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  1. 1)EB, I'll definitely not make any threads pre-at bat again, I hear the advice. 2) Who's JonE? I'm def. not his brother. 3) Too bad I wasn't a Jets fan, I'd love to put the hex on them.
  2. Are you retarded, or do you just play one on Message Boards? He was going for the ball. He said it, announcers said it, Podsed-dink said it! Get over the "he should have been removed" bit. He deserved to be banned as much as you do from this board.... Wait a minute, that's not such a bad idea. I'll start a petition to get that guy permanently banned from Yankee Stadium, as long as you do the same for yourself here. Deal?
  3. You're dogging us for Embree, and you pukes trade for Mike "I'm older than dirt and so is my shirt" Remlinger? GREAT trade!! Loser.
  4. Hurls

    Unclutch Posada

    I agree he's not clutch, but I'm not so sure about the Kendall comment. He's got no homeruns at all, and less RBI's, though the avg. is better, but not great, about where Jorge usually is. And defensively, Posada doesn't harm the Yanks. If asked about building a team, ya, I'd take Kendall mostly due to his age. I'm just more concerned that he's not the only non-clutch player we have.
  5. Holy Crap!!! Really?!?!?!? If that's not the single, plain as day comment I've ever heard, I don't know what is. How did you ever deduce that? BTW, he's dating a model Bugg?
  6. I wonder how long he's signed.
  7. Their overall play has impressed me more than any others the Yanks have faced. And remember we didn't even face their #1 or #2 pitcher.
  8. Hurls

    Unclutch Posada

    I've known that for awhile. Jeter's not so great either. Bad whiff in the 10th.
  9. Good, that keeps Small in the rotation for good. He's impressed me.
  10. Hurls

    Bad Bernie

    If I could, I'd ask Torre why Bernie was playing still. After he hit that blistering 250 foot bomb to end the ninth, Crosby should have been out there. Bubba catches Uribe's ball that Bernie looked so old and slow on. Then he comes up with a rainmaker "throw" to Cano. It's a shame that he has to pull the rest of the team down with him in his final non-playoff Pinstriped year. So who's our CF next year? Juan Pierre? Damon?
  11. I can't figure out why the hell he had Bernie still in the field in the 10th today. Did Crosby pinch run before that? If he was available, he should have been in there, and he catches Uribe's hit in the 10th.
  12. Not hing like working the count Bernie! great job assmunch. That's why your contact will not be renewed.
  13. I hope he does, but I may have been inclined to leave Womack up, and have him drag a bunt basehit to tie. We'll see how it ends.
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