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  1. my 50 plus speed demon will be on the market after the season
  2. sure ill open up my attributes for the night so you can see....just so you know i am boosting tomorrow 5 to my agility and my xp will go over so i will get 5 skill for speed as well......i see you have higher level recievers but i am really working on the PR/KR role.....if i can fill that role id love to join http://goallineblitz.com/game/player.pl?player_id=96333
  3. yeah i got quite a few....now i just gotta get on the same team with you guys.....my WR is pretty damn good.....i skilled him up in the mold of devin hester.....speed, agility, and vision.....my PR avg is like 20 yds a game
  4. I see the JN team is doing well already....i know i was the one who suggested the team but im stuck in a contract on a team that ends this year.....who is the team owner that i can talk to???
  5. you all can join teams now they just extremely expanded the leagues.....and its the offseason
  6. once you make your player and use up your flex points.....buy equipment and make sure to equip it and then you need to find your first contract with a team. The playoffs are over soon so once they are over you can head over to the free agent forums and look for contracts. Until then stay active and train your players
  7. seems like a lot of you guys have joined
  8. it also came to my attention all contracts are frozen until the playoffs are over in 6 days....but post on the free agent forum regardless and start training your guys
  9. what he said....and we will need to find a way to get the flex points to create a team....but in the mean time you can join an already created human team....i sent messages to most of the guys that joined to try to join my team i am on
  10. my advice is to go to the free agent forums and once you post there you should have contract offers within an hour or 2......its pretty easy to get signed
  11. im on the G-town connection...the owner is connection20....message him and see if you can get a contract
  12. I see a couple of you guys signed up already....if we get enough we could possibly start a team.....let me know my name on there is armymatt
  13. I don't know if any of you guys are into sim games but this football one is pretty cool....you create a player with skill points kind of like madden and progress your player after signing a contract with a human controlled owner and there is sim games and based on your performance progress your player...something to keep you busy during this boring offseason of no fantast football....if enough people signup possible get a jets nation team going..... you can check it out at http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=3255506
  14. i really want to score 4 tickets for this game.. i leave for the army in january and before i go i want to take 3 of my buddies and i to a game and would love to go to that one.... whats the best way to get tickets for a game like this? or is it too late?
  15. alk i remember talking about was it your brother or brother in law in the military? because i myself am in the national guard
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