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  1. I'm heading out there with a buddy as well.

    Any plans for a tailgate yet? IE is there anyone who is driving with a grille or flying a grille for the sole purpose of tailgating?

    This issue needs to be worked out.

  2. With Leon coming back next year the Jets situation reminds me of the Giants when they had Jacobs, Bradshaw and Ward only better in every way. I say we trade TJ for a third round pick if we can get one and draft another running back, let Greene and Leon split the load and we'll have a tandem for the next ten years. Maybe be draft Gerhart? or sign a number three and draft best available player. It is our lucky round and I'm not sure we'll have a third rounder as it stands now.

    I was in the camp of not keeping TJ next year, but he's earned every penny he'll make next year. The Jets will be CRAZY not to hold on to him and continue the timeshare. Greene's recent success has come because he's healthy and hasn't been used a full 16 games. TJ on the other hand has pounded the ball consistently for us and is still a valuable asset for our team moving forward

  3. Relax, relax, relax. The question he answered was "Of the teams playing this week, which team would make the Superbowl?"

    Based off the four teams he picked (NE, NYJ, DAL and GB) he felt that NYJ and DAL have the teams to make the deepest run if not make the Super Bowl. He then followed saying that the Jets are anchored by a strong o-line and aggressive run attack.

    His AFC pick though was the Chargers because "they look like a championship caliber team", and the Colts are not a strong team as in recent years. I do like the fact he said if the Pats and Jets met up the Jets would his favorite to win

  4. Just got back from the store.

    There was 6 White titans jerseys in stock.

    A medium Bart Scott

    2 2x Leon Jerseys

    2 2x Cotchery Jerseys

    1 3x Leon Jersey

    Basically if you want one of those, then you can get it.

    For 7.50 more you can personalize your jersey and still get the tickets. I "personalized" a Revis Jersey which will get shipped to me in 2 weeks and got two tickets, Section 340 row 21.

    For 97.50...its not the worst deal out there

  5. All I've heard since I've gotten out her to California is if you wear the opposing teams jersey in Oakland you will get your ass handed to you.

    They said that even dad's don't bring their kids to Oakland since the stadium is so gang related and violent that it is not worth it.

    If anyone has been out here or has a story from a game here I'd appreciate it.

    I'll support my team, and wear my jersey proudly, as long as it doesn't get me stabbed

  6. Week 6 Report Card

    Bills 16 Jets 13

    Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line)

    Quarterback: F

    Mark Sanchez: 10/29 119 yards 5 INTs 8.3 QB rating

    There is no way to describe how poorly he played. He couldn’t throw a ball on target, poor decision making, bad. Just bad. I'm not going to say bring in Clemens, but there is now a leash what he needs to be on.

    Running Back/Full Back: A+

    Thomas Jones: 22 rushes 210 yards 1 TD

    Leon Washington: 15 rushes 99 yards 3 receptions 46 yards

    Considering how well this group did, I can’t understand how you even attempt a pass. Jones breaks the Jets rushing record. Even Leon had a great game as well. Can’t fault this group at all for the performance.

    Wide Receiver/Tight End: D

    Dustin Keller: 2 rec 16 yards

    Braylon Edwards: 3 rec 40 yards

    Edwards making a few circus catches saved this group from getting a F. Keller has no chemistry with Sanchez which is hilarious considering how they worked well early. We really hurt without Smith and Cotchery in there.

    Offensive Line: A-

    Real strong day in the run game, which is great. We haven’t seen something like this all year. They weren’t amazing in pass protection, but did enough to give Sanchez enough time (to throw INT’s)

    Defensive Line: B-

    Considering we kept the running backs to relative ineffective games, its not too bad. On the other side of the coin, where are the sacks. Seriously, this is pathetic. Pouha stepped up in Jenkins absence and has proven to be a serviceable NFL player.

    Linebackers: B+

    David Harris had a great game again. Although he missed a good amount of time, he got in there on a lot of running plays and had 17 tackles and shared a sack. Pace looked confused still, and this group did a decent job in run protection.

    Secondary: B+

    Rhodes had another solid game. In addition, Lowery’s read at the end of the game should have been a turnaround for this game. After a few initial penalties, Revis shut down Owens. Sheppard did not have a good game against Evans and on his TD catch straight up failed to defend the slant.

    Special Teams: B-

    Some good…some bad. Feely missed at the end of the half. Weatherford couldn’t catch the snap in OT. I understand why he tried to throw it, but he should get that snap down. Smart heads up play on the punt recovery earlier in the game got the Jets good field position.

    Coaching: F

    Lots of questions here. Why challenge for a 6 yard gain? Why continue to keep Sanchez throwing when you have RB’s breaking records? I think that that Rex Ryan is starting to look a lot like Herm, which is not a good thing to be saying. He’s a lot of heart, but not a lot of head. It’s very hard to game plan and manage the clock when you ignore two-thirds of the team (offense and special teams). Just poor.

    Players of the Game: Thomas Jones, David Harris

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