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  1. BTW....there is still 7 minutes to go in the 3rd Quarter....this game will be over by 8pm I swear.
  2. Someone pull that man away from the telestrator....he's drunk adn trying to count with small red numbers
  3. Thank god....do what they said during the halftime show...just let the clock run
  4. What did we say about throwing the ball down the field....seriously that's ridiculous
  5. He knew Woodhead was a good story so might as well tell him he recovered it
  6. This is not looking good so far....where is Ellis for the late game fumble recovery
  7. Thank you Kate Hudson....You made sure did the job on him!
  8. Uh oh...is it time for another Melky Cabrera walk off? I hope so I gotta get up in the morning
  9. You keep Guzman here and hope he gets on base...PRAY he gets on base...because it'll be guaranteed to have him on 2nd with 1 out at the least.
  10. If you think of it this way...the yankees bullpen has gone 6 2/3 of an inning and has only given up 1 run. Burnett left the 7th with men on base and they got out of that one...and the only RBI hit they have is a nub shot opposite field from a guy who had been 0-fer for the playoffs Not too shabby
  11. It'd be ridiculous if A-Rod hit another now....that whole creating history in the new stadium can be started now
  12. You still have Hairston Jr. and Cervelli on the roster in case of emergencies
  13. Robertson can go 2 more, and then Gaudin at least 6....its not overmanaging its good. If the Yankees can't score in 8 innings, then they deserve to lose
  14. That's exactly what I did...you have to walk away and gain your sanity back. The Jets as a franchise are torture enough; no need to torture yourself more by reading this board
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