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  1. Improvement between Pennington and Leinart...not much. Cutler and Pennington...not much. Trading the pick down and picking up 2-3 additional first day selection to improve the O-line, qb (croyle), rb, NT, and CB positions BIG IMPROVEMENT
  2. What does Mike Shanahan groom...running backs. Which running back is slated to go in the mid 1st round. Lendale White. Right now Denver has the possibility of RON DAYNE being their running back. Just in case some the older members posting here missed that I'm going to emphasis that again: RON DAYNE That's all that needs to be said...pick up White, he'll be a workhorse and solid through and through...there's gotta be a reason why he was in there replacing the future #1 pick at RB when Bush was doing all his other things. White scored the TD's last year...not Bush. Bush got the all-purpose yards.
  3. Despite his stupid hair, if you could feel confident about David Barrett being our shut down corner...I would love to hear it. I could beat Barrett on a crossing pattern or a deep out. He's was fortunate to take on the #2 wr the last few years and even then, was still only respectable at CB. Drafting down is still the best policy...CB or not...its what we need to do.
  4. No those are the pages of the short story version of Brokeback Mountain
  5. It is the use of the huge d%ck that's best...for "entertainment and enjoying the view". My question is what view are you enjoying
  6. Ding Ding...perhaps someone else who shared intelligence on this board
  7. Well doesn't the pessimistic attitude towards things seem like an obvious pointer to the fact that he must at least be a Jet Fan...they kill us every year:bag:
  8. Not like im saying pick this guy up at 17, but just throwing out the Lendale White might be around there at 17...and although I KNOW we need OL help and a CB...we can get mangold at 36, and another at one of our other 2 2nd round picks...rebuild...but if he is there at 17, it is one of those situations where you need to pick him up...he is just that talented of a back
  9. TJ Duckett is only 25, was the 19th pick in the 2002 draft...his best year was in 2003 with 700+ yards and 11 tds. That was with the best running offense in the NFL. But the biggest thing is that he's only 25. He can have year to counterpart CMART and then start the takeover.
  10. I agree and its finally time that we don't have a push over for a GM...I say hold out as long as possible bc right now, they are going to only improve each of their offers to get Abe
  11. Duckett is not dime a dozen...he is a big back that can get it down in the small yardage...If it hasn't been for Warrick Dunn putting up great numbers, Duckett would be putting up monster numbers. Duckett is solid...wouldn't mind that one
  12. That's good...the padded walls around the field are going to be safe for another year
  13. HA HA HA. Quote of the week??? Someone's gotta make that quote of the week...BZ your funny...you must have started St. Patrick's Day Early
  14. Even though I don't like McCareins, I love Cotchery...you don't beat Tory Holt's records at NC State without a bit of talent...and Jerricho did pretty well last year with a few big 3rd down catches
  15. We don't need a DE, we have Ellis and Kimo...with the semi bust dewayne in the middle plus the mega bust bryan thomas also as an end...why don't we not commit another #1 to the line until we finish with our current ones. pick up something we need, debrickshaw or leinart
  16. This is from ESPN Insiders Rumor Mill "Jets pursuing Hopkins; Titans return possible? <Mar. 13> The Jets were deep into discussions with agent Mark Bartelstein about bringing OT Hopkins to New York, according to a report in Newsday, but the Nashville City Paper indicates that the Titans are still in the running to re-sign the veteran. Hopkins also visited the Falcons and Buccaneers."
  17. One more LB out from the Pats makes me and my gnomes happy
  18. It still is close enough to think that perhaps the Jets Management is looking here. That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...we have more intelligent minds here than the idiots they have working in the Draft War Room
  19. Ramsey couldn't make it in Washington, there is no way that he could make it in NY. We all admire Penny's determination, but it only goes so far. Harrington has not produced although he's had one of the most potent young wr corps in the league (C. Rogers, R. Williams, Mike Williams). They have 3 first round picks at WR and Kevin Jones who is a superstar to be RB and he still couldn't produce. Even though I like that guy, if he couldn't make it in Detroit, a town used to losing, do you think he could make it in NY, I don't think so. IMO draft a QB 1. Leinart, I don't care what talent he has surrounded himself with, he's still produced 2. Young, Wunderlich test or not I see how a player performs on game day. He carried Texas for 2 years on his back with little or no talent around him, and led them to a championship and Rose Bowl victory. And any doubts about his ability to play under pressure? He played for Texas, one of the Top3 colleges for football in regards to fan base and he also put up two of the greatest performances in College Football history in the Rose Bowl 2 years ago and the Championship Game last year. He can deal with the NY pressure and although he isn't the traditional qb that I like either for the Jets, he can perform. Cutler, Great combine qb which is great and all, but playing in a small school it could be hard to get used to the NY pressure and the soon praise of being the future of the franchise. Although he has pure talent, I don't know how well he would perform
  20. If the Jets were to trade Abraham for the #15 White would be a great pickup at that spot. Not like Martin isn't solid, but he's also aging. If Leinhart and White are picked up you have two young superstars on offense and that not only is good for the media, but it would be a good start for the team
  21. I was there too, crying my heart out...let just say I wasn't happy in my hotel room that night.
  22. What was brooks, 6-9 for 60 yards, no int's no tds. That isn't terrible, if he carries that over for a whole game we win 11 out of our final 13.
  23. ESPN reports the Chad Pennington is gone for the year with a torn rotator cuff. He is going to a orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and getting reevaluted. Jay Fiedler as mentioned earlier is out for the year...which means that we are screwed.
  24. ESPN reports the Chad Pennington is gone for the year with a torn rotator cuff. He is going to a orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and getting reevaluted. Jay Fiedler as mentioned earlier is out for the year...which means that we are screwed.
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