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  1. I have to say the Jets did everything I wanted to see them do offensively besides actually score a TD... They did use some chip blocks(used Conner flaring out to the right on the very first play of the game), they took some shots down the field as a result of better pass protection, and if not for a couple of bad drops Sanchez was pretty flawless and looked very poised in the pocket.
  2. Don't really see what your point is we do use the shotgun FORMATION so does every team in the NFL. This is basic fundamental football stuff it's blocking schemes not offensive philosophy or anything more complex than picking up blitzes and making sure you have a helmet on a helmet.
  3. See this is what I'm saying. We may not use the shotgun as our base offense but we do use it on 3rd downs so why not block correctly out of it? That is what I don't understand is I even heard a comment made by one of the coaches saying they did discuss double teaming JPP but just never did it in the game... How does that work? I'm really going to be upset if after the next game we hear "Oh well we aren't showing this we aren't showing that, we are going to have a vanilla offense..." NEWSFLASH!!! We need to see something out of the offense to get some confidence in the unit! I don't really
  4. We could all sit here and talk about how Wayne Hunter is atrocious(he is) but there is a bigger problem with the Jets offensive line in my opinion. Go around the NFL watch what some of the more prolific passing teams do in pass protection. The team will line up in shotgun with a TE or RB in the backfield. You see those guys then flare out and chip the DE on their release or stay in and help pick up the blitz. I have been waiting for the Jets to make these kind of adjustments to compensate for their RT who appears to be playing on roller skates. When there is a blitz coming why is the
  5. Certainly is not quick enough to play tackle. It's worth a try at least.
  6. Agreed. More realistic option is seeing if a veteran tackle is cut or released in favor of a younger player who we could bring in as a stop gap. Either way we are not going to drastically upgrade the position at this point.
  7. Why no call to Kareem McKenzie? Is he really that washed up that we wouldn't even entertain the idea?
  8. I agree but it wouldn't hurt if he had someone getting open down field or people blocking long enough for that sort of thing to develope. Go watch the game film from Baltimore last season and it's easy to sit there and rip on Sanchez, but when you break down the combination of bad play calling(Schotty never adjusted to the fact Baltimore was blitzing and getting immediate pressure, never kept an extra guy in to block which I admittedly don't know if that is Sanchez/Schotty/ or Mangolds responsibility to call for) and horrible line play, he never really had a chance... I just mention that game
  9. +1 for Chip Chipperson reference Also my first post in years haha
  10. It must be true if Schefter is tweeting about it... http://twitter.com/Adam_Schefter
  11. Did anybody happen to notice last year that Favre also never seemed like he knew the farking playbook. Favre was just thrown in and didn't understand the playbook for the first couple games. II mean Favre is just a playground QB he wants to score touchdowns hes as competitive as they come but when we were at our best last year he was playing it safe and we ran the ball effectively. The game plan can work I just think we let the qb's battle it out and the one that makes the least mistakes should take the keys to the car.
  12. I don't think any of the players we gave up were too great and I'm glad I can stop hearing about how great Ratliff is on this site and from my father. The pre-season doesn't mean anything. Matt Cassel was almost released he played so poorly last pre-season. Regardless if Sanchez starts or not this year he will compete and who knows maybe this drives Clemens to become a great player much like the Chargers drafting Rivers pushed Brees to become one of the best QB's in the league. I think we can win with either QB this season but I would like to see a blocking tight end and a veter
  13. I gotta say I don't think there is much chance he makes it past the Titans in the 1st... The only reason I could see him lasting that long is depending on how certain teams have their draft boards set up. The draft is really deep with WR talent and I think your right on one account one of the top receivers will fall into the top of the second but I don't think it's Harvin. Harvin ran a 4.41 at the combine on what most say was a slow surface. He is supposedly still not 100% recovered from the hairline fracture in his ankle, but one thing is sure he has god given speed. I don't think i'
  14. Xcel2NuFX

    WR Debate

    I would say I would take the following guys over TO Andre Johnson Calvin Johnson Larry Fitz Randy Moss Steve Smith Reggie Wayne Roddy White Anquan Boldin Brandon Marshall Dewayne Bowe Greg Jennings Braylon Edwards and last but not least after the way he dominated the second half of the season I am going to say Antonio Bryant
  15. I won't lie I wouldn't mind TO at all. The bad you hear about TO is mostly about his mouth and being a distraction... Well the good you hear about him is that he goes 100% all day every day. He wants to win desperately and is a fierce competitor. Clemmons can throw the deep ball so no comparison to Jeff Garcia will be made here. For any comparison to Donovan McNabb and that situation I'll point out when TO was there that was the only time Philly ever made the Superbowl under Andy Reid, and for the whole Dallas situation he was upset he wasn't the number 1 option in the passing game...
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