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  1. that speed of Clowney Lawn-o is a something every defensive coordinator is going to have to game plan for. Send him on 4-5 fly patterns a game and who knows maybe he catches one or two

    The problem is that defenses can play to that and play deep on him 1 on 1 without any need for Safety help in the middle or over the top

  2. I think that Stuckey will move to the outside in 2 receiver sets and into the slot in 3 receiver sets.

    Remember that Stuckey isn't necessarily going to be on the outside all the time in 2 wr sets.....there will be plenty of times that Keller will be lined up out wide or even as a 2 receiver bunch formation to either side.

    I don't see Clowney getting as much play as you guys think because his route running is not great, which doesn't allow him to get that seperation within 15 yards.

  3. I'm wondering if Forrest was just hurt on that, he seemed responsive, (or at least enough to run out of the ring), maybe there was something wrong (gotta give Griffin credit considering the heart he has shown in other battles)

  4. and yet again-this thread proves why I should NEVER run a football team....somebody give me a face palm please

    I made my own Chansi Stuckey Jersey last year knowing that he was going to impact this team...this guys is real nice too, real down to earth. Met and spoke with him a few times and hope nothing but the best

  5. It seems that he catches alot of the balls with his body compared to with his hands, especially in the earlier videos...I haven't seen him before to figure out if it is something he worked on, but it is just something noticeable in his early college career.

  6. Rich Cimini is reporting here in the middle of the night that Leon Washington’s agent and Alvin Keels could not get together on a deal. Here’s what he wrote:

    “From what I hear, it doesn’t look like Leon Washington will get a contract extension before tomorrow’s reporting deadline for training camp. However, GM Mike Tannenbaum and agent Alvin Keels did meet today, and there was some progress, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they strike a deal in the near future. That said, you’d have to think Washington would report on time.”

  7. One other factor to keep in mind with this entire situation is the change in the Special Teams scheming on kickoff returns.

    I know Leon is an explosive player, but without a wedge to get lost behind, he may lose his effectiveness, which thereby makes him LESS valuable then he currently is.

    It is not strictly the salary cap and next year being an uncapped year that is hurting him, it is the signing on Shonn Greene, and the changes to the rules that can make him have less of a foot to stand on.

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