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  1. Count me in! Haven't been to a game in many years and would love to share the WIN with the 80,000+ other jet fans at the new stadium.
  2. Ahhhhhh, I haven't been to Disney for two years. Does Mickey miss me? I definitely miss my happy place!
  3. Yeah, I have a Revis too that my son got me for mother's day. I wore it the first game and haven't worn it since. I'm afraid to try it again. It'll have to wait till next season. I have been wearing my Sanchez T-shirt and my old worn out Jets sweatshirt for the rest of the season and will wear them again today.
  4. I have it as my facebook profile pic as well. I thought about changing it the other day to something anti-steelers, but I couldn't. It just felt right to leave it there.
  5. Seeing this made me very happy! LET'S GO JETS!!!!!!!!
  6. I'll be wearing my Sanchez T-shirt and old worn Jets pajama pants with the holes in them. We are undefeated when I wear this. The two losses we have this year I did not wear the old pajama pants.
  7. Yeah, I had Fios before so I already have the bulky boxes installed. I was told this will considerably reduce my install time tomorrow so thats a good thing.
  8. I'm switching to FIOS, they come to install tomorrow. I've had it before and couldn't really tell a difference in service, my only issue with them is their customer service. But, I guess I'll have to deal with it in order to get the Jets game and I am also addicted to the show House and it has sucked not being able to see it for the past 2 weeks. I did get a pretty sweet deal that will save me about $90 a month, I just hope I never have to call them for any reason.
  9. Oh Oh Oh, Pick Me, Pick Me <waving arms in the air franticly>
  10. I voted, and I hope you get to see the game. Even though I probably won't be able to watch and I live in NJ. Damn cablevision.... ugggghhhhhhhh
  11. Count me in again! P.S. - Faba, send me a message with your address so I can send you that uhhhhhh recipe you asked for. Yeah, the recipe.
  12. Geez, last thing I want is to be responsible for the downfall of JetNation. Good thing GG tipped me off otherwise it could have been months before I checked the lounge. I think you owe her a huge finders fee. I'm pretty sure she will accept candy corn. I hear she likes that stuff a little.
  13. Of course, I'm a very routine oriented person. When something works, I stick with it. Let me go check the lounge and see what the big baby wants. Geez
  14. That's cool, I also feel we are going to win, but I would feel better about it if you had a vision. You were on a roll with those and it was pretty cool.
  15. I wore my new Revis jersey that my son got me for mother's day game one... I haven't worn it since. I am 3 - 0 wearing my jets jammie pants and Sanchez t-shirt. It stinks that I can't wear the jersey, but my son understands.
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