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  1. I hope its not that game...because I'm flying to Oakland to see it. Last year I flew to Seattle to see the Jets go in and potentially destroy a hapless Seahawks team. What happens, we get our ass handed to us, and we are knocked out of the playoffs. I'm not flying 2000+ miles to see us embarassed again.
  2. People hate on me, but I doubled the value of my team on the open market in my time here. And I don't care if people hate me because I'm rich and I'll do what I want.
  3. NY Jets Report Card (Week 3) September 27, 2009 Jets 24 Titans 17 by Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line) Quarterback: C+ Mark Sanchez: 17/30 171 yds 3TD 1INT 1 Fumble Lost 81.4 He had a great first 8 minutes of the game, as the man-love for Sanchez continued on. 2 TD
  4. Who said Sanchez needs help on his play action? Thanks TJ for selling the run too by jumping in the pile
  5. Get well soon...I hope you have a quick recovery
  6. Last Sunday I had two games DVR'd...the Jets vs. Pats and United vs. City.... I refused to check the score prior, and even hours after the game, that was one of the best finishes I've seen. Funny thing is I bought a knockoff 09-10 Owen Jersey in Chinatown for 15 bucks on Friday. Fitting to say the least
  7. It's o-line as in offensive line...a drunk night led to the name... And as another poster mentioned, I read every word you say with a british accent. Oh, and Go Reds! (Manchester United for you non EPL folks)
  8. I like this guy.... Vote him for new Mod? Anyone....he's gotta have some new ideas to present...and I won't mind the additional Football (soccer) talk around here either
  9. Very Funny Sad thing is I lost my voice on Monday...and from Tuesday on the scratchy throat which I thought was nothing turned out to be the Flu. I'm just hoping its not swine (which is going rampant where I am right now, they have whole sections of the students quarantined) Guess the Jets better list me as questionable on the injury list for Sunday's game otherwise be threatened to have Brett Favre blow up their spot again
  10. Were you the guy asking to like Kerry's ass? jk The people on that were going a little overboard with those questions
  11. hmmm I think this guy might have more staying power than DWC
  12. Yea lawngnome o-line on here jetsgnome on twitter....but yea... there aren't too many Jets fans using a gnome as a recognizable character out there
  13. Kerry Rhodes answered my question last... It was @kerryrhodes do you guys follow Jets fan boards? We love you guys on there...hit up jetnation.com He shouted out to JN and said he doesn't follow any sites but loves the fans the care about the team, then Keller said basically the same thing. Either way good guys and always an interesting chat. Wish more players did stuff like this
  14. Why did someone have to come to the happy Jet fan party and **** on the coats? Why can't we say that the Jets will be relentless and never lose, Mark Sanchez will continue to fornicate random NYC females without contracting an STD, and Rex Ryan will not keel over from a heartattack or choking on a chicken wing?
  15. How about final protective line? it is when you turn your gunners to shoot directly in front of your own forces to stop an enemy trying to overrun you
  16. I love his response to the Crabtree tampering allegations...."pssh I'll let the league figure that out"
  17. I came back from the Jet game to see this...so psyched. It's funny because I just got my 2009-10 Michael Owen Red Jersey on Friday and wore it on Saturday since I was wearing a Jet jersey all day today. I have to download the torrent for the game and watch it in full...not just the Premier League Review Show highlights
  18. The media around him was like flies on **** it was hilarious...but he deserved the ovation
  19. I was scared when we started the chant in the 3rd quarter but I loved it after the 4th and 10 incompletion at the end of the game
