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  1. The person who buys them could move them to London, Toronto or another city, that's how
  2. Tom Landry had 6 losing seasons before posting his first winning season. Chuck Noll, 3. Bill Walsh went 2-14, 6-10 his first 2 seasons. I don't know if Saleh will be on that level, but I do know that we'll never get a demonstrably good coach if we fire him after 2 years. Nobody of any quality will join this team after watching them fire coaches after 2 years again and again I thought the defense was good yesterday, with the exception of Joyner. They shutdown the running game, which was a severe wekness last year and I thought Sauce and DJ Reed played well. If you want to get on a coach, get on LaFleur. His play calling has the imagination of a rock and is just as effective.
  3. I don't think we can evaluate the team based on record this year. Look at the first 10 games... they could be a better team this year and still be 0-10. I want to see no blowouts, and a team that gets better as the season progresses. Once these rookies get a season under their belt, we'll be able to evaluate by record next year.
  4. I think the team will be better with the influx of talent, but the record may not be. The schedule is a killer, with the first 10 games all against playoff contending teams. Steelers, Packers and Broncos on the road and the Pats twice. And I'm not convinced about the OL. Bottom line, I just want to see competitive games, no 45-3 blowouts.
  5. If Douglas gets more than a 6th for this clown, he should be named GM of the century.
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel for this game? I'm looking at getting there Saturday night and checking out Monday (it's a long drive from MetLife to Rochester). I'd prefer a shuttle to MetLife but there is always Uber. Thanks, Jim
  7. Looking at the schedule, I would expect somewhere between 5 and 8 wins, but the main goal is to be competitive across the board. I do expect them to break the division game losing streak. And as a 60 year Jets (and Titans) fan, I hope that they sweep the f'n Fish. I think the Douglas/Saleh combination will be fine. Coaches need 3-5 years to be fairly evaluated. Does anyone really want to take a chance on the next Adam Gase?
  8. Hopefully: 4 - Walker, then Thibodeaux, then Gardner. I also could see an OL if they are moving Becton. 10 - Jameson Williams, then edge if not taken at 4 I read a description of Williams being "the most like Tyreek Hill in this draft". Good enough for me and I don't care if he misses half of this year. The Jets are not making the playoffs anyway. Please no Drake London. Does not separate, is not fast enough and just looks meh to me. Same with Hamilton. Can get safeties much later.
  9. Hosting a draft party Thursday for some friends. BBQ chicken wings for sure, cheese plate, and one of chili, ribs or swedish meatballs. And plenty of beer.
  10. Ditto. I really like Lloyd, but there is no way he falls to the second round and I'm n ot taking him at 10.
  11. I'm with you. That's what I want. But if they take Wilson and Johnson I wouldn't be upset. We need quality athletes at those positions. I prefer Williams at WR simply because he can make DCs worry a little more.
  12. I take Williams. I don't think any of the others take the top off the defense. Even if he isn't ready til October, he's still here for 4 1/2 years.
  13. Please figure out a way to get Jameson Williams. That is what the Jets need at the WR position, someone who can run b y people and scare the crap out of defensive coordinators
  14. If this guy was really a Jets scout, now you know why the drafts have been so bad
  15. If Jameson Williams is healthy, he's the guy I would want. He's the only guy on this list (as far as I can tell) that has what the Jets really need.... the ability to run by people and scare the hell out of defensive coordinators
  16. Again... there were lots of things that were not called (on both teams) for 58 minutes... and then the rules changed. That's my problem with it. I am not a Bengals or a Rams fan. I just can't stand it when the rules of the game change. Like how different the game is called between the regular season and the postseason.
  17. No, it doesn't. The Rams had 30 minutes to overcome a horrendous call. The Bengals had a little over a minute. But that is not what was bad about this call. The referee crew called absolutely nothing for 58+ minutes and then drop the questionable holding call? I could see if the game had been called tightly throughout, but it wasn't. I'm not sure, but it seems like there were more penalties called in the last 2 minutes than there was in the other 58. The NFL can't expect that people won't question things when calls are made differently depending on when in the game they occur. And if we ascribe to the "let them play' theory then why have referees at all? Everyone can just call their own. Again, it was a very borderline call. But i wouldn't have a problem with it if that was the way the entire game was called.
  18. I was 15 when they won the Super Bowl ( it was the first to be called the Super Bowl, the first two were called the AFL-NFL Championship). It was one of the greatest days of my life. Considering that I am 68 and have fended off a couple of serious health threats including cancer, I would say that winning the Super Bowl again in my lifetime is problematical. But I think if I can make it another 10 years I like my chances. And I'll always be there pulling for them.
  19. This is excellent news .. means jettisoning bloated handcuffed sports package deals from your cable co. If it's $23 a month, then that's not good news. That's about 1/3 of my YouTubeTv bill. By the time the DTC rush is over, we ll will be paying a lot more for television content.
  20. Yeah, I would never draft Ed Reed that high. It all depends on the specific draftee.
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