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  1. And here is another general Ty Law post...he supposedly is a good cornerback who is putting the Jets number one. Boy, wouldn't he be a good pickup for the Jets. Oh no, he's old and injury ridden. Oh well, better than the ghost we have playing Left DB right now.
  2. It's done, and over with...although I would love a Stadium with the name JETS on it, I don't mind still being able to actually tailgate before a game...and not tailgate and take a bus or taxi.
  3. I just need to make a small amendment. Want to go with you to a Lenny Kravitz/Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson concert: Ricky Williams
  4. Well that should be alot of fun then...maybe i'll just watch the game on mute and make fun of them by watching the closed captioning.
  5. Having a defense along the lines of what the Ravens had in 2000 for their Super Bowl run wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...actually it would be amazing. But if you just look at some similarities, "saying us in 2-3 years" without we aren't that far from a #1 quality defense. Notable Players: Ravens: D-Line Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams...two big guys in the middle to stop the run, and Mike McCrary on the end, a speed rusher. Jets D-line: Robinson becomes a pro bowler and Pouha throws his big body in there and becomes a Sam Adams/Ted Washington size gap filler. Ellis is a power rusher at the DE spot and Abraham, (signed to a long term deal after a hold-out two years in a row), is a pro bowl speed rusher from the other end. Ravens LB: Before I discuss this I need to preface this by saying that there will be no comparison between these linebackers and any other linebacking corps in the history of football. Peter Boulware, Ray Lewis, and Jamie Sharper are all fast, strong, and instinctive and the best LB's in the history of the game. Jets LB: Vilma leads the charge and takes a similar role as Lewis did. Barton at one LB position and the Jets pick up another LB out of Free Agency or the draft to replace the 2nd rd. bust Hobson. Although not big, the LB's are quick and cover the field sideline to sideline well. Ravens DB: Duane Starks and a young Chris McAllister anchor the CB spots with hall of famer Rod Woodson and Kim Herring cover the Safety spots. Jets DB: Miller and Barrett cover the CB spots...Law switches to Free Safety and Coleman goes to SS. Miller finally after 3 years of a project steps into his own and after some coverage problems early becomes a solid starter and gets 5 ints. Henderson replaces Herm as HC and takes the Jets to the AFC Championship game...only to break the Jets fans hearts when they lose to the Jaguars. I know that this is far fetched, and also looking on the brightside for every situation, but as New York Lotto's says "Hey, It could Happen".
  6. Well today Alex Smith and Fabian Washington were signed (the #1 and #22 picks), so in the next few days, you know that the rest of the picks should fall into place
  7. My apologies on Brown's size, I put him more as a guy who was 5'10 and smaller, not to the size of a Warrick Dunn, but along those lines. I stand corrected.
  8. I know Dressen could be the future TE for us, but lets get Nugent, Miller and a few other of our draft picks signed before we get excited
  9. I voted for McGahee because he has greater upside than Brown. Brown hasn't proven that he can take the beatings that a starter takes, and he is a little undersized to be a premiere imo. McGahee is bigger, stronger, and has comparable speed to brown, and unlike brown (who has ricky over his shoulder), McGahee has no competition to worry about. I know he had his knee injury, (one of the most gruesome sports injuries on tv) but i think that he has fully rehabbed from that and will be strong enough to contribute and be a league leading rusher. Martin and Dillon have both been the benchmark for consistency for the rb position in the past 8-10 years. Dillon has averaged (except for 2003 where he got injured and lost the job to rudi johnson) 1300+ yards and almost 8 tds a year. That is solid and if he was in any other city besides Cincinnati, he would be a perennial pro bowler with those stats. Despite both his and Martin's success they only have 2-3 years each and are on their way down. I really hope the homer fans look at the whole situation and realize that although we all love Curtis, he isn't the best.
  10. For all the complaints from all "old school" Jet fans saying how we should stick to tradition and the normal green and white, I wouldn't mind to see a 3rd jersey, or another (although I know we've had a few recently) jersey. Although some nfl teams had very good old jerseys and logos (Broncos, Falcons), there have been countless changes that were for the better (Patriots, Bucaneers, Rams, Seahawks, Bengals, Cardinals (This year's jerseys to come), Chargers (Powder Blue)). If the Jets had a new look jersey and used it once throughout the season, I wouldn't be against it. Everyone knows that it will sell just like people buy pro bowl Jerseys or the black Jets jerseys, and I don't think that it would disrupt the tradition of the Jets. What would be ideal would be to use the original Jets logo on this third jersey, with some cool jersey adjustments, imo.
