG, IMHO, and Peterson is too young to know what he will be. Thor will probably not be that great, it usually takes some time after TJ to regain effectiveness. And I am still not sold on the bullpen, especially Diaz. The defense is improved, but not as much as we think. McCann is a
  12. These uniforms looks like they copied the Denver uniform and changed the colors. The helmet logo is hideous, IMHO. I would like to see a combination of the 60's uniform with the helmets from the 80's. IMHO, the best of both worlds. Of course, the proper shade of green has to be chosen.
  13. "It's amazing what 48 flashlights can do" - Al Groh after beating Tampa Bay and Keyshawn
  14. Oh, is that why he laid that cheap shot on Wolford yesterday? He should have been penalized and ejected, IMHO.
  15. Washington, Carolina or San Francisco could possibly be that team. Don't discount Cincinnati either. Rumor has it that they want Sewell and if the Jets show interest they could be willing to trade.
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