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  1. I like to see that the Giants fans are showing enthusiasm before the season starts...there won't be much after week 6
  2. My Top 5 Charger Powder Blue (No Dispute) Vikings Packers Cardinals (They got new jerseys which look good) Ravens Black jersey
  3. The Jets and Pats will have the same record, 11-5. It is just a matter of who will win the head to head series that will decide the division. Shawn306 was absolutely correct to say that the Pats and Colts are the elite with teams like the Jets, Ravens, Steelers, Chargers being the "second tiered" elite. I just think that the Patriots have dealt with alot of losses especially on defense that they won't be able to overcome. Grant it, Brady is still on the Patriots and can convert a game changing 3rd and 17 at anytime, but I feel like eventually the law of averages has to come into effect and he isn't going to make the big play every game. Eventually a defense is going to stand up and stop him. Out of their games they have some tough road games. Here are their road games: Sun 9/18/2005 1:00 PM @ Panthers CBS 704 Sun 9/25/2005 4:15 PM @ Steelers CBS 713 Sun 10/9/2005 1:00 PM @ Falcons CBS 708 Sun 10/16/2005 4:15 PM @ Broncos CBS 714 Sun 11/13/2005 1:00 PM @ Dolphins CBS Sun 11/27/2005 1:00 PM @ Chiefs CBS Sun 12/11/2005 1:00 PM @ Bills CBS Mon 12/26/2005 9:00 PM @ Jets ABC I wouldn't say playing IN Carolina, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Denver, KC, Buffalo (in the winter), and Jets on monday night would be easy. I could say that they have 1 easy road game (Miami). If they 3 of these games which is easily possible and lose 2 at home, also possible although less likely, there is their 11-5 record. You could say that 7 of 8 of these teams will be competitive for the playoffs and will be gunning for the pats in their house. With all of this added up says that the Pats are not up for the great year that they had the last 2 years, and could open the door for the Colts or one of the 2nd tier teams (hopefully the Jets), to beat them in the playoffs and compete for the Super Bowl.
  4. Every game is won in the trenches and the Jets O-line and D-line are perhaps the best in the league, maybe 2nd only to Carolina. Anytime you add a veteran especially of that size, it is a great pickup. Bradway did well with this one.
  5. You can say that he had great qb's, or you could look at it from the other side. Those qb's had one unbelievable receiver. Gannon won the MVP and Rice had 80+ receptions that year. Maybe it is Rice which elevated the 49ers and not the qb. Just a thought. Either way, no dispute on the #1 receiver of all time.
  6. That is great...post of the preseason quality. Is that even an option.
  7. The saints are always the saints, this time they have motivation to stay united. Despite that fact, 16 road games are too much to deal with. 8-8 which just might make the playoffs in the NFC.
  8. Bigby was chewed apart at practice though on many occasions. He looked lost out there throughout all of training camp. I don't care who else is in there, but he is undersized, slow, and not field smart. The INT he had vs. the eagles i could have caught.
  9. Cotchery by week 3 will be the #3 wr or the 2b receiver to the McCareins 2a
  10. At least they were kind enough to not show the whole pittsburgh game
  11. I think if anything, they might try to pick up a veteran receiver that could slide into the 5th wr spot. If not O-line or D-line or Safety are all other options
  12. Matt Jones = Amazing Physical Specimen 400 yards but 7 tds...mark it down now
  13. I have followed Standeford throughout his 4 years at Purdue and if anyone remembers he was the Go-To-Guy for the better part of 4 years. He is big, very good hands, and that may counter act the fact that he may not have phenomenal speed. The Jets, as much as they need speed, they need size. Although it is said he is weak against bigger corners, how many "big corners" are covering the 4th or 5th wr on the field.
  14. I think that that would be a great situation...to have a New York football team actually IN New York
  15. Jets 10-6...Pats 9-7...Bills 8-8...Miami 6-10. Rational thinking here. Even the most optimistic Jet fan can't think we are going to win 12 games...look at our schedule. KC-good team JAX-Potential playoffs BAL-Possible Super Bowl Team TB-Much improved from 5-11 BUF-With that D, they are in every game ATL-Vick and D on Monday night, I don't like it 1 bit SD-Very dangerous offense, they want revenge CAR, one of the best O-lines and D-lines in NFL DEN-If plummer shows up, we are in trouble NE-Enough posts made about them, don't need to add OAK-If we don't score, they will, and will win We don't face the same watered down schedule against the NFC West like we did last year. The NFC South is a very strong division and are much different than last year's teams. Compare the Falcons, Panthers, Bucs, and Saints to the Cards, Seahawks, Rams, and 49ers. I would say that all 4 NFC South teams are better than all the teams in the West. So don't go saying we are definitely going to get 12 or 11 wins. 10 wins is going to win the division.
  16. McCareins and Cotchery both will surprise many Jet Fans with their YPC...just wait for it. Two years ago McCareins was second in the league in yards per catch, 17.4 YPC. Expect something near that this year.
  17. Are these tickets for the full season or for individual games...either way I am definitely interested
  18. I am a diehard Yankee fan...have been my whole life. After prefacing that I will say that Derek Jeter is probably the most overrated player in the league. His stats are not that good, and his leadership, although touted to be great, seems insignificant. Seems like a fabricated idea developed by the New York Media more than a characteristics of a true leader. He has been clutch in the playoffs, and I am eternally grateful. But that still doesn't deserve the national praise that he gets each year.
  19. Haven't watched it yet...but it deserves post of the day
  20. makes my life easier...at least i can keep going to every afternoon practice i can
  21. Cotchery always impressed me, but Houston was explosive and very good attacking the holes...definitely a solid later round pickup
  22. I think that although Celestin laid a couple of big hits, he had to that that because he was running into the space where the ball carrier was instead of being in position from the beginning and stopping further back. Rhodes is a much better choice for the starting spot. In Henderson's system there is no strong or free safety, just 2 safeties. Therefore you can put the weaker safety (rhodes) on the same side as the stronger corner (law) so they can counter-act each other and balance out each side of the defensive secondary.
  23. Jets need more cotchery...should be #3...he showed strength and surprising speed out there. Where was Jolley and Baker? Might as well have Jumbo Elliot running routes out there with the regularity that they threw to the TE.
  24. his has the physical attributes to make it, but no heart
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