  20. Don't be afraid to bash or agree with the grades....let's hear your comments!
  21. I was so glad I decided to go...great game, definitely memorable experience.
  22. Week 2 Report Card Jets 16 Patriots 9 Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line) Quarterback: A- Mark Sanchez: 14/22 163 yds 1TD, 101.1 QB rating Great control of the offense and his numbers are deceiving to job that he did. He missed a couple throws, but overall did well hitting the targets in coverage and played smart. Sanchez deciding not to throw the ball away and take the sack at the end of the game was a move that a wily veteran would make, not an inexperienced rookie. Knowing that a sack will only cause an 8 yard loss and will run the clock down another 32 seconds to the 2 minute warning instead of possibly causing an INT was smart and a key play that went unnoticed. Great pass to Keller on the TD and him and Cotchery definitely have a good rapport. Running Back/Full Back: B Thomas Jones: 14 rushes 54 yds Leon Washington: 14 rushes 58 yards, 2 rec 18 yards It was a bit slow trucking in the beginning as the Pats did a good job clogging the middle for the Jets run; once again, as the game progressed the line did a good job finding holes for these two. Leon’s shiftyness on both kick returns and 4th quarter handoffs added extra yards and made Pats players look silly. Wide Receiver/Tight End: B- Dustin Keller: 3 rec 22 yards 1 TD Jerricho Cotchery: 4 rec 87 yards Chansi Stuckey: 4 rec 37 yds, With the exception of Cotchery’s 45 yard catch and run, this group failed to really extend the field and create big explosive plays. Although we knew that this is what to expect out of this group, there was a relative lack of explosiveness. Their ability to manipulate matchups was key with this group. Any time that they had Stuckey and Keller spread wide with only one CB on the line, they used to bubble screen to gain a first down twice. Keller’s toe touch in the end zone was a sweet play. He faked out and cut back to the inside on a timing route where the safety was left frozen. Although Cotchery and Stuckey do not have the breakaway or deep threat speed, they are both extremely slippery and break tackles. Cotchery was his normal self, catching a 10 yarder and turning it into 20. Stuckey benefitted from a broken coverage and caught Sanchez’s first touchdown. Offensive Line: A- Did a decent job keeping pressure off of Sanchez allowing only 2 sacks. The strength of their play seems to be as the game progressed, as for two games in a row, the running game gets continually better and more dominant. Defensive Line: A- Although this group didn’t get pressure on the quarterback, they were key to keeping the Patriots running attack to a minimum. Jenkins had another strong game and I like how he shifts from the A to B gap on many plays just before the snap to cause issues with O-line matchups. They did a good job filling gaps and allowing the linebackers and safeties do their damage on the blitzes Linebackers: A The Patriots play of their running backs and tight ends; their bread and butter, was all but nullified. Bart Scott did a great job as a coverage LB with the running back lined up wide. Harris did well generally covering the tight end underneath, with safety help. Secondary: A+ I said it last week, and I’ll say it again, Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in the league. This isn’t homerism on my part, it’s the truth. 4 catches for 35 yards for Andre Johnson, and 4 catches for 28 yards for Randy Moss, 2 of the 3 best WR’s in the league (with Larry Fitzgerald being the 3rd). The reason why the Jets could blitz as much as they could is because they could leave him on an island. Last year when Ty Law covered Moss, he received a lot of safety assistance. In this game, he didn’t get much, and it didn’t matter. This group did 26 secondary blitzes on the quarterback, and led the team in tackles. Rhodes had 8 tackles, Eric Smith (ewww) had 6, Strickland had a strong game and did a great job breaking up a few plays. Lowery seemed a bit slow, but made the key breakup to secure the victory. This group was the strength of the team on this day. Special Teams: A+ Quietly this group is having a steady year. Feely knocked through all three field goals, and his kicks went deep. In addition, their coverage teams were great and really limited big plays in this portion of the game. In addition, Leon averaged 31.8 per return, while Leonhard averaged 12.5 per punt return. Even Weatherford had a decent average of 41.8. The field position game was big, and this group was a key part to winning that Coaching: A+ Tom Brady said talk is cheap. Well Rex’s defense backed the words up. Not to mention that, Schotty’s defense is controlled and creative and works well with the personnel that we have. I actually have a little bit of faith in him, which I wouldn’t have said last year. Player of the Game: Darrelle Revis
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