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  1. That is a ridiculous pov. But say if we didn't sign Cro, LT, and Holmes, and instead picked up lower profile role guys (Poole, Folk, et al). The average jet fan (not people on this board, our decision about PSL's were decided months ago), would feel that the team isn't getting it done to put the best product and may not consider PSL's if they have it. Instead when these fans here the names of Cromartie, Tomlinson, and Holmes, especially coming off of this year, it makes it that much more attractive than finding suitable alternatives at each position. Moves like this do no
  2. I'd like to think that the Jets are doing all of this to improve (and in my opinion I love all of this offseason action, definitely keeps its interesting). But generally there is a difference between signing big names and signing players that can help your team win. Woody and Tanny have proven that they can do the first, which makes me happy to be a Jet fan. Glad to see they are willing to make those moves, but I'd be blind to think it is just to improve the team. It's hard to be that naive. Since I'm not able to get tickets, I can't complain either way!!!
  3. Rex Ryan uncensored = Amazing I love my Jets and this would be entertaining tv...I'm in
  4. Rex Ryan uncensored = Amazing I love my Jets and this would be entertaining tv...I'm in
  5. It makes more sense now especially considering the fact that the Jets "supposedly" are offering the same deal that Jones got plus incentives.
  6. Rex requires one thing and one thing only out of his corners: be able to cover your man in one-on-one coverage, allowing enough time for the pass-rush to get to the QB before he can hit on one of his alternative targets. Antonio Cromartie fits this role, and Rex would NOT have agreed to him joining the Jet roster if he he felt he couldn't help our defense succeed. When it comes to free safeties, Rex requires something different, which Jim Leonhard, Eric Smith and even James Ihedigbo provide significantly better than Rhodes ever did: Punish receivers coming over the middle and help
  7. Berry looked great. Haden did not impress at all. I know he did well in the games, but he looked slow and did not have a good combine. Haden will probably drop into the mid first 14-17 range now.
  8. Considering it is an uncapped year he may actually sign for MORE than 1.5 million this year. Let's Say it is 1.99 M this year and 1.01 M IN 2011 for a 2 year deal (still 1.5M average).
  9. Your complaining about 7 hours??? I got to the airport at 1 early for my 6 pm flight trying to move up. By 330 it was cancelled and as I type this I'm still waiting for a flight back home. (Its almost 6am btw). Slept in the terminal and thoroughly enjoyed the past 18 hours in the airport.
  10. I'm just hoping to get it right on....you know to start off a good weekend
  11. Smith has the physicality to cover within the first 10 yards, where he can create contact off the line. Rhodes does not do well in bump and run, and is no faster than Smith. He is taller which is a plus for a safety. And I know its not bad to be beat by a 6th or 7th option, especially if it only happens twice in a game, but if its something that I noticed looking at last games gametape, I wouldnt' be shocked to see the Colts try that as well.
  12. I'm in section 638 row 15 with 2 tix my and another buddy.
  13. Thank You SO Much!!! That is a great quality video, and really helped me who couldn't make it
  14. Scott made bad reads on TWO plays that game. The touchdown is Scotts Fault. Rhodes is playin the seam to the sideline as a deep safety to the two receivers. Scott got caught looking in the backfield and didn't go back in coverage to cover the middle of the field. There was another play (Pass to Jacob Hester), where he got caught rushing on the inside (you would think he was going to try a stunt), but his responsibility was to cover the back on the play. He pulled himself too close to the line Hester blew by him in the open for a decent gain. Hester had 3 catches dur
  15. Two things: Firstly, the idea of making a JETNATION Indy bar isn't too bad of an idea. Instead of being drunken idiots seperate, we should be drunken idiots together. Secondly, I have 2 extra spots for a 4:45 reservation at St. Elmo's on Saturday night if anyone wants to jump in. If you want to go to that place there are only times before that (for lunch) or after 10 pm. Sunday there are only times that are during the game or really late as well. I'll be with my buddy another Jet fan, and it would be a good place to eat something quality before I waste my life away bar hop
  16. I'm staying at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown. This makes it for no need to get a car and could walk the half mile to Lucas Oil Stadium. For anyone who is staying longer there is a "Devour Downtown" food festival starting on Monday, which is the equivalent of NYC restaurant week. Info for that can be found here: http://www.devourdowntown.org/
  17. I figured we should consolidate this part for Sunday here, since it will not be easy to coordinate much once people get to Indy. I know Max mentioned about piggybacking on the back of the bus trip tailgate, which could be, if there are no other options, the way to go. From the other thread that was $25 for food/drink, but I do not know if that includes alcohol (MAX, please confirm, otherwise you'll get angry jet fans on Sunday!) If anyone else has a JETS tailgate already planned or more details about tailgating and times, just throw it in this thread and we can work from there.
  18. Edwards does three big things besides catching the ball (or not catching, but let's not argue that now) 1. Draws one less safety into the box for the run. Since most teams will not allow 1v1 coverage on him, although that safety may then commit to the run after the handoff, him being outside allows for the safety to not be all the way in the box to stuff the run. 2. He has proven to be a good blocker on the outside and has used his size effectively. 3. He is a team player and a good guy in the locker room. There has been no reports of any issues with him up to this po
  19. I might be interested. Going with another Army buddy, so it'd be two. I highly doubt anyone is going to be flying out with beer pong tables and grills, so this might be the best option.
  20. I heard there is a 4h (5H) contingent going down to Indy? Is this true?
  21. I got mine off of Stubhub for 235 per section 638 row 15 Basically uppers on the 45 yd line...Had to get them right after the Jets beat chargers to make sure I could get flights before prices went up.
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