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  1. NP....word of advice..had I not been at the game I would have avoided the board for a few days..reading all the threads yesterday morning made me roll my eyes.

    That's exactly what I did...you have to walk away and gain your sanity back.

    The Jets as a franchise are torture enough; no need to torture yourself more by reading this board

  2. Week 5 Report Card

    Dolphins 31 Jets 27

    Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line)

    Quarterback: B

    Mark Sanchez: 12/24 172 yds 1 TD, 87.5

    Sanchez did a good job protecting the ball this week, and did what he needed to, to get this team down the field. He spread the ball around a lot better, and definitely began a solid relationship with Braylon Edwards.

    Running Back/Full Back: B-

    Thomas Jones: 13 rushes 42 yds 2TD

    Leon Washington: 10 rushes 4 yards, 1 rec 13 yards

    Shonn Greene: 3 rushes 8 yards

    Thomas Jones vulture two touchdowns from good throws to Edwards, and had difficulty getting through the holes again. He must lead the league for tackles for a loss. Leon provided some excitement as well, and did a decent job out of the backfield.

    Wide Receiver/Tight End: B+

    Dustin Keller: 0 rec 0 yards

    David Clowney: 4 rec 72 yards

    Braylon Edwards: 5 rec 64 yards 1 TD

    Braylon Edwards could have bought himself some fans with his play on Monday Night. Sanchez was looking for him and he continued to throw him the ball. The injury to Cotchery allowed for Clowney to step up and actually contribute in the game today. I was shocked, but I figure when Cotchery comes back he will go back to his normal disappearing act.

    Offensive Line: D

    Although they only allowed one sack against, they are nowhere near as dominant as they were last year. At this point it is safe to say they are an average line at best. They do not open up the running lanes for our guys, and are serviceable at best in pass protection.

    Defensive Line: D

    Jenkins had a decent game, but this group as a whole got pushed around by the Dolphins offensive line. They got little had only 4 tackles for a loss in the game, and allowed for gaping holes from the wildcat. Also for another week, a QB goes without a sack. I know that Henne wasn

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