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  1. I'll assume that it'll be much of the same. 27-20 Jets. Wish I could say that we would have a bigger lead
  2. I went to the game with 9 other people, and to be honest, we were probably the largest group in green out of the entire stadium. Although we were being obnoxious and various times walking to the stadium, outside the stadium, and after the victory, (Doing Jets chants for every a-hole browns fan or for any Jet fan we saw), while we were inside the stadium we were good. There was a drunk a-hole who started just doing what every other drunk idiot does: Get in my face telling us to fist pump our way back to Jersey (although all of us were from NY), tell us that its pathetic we had to spel
  3. In Cleveland now... Browns fans are real douchy/cocky and confident about beating us this week. We did a few harmless Jet chants (started usually when seeing passing by Jet fans) but pretty much all Browns fans are like "Go home, you guys suck". For the Browns fans who joked with us back we both agreed that the Browns have been playing well and could be a real close game. Most others though were just total douche homers. One person went as far as saying "Colt McCoy is a better QB that Big Ben" I took the high road to fight back. Along with the game we hit the Cavs game tonight
  4. I'll be going with 10 other people from New York to Cleveland. We are doing a similar schedule: NFL HOF on Friday, R&R Hall of Fame on Saturday, and then we all have seats together in 538. We're joining a friend of a friend at their tailgate (Browns fan), but it should be good regardless.
  5. I guess start lining up the teams from top to bottom for waiver requests. Looks like the Bills get the first crack at him.
  6. Deal finalized for a 3rd rounder as per Adam Shefter's Twitter.
  7. ESPN is saying that the Redskins are trying to trade Haynesworth to the Titans. It seems like perhaps this is the guy they are discussing.
  8. 12:59 Good afternoon everyone. I could waste precious seconds with an elaborate introduction, but let's get right to do it. Fire away! Thursday July 1, 2010 12:59 12:59 [Comment From Derek: ] Manish, finally we have our chat back. I love almost all the offseason moves T-Rex have made. LT and JT will make us better on both sides on the ball. Pool will fit in so much better then glamour boy Kerry. Cro and Holmes were steals. But I question the Faneca release? I realize his strength was not pass blocking and we will be throwing the ball more but why release him when for only 2
  9. The biggest complaint I have is the fact they only gave Danny Woodhead a 25 on swagger. You have to be kidding. Have you seen that guys haircut and dance moves when he scored touchdowns...oh wait
  10. All things considered, that drama kept me entertained for the past 45 minutes. Decently run production by the NFL Network
  11. As per ESPN... Well I guess he's on his way out now! Or maybe not
  12. Fordham for Undergrad and finishing up my MBA there as well. No better off campus food than Little Italy in the Bronx
  13. I love it when people actually bring meat and potatoes along with an opinion...a true rarity with this site.
  14. I've seen John play many times being a Fordham grad. He had a very good pro day, and might be closer to the 4th than 6th. He is also BY FAR better than Kevin Eakin. I knew Eakin very well especially his senior year, but he doesn't have the physical traits that John has, and definitely doesn't have the arm. Could be great developmental pick
  15. Their predictions AFC: Dolphins (assuming WC) Pats Colts Texans (assuming WC) Ravens Chargers NFC: 49ers Saints Vikes Cowboys Redskins (assuming WC) Packers (assuming WC) That is ridiculous, the Jets should be the favorites on paper to win the AFCE and how aren't the Bengals making the playoffs again? The Steelers and Browns will both be down this year, and the Bengals do have an up and coming team that added Antonio Bryant to compliment Ocho Cinco. I wouldn't be surprised though if the Bengals don't make it because 3 AFCE tea
  16. 3:21 "I hope him and Brett Favre suck each other's d*cks and die." Hey douche bag Dolphin fan..Favre's not on our team anymore
  17. All of this hopefully would put us in good graces with these guys.
  18. It was funny. I wonder what guy/guys came up with that. There is ALOT of lines of jokes in there...most of them get no more than a chuckle however.
  19. It was good times...it sucks this year the draft is a) on a Thursday night and I'll be in Saratoga for a business conference, and forced to watch it from a hotel room/local watering hole-
  20. I don't care if he comes here or not...but you figure he at most has 2-3 years in him, AT MOST. I'd rather spend my money on a jersey for a 2nd round kicker....again
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