  11. Great points in this thing, and it is scary to believe that our two biggest game changing players Moss and Jordan were replaced on offense with Coles, and undersized player, whose speed does not stretch the field, and Jolley, and good receiving TE with bad blocking ability. I doubt either of these players will have the influence that moss had, (even with his injuries, and jordan (even off the bench).
  12. I have few worries about Nugent being an absolute success this year. Firstly, his leg strength is rare and comparable to only a few kickers in the league (Vanderjagt, Vinatieri, Janikowski, Mare). Secondly, he's used to the pressure. THE Ohio State University could have more fanatical fans than the Jets and the 100,000+ fans weekly should have made Nugent used to the pressure. Thirdly, I have little doubt that Nugent will be unable to make the personal adjustment to the NFL. As a kicker, he was a CAPTAIN for Ohio State becuase of his leadership and performace on the field. Characteristics like that don't change when you go to the NFL. Nugent is absolutely worth our first pick...and he will surprise us all on the field.
  13. For all the catchy songs and cool almost electronic beats that the Killers present on "Hot Fuss", it is exactly what it is, a well produced album which doesn't carry further than the recording studio. I don't dislike the Killers, on the radio their songs are catchy and almost to the point of mind numbing addiction...but live, they are terrible. I went to see them in NYC and they were not anywhere near quality to any of the other bands I've seen (which are many). On a scale of 1 to 10 they are a 8.7 on the cd and a 3.6 live. And its not even like I have a biased opinion, Rolling Stone gave their live performance a 2 stars out of 5 and said and i paraphrase "a boring representation of what they put out on the record". For all you killers lovers, move on away from this band, they've reached their peak, and after their new song dies away, so will they.
  14. I think if there is one position where the Jets are most set it is the linebacker corps. Between Vilma, Barton, and Hobson they have a quick young group that fits well with Hendu's defensive schemes. Boulware is productive, but he is old and coming off a knee injury. I'm a little iffy about it.
  15. There is no doubt that we would destroy the Patriot fans in a fight. We have the pent up anger of 36 years without a championship. The Patriots and Boston sports fans in general have been blessed in the past few years with a few sports vicotries, one of which I will not even mention bc of the pain and trauma. They've grown soft and lost their edge, and that is why we can destroy them.
  16. That is so terrible on so many levels...and you know that he eats Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, not waffles.
  17. For all the blame put on Brien for the missed kick (and he deserves much of it), the first field goal attempt of 43 yards would have matched the longest at Heinz field all year. That is knowledge that the head coach should be aware of. Because of the fact that he should have known that, they should have moved in closer and tried to make a possible 35 yarder or less instead of a 40, becuase with a 40 yarder, you know what Brien is thinking...he doesn't miss another one short, and when that happens he pulls it a solid 20 yards wide. Poor planning on Edwards and Westhoff's part for not getting in a good situation, but Brien has put the ball between the uprights.
  18. Just think of how it was just before Herm started, we were a old persons home. Vinny, Mo Lewis, Marvin Jones. We have moved away from older veterans, why should we move back now. The Jets have a good youth movement right now
  19. For all the people who seem to be throwing the idea out that Ty Law would be our savior on defense I have a few doubts to that idea. There is no doubt that he would improve our defense, but he's in his 30's and asking for 4 years about 6 million a year. This hit on the salary cap is going to cause problems when it comes to signing some other big players in the future (Vilma and the other LB's, Barrett, new rb from draft or free agency to replace CM). For the type of defense that the Jets play and with their strength in the LB's and D line they don't need as much strength at the cb spot because of the added pressure on the quarterback. Hunter from Dallas is a good pick up and is a big guy for a cb spot (6'2" 208 lbs.) and can do a good enough job until some of the jets young talent at cb (Miller, Strait) develop and could possibly fill one of the starting spots. Even if they take longer to develop the Jets can grab a "B" quality starting cb to fill the hole next year and not have to worry about Law and his contract. Let me know what you think.
  20. Pennington's break tackle is 45...it definitely should be higher. His okey doke against the bills 2 years ago still carries over to every Madden rating because you know that he has that awkward faking ability in his arsenal.
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