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  1. Let's just put on a respectable show. Show potential and do something that we can take into game 2
  2. Jets \ Steelers Road Trip

    I should be going as well. Don't have tickets yet so definitely need to get those
  3. Broken Leg For Wilkerson

    I spoke with David Chao who does nfl injury information mostly for fantasy. From what he knows it's a lower leg/high ankle fracture. Will require surgery. However he said it won't affect his Free Agency price most likely. Full recovery time for this type of break and recovery is 6 months which means him missing minimal time in training camp. They can actually give him more time to heal. If he gets surgery right away any team (jets included) would see him after a few months of recovery and would likely see no issue with signing him long term and paying his full price (especially with other teams bidding up). Good news for Wilk although i was selfishly hoping it might bring down his price.
  4. So psyched. Can't sit still. They need to bring it today, get out of Buffalo healthy, and get ready for the playoffs
  5. Detailed Playoff Scenarios

    Sorry how I could forget this one. Colts remove the horseshoe from their ass they have had since 1999 and shove it up 8 other teams asses to have the exact situation happen. It would be a great 30 for 30 short or something, but god I hope for good football's sake that it doesn't happen.
  6. Detailed Playoff Scenarios

    Seems like people keep wondering what could happen when (and I am saying when, F*** the SOJ mentality) we win. Correct me if these are wrong, but it plays out each case. WHEN WE WIN: DEN and KC lose, CIN Win ---> We play Texans (DEN 3 KC 6, CIN gets BYE) DEN and KC lose, CIN Lose ---> We play Texans (DEN BYE CIN/KC 3/6) DEN win and KC Lose (CIN result doesn't matter)---> We play Texans (DEN 2, CIN vs KC 3/6). KC win and DEN Lose and CIN win ----> We play Texans (KC vs DEN 3/6, CIN BYE). KC AND DEN WIN (CIN result doesn't matter) : We play Cincy (Denver is 2 HOU/KC 4/5) IF WE LOSE AND PITT LOSES (No chance for 5 seed, only 6 seed): DEN WIN ----> We play Cincy (Denver is 2 HOU/KC 4/5) DEN LOSS and KC WIN, CIN WIN----> We play KC (CIN is 2 HOU/DEN 4/5) DEN LOSS and KC WIN, CIN LOSS----> We play KC (CIN is 2 HOU/DEN 4/5) DEN LOSS, KC LOSS, CIN WIN ----> We play DEN (CIN is 2 HOU/KC 4/5) DEN/KC/CIN LOSS ---> We play Cincy (Denver is 2 HOU/KC 4/5) IF WE TIE: We're in, be happy! IF SOMEONE ELSE TIES: Check twitter during the game, someone will tell you
  7. I've been to multiple stadiums. I went to Oakland with 5 other guys in their 20's. We were scared sh*tless. Grant it, the Jets won 38-0 and the Raiders had Jamarcus Russell, but the people are not great to deal with and is it worth getting stabbed? We ended up putting on sweatshirts over our jerseys in the 2nd half so we wouldn't get attacked on the way out after the game was out of reach. Cleveland wasn't much better and I had some lively "discussions" with browns fans. The difference between Oakland and Cleveland is gang culture. Both have people that have questionable backgrounds but one is just trash and the other will try to hurt you imho. I'm planning on trying to schedule a work trip and head to London for the road game, if not, I'll be going to week 17 at Buffalo
  8. Tennessee

    I'm going down with 4 other guys for a bachelor party. We should be going to Buffalo's which is just on the west side of the river close to the Pedestrian bridge. We know they have Sunday Ticket which helps pass the time. To echo the feelings before, a win here is a loss on the scoreboard. Suck for the Duck 2014
  9. I'll take the tickets.. Does that work
  10. Cromartie returns to Jets (MERGED)

    In the end the gamble for Asomugha didn't hurt. Even then 8 Mil per year for Cro isn't overpaying either. Although I had to hold back pessimism, more than anything else in this team, in TANNY I TRUST!!!
  11. Bills pushing for Brad Smith?

    He was signed to a 4 year 15 million dollar deal with Bills. We couldn't afford that. Good Jet. Wish him luck with Buffalo
  12. Just spoke about it on ESPN Sportscenter. They were working through the night and will continue working today. They both have sent offers and counter offers and are working towards an agreement.
  13. Rookie UDFA's

    At this point we need to bring in some people to replace Westerman as the extra OLB (who is going to take Thomas's spot after he is cut)
  14. It's time to step up and bring joy to the us Jet fans who have been there from the beginning. Whether that beginning was 1960, 1980, or 2000, all Jet fans have seen their fair share of disappointment and heartache to deserve a win and a smile on their face tomorrow night. J-E-T-S. JETS! JETS! JETS!!!!