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  1. Because it is a Fox doubleheader Sunday, so CBS here can only show the Jets game
  2. Bears - Vikings is the Sunday Night game that week, they may keep that.
  3. Why are they not blitzing? They are giving him too much time
  4. Looking to Sell 4 tix, $75 per ticket ($300 total), will include parking pass. Sec 316, row 27. Please send me a message.
  5. Replay the playoffs? You lost to a cheat? I guess Giambi wasn't cheating the few years esp in 2003 against the Red Sox, are you going to replay that series?
  6. Krink

    Suzy Waldman

    John Sterling sucks, so does suzyn waldman and the entire yankee team. Please pay A-Rod 30-40m so we can watch him fail year after year. Look at the bums on this team: Giambi (How much $$, starts 1 game in the playoffs, always seems like he's sweating) A-Rod (Can't get a clutch hit in the playoffs no matter how much you pay him) Abreu (Most worthless stats ever) Clemens (raped the yankees with his great post-season, how much did he make for those 2 innings?) Wang (Blew up, no guts) Mussina (All the money he makes, can't even start a game in the playoffs) Posada (Does he ever block a ball in the dirt?) Farnsworth (actually pitched better than Wang in the playoffs) Vizcaino (knew game 2 was over the minute i saw him) Damon (actually got some clutch hits, still a sellout, he can watch the red sox celebrate and think he could have been there) Chamberlain (total meltdown, bugs didnt bother Carmona) Matsui (on his way down) Pavano (honorable mention with his salary) Please fire Torre (looks like he's always sleeping on the bench) so Rivera can leave and this team can really fall apart. It's another great winter!!!!!!!
  7. Jones and the Bears 2nd round (#63) pick for our 2nd round pick(#37)
  8. Should have went for the first down, hate punting inside the 40
  9. I have 2 tix for the bears game, please pm me if interested
  10. We got screwed again by the refs
  11. A-rod for Zambrano? Please!! Why would the Cubs who can never get Wood and Prior on the mound, trade their only reliable pitcher who can win a cy young award for this bum? If they did that they should fold the franchise
  12. why don't you come to our tailgate next week, oh i forgot you have no guts, just like your team
  13. jaguars fan, you can't answer what you have ever won? YOUR TEAM ALWAYS CHOKES AGAINST THE COLTS OR PATS
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