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  1. I usually drive alot for work, and he's been very pro Rex Ryan for weeks. Not positive on Sanchez, but for media talking heads he wasn't beating them up for weeks 16 and 17 "backing in" like other fatter radio hosts.
  2. I'm heading out there with a buddy as well. Any plans for a tailgate yet? IE is there anyone who is driving with a grille or flying a grille for the sole purpose of tailgating? This issue needs to be worked out.
  3. I was in the camp of not keeping TJ next year, but he's earned every penny he'll make next year. The Jets will be CRAZY not to hold on to him and continue the timeshare. Greene's recent success has come because he's healthy and hasn't been used a full 16 games. TJ on the other hand has pounded the ball consistently for us and is still a valuable asset for our team moving forward
  4. tenyardtorrents.com They have alot of torrents for download
  5. Relax, relax, relax. The question he answered was "Of the teams playing this week, which team would make the Superbowl?" Based off the four teams he picked (NE, NYJ, DAL and GB) he felt that NYJ and DAL have the teams to make the deepest run if not make the Super Bowl. He then followed saying that the Jets are anchored by a strong o-line and aggressive run attack. His AFC pick though was the Chargers because "they look like a championship caliber team", and the Colts are not a strong team as in recent years. I do like the fact he said if the Pats and Jets met up the Jets w
  6. Just got back from the store. There was 6 White titans jerseys in stock. A medium Bart Scott 2 2x Leon Jerseys 2 2x Cotchery Jerseys 1 3x Leon Jersey Basically if you want one of those, then you can get it. For 7.50 more you can personalize your jersey and still get the tickets. I "personalized" a Revis Jersey which will get shipped to me in 2 weeks and got two tickets, Section 340 row 21. For 97.50...its not the worst deal out there
  7. All I've heard since I've gotten out her to California is if you wear the opposing teams jersey in Oakland you will get your ass handed to you. They said that even dad's don't bring their kids to Oakland since the stadium is so gang related and violent that it is not worth it. If anyone has been out here or has a story from a game here I'd appreciate it. I'll support my team, and wear my jersey proudly, as long as it doesn't get me stabbed
  8. I don't care that was still pretty funny though
  9. Tex will bring it around...he's just waiting for his time
  10. One thing to be scared of: The only two guys that are producing are Jeter and Arod...and they are scorching hot. Almost everyone else is cold and unproductive.
  11. Probably my shottiest work...just wanted to get it over with and leave it behind
  12. I agree...let us know how much it costs for an upgrade, and divide that by the number of posters who post at least 10 times a week. Ban whoever doesn't want to pay
  13. Week 6 Report Card Bills 16 Jets 13 Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line) Quarterback: F Mark Sanchez: 10/29 119 yards 5 INTs 8.3 QB rating There is no way to describe how poorly he played. He couldn’t throw a ball on target, poor decision making, bad. Just bad. I'm not going to say bring in Clemens, but there is now a leash what he needs to be on. Running Back/Full Back: A+ Thomas Jones: 22 rushes 210 yards 1 TD Leon Washington: 15 rushes 99 yards 3 receptions 46 yards Considering how well this group did, I can’t unders
  14. Goodbye JN...I'm gonna go write the report card... If people want to put suggestions, please do it here. I'm just gonna give letters for now without words...this is horrible
  15. I really don't want to fly out to Oakland knowing that this is the team we put on the field Wow
  16. This is just funny at this point. I don't want to fly to Oakland for next weeks game. I really don't
  17. If you think we feel bad...how do you think that the Bills fans feel: We have 6 INT's and we STILL might lose??? Wow
  18. I'm just glad I'm not at the game...I would be cold AND miserable
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