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  1. I respect your opinion on Harris, BUT!!!! with a Defensive coach you keep him and let him develop a bit more with him

    From a money standpoint it is better to keep what we have.

    From a chemistry standpoint it is better to keep what we have.

    Knowing the strength in next years wr class, it is better to keep what we have.

    I know everyone wants to win NOW....but let's be honest, we are prepping for a run in 2010. No need to go nuts this second and try to force something just because it is there.

  2. It's gotta be Revis ESPECIALLY when you consider he moved up to the 14th spot.

    The reason why that is so big is because picks 1-16 of the draft can sign for max of a 6 year deal. Picks 17-32 can only sign a max of 5. Not only did he move up to grab him earlier in the 1st round, he moved up to a pick where he could sign him LONG TERM and then refused to have him sign for anything less than a 6 year deal (Remember the training camp "hold out" situation between the Revis Camp and Tannebaum).

    It is the minor details with this pick that makes it the deal that it is. Even though the 6th year of the deal was considered a "big money year" for Revis, especially considering he was unproven at the time, it will be cheaper than what he would have gotten at his first contract AND cheaper than the franchise tag price that would have been on there.

  3. Ok, I know that we have a road trip thread already, but I need to throw this one out there.

    I booked my flight today from JFK to SFO for $240 roundtrip non-stop on Jetblue (although Virgin had the same price).

    I know that there are trips already planned to New Orleans and Miami (and Miami still might be an option for me), but why not consider going to San Francisco for the weekend (and Oakland just for the game)?

    You know by Week 7 the Raiders tickets will be going for next to nothing!!!

  4. Is it a Toaster? or is it in your pants?

    You can't be so blatantly stealing my signature from the past couple years....do you have a man crush?

    And my guess is that our board will be linked through SNY or some media outlet...basically them buying out the rights for them to link/use the board for themselves.

  5. I've been using it on and off for a few weeks. There definitely is a good variation of workouts and it stays interesting.

    You need to still run on the side and I would suggest buying the iron gym (pull up bar on door molding equipment) to really get the benefit of some of excercises.

    It seems from what others say and my experience that it works and will work for anyone as long as you don't give up.

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