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  1. 3 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    He won't come close to beating out cody fajardo who is there starter.

    In any case I greatly fear we will have no CFL season this year again.  The CFL is mostly a gate driven league, not owned by rich guys.  If the vaccination up here does not pick up substantially there will be no season imo.

    Tom Flacco won’t beat them both out ? 

  2. 38 minutes ago, BP said:

    I just signed up the other day. I’m probably number 8,999,999.00 on the waiting list here. I already had it in October and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I strong like bull.

    Quick serious question: how did @jetsrule128 get the vaccine so quickly? He’s a little kid. Is he a nurse at Fordham university?

    My job helped me get it brother 

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  3. 36 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    !Time to give jetsrule some more neg rep!

    Pretty sure they are all here, or were at some point.

    That place was never the best.  If it ever was, it was before 2006.

    Jason is another guy that used to be on here.  I think when OTC took off, he mostly stopped posting anywhere.

    Wait what did I do 


    ATLANTA – The National Arena League announced today that as a result of the Covid-19 virus they are officially shifting to an eight-game schedule for the upcoming season. The league has been keeping in contact with all the teams and their respective arenas during the pandemic, working with both team and arena management to find the best solution to be able to play the 2021 season. Due to the continued and varied restrictions around the country, careful consideration was given to finding the best plan of action which would allow each team to continue to play and safely accommodate fans to enjoy the games. At the suggestion of the various arena managers the league felt the best thing to do was to push the schedule back.

     “Arena football is all about the fans, they help make the game great. We wouldn’t think about playing without our fans, and this decision was made with them in mind” said Commissioner Chris Siegfried.  

    The new 2021 National Arena League schedule has been listed below with the first game to kickoff on Saturday May 22 and the last regular season game scheduled for the weekend of July 22 before the postseason, which will include playoff games and a championship game. 



    WEEK 1 
    Sat. May 22 - Ontario @ Albany
    Sat. May 22 - Carolina @ Jersey

    BYE: Jacksonville, Columbus, Orlando

    WEEK 2
    Sat. May 29 - Jacksonville @ Orlando
    Sat. May 29 - Columbus @ Jersey
    Sat. May 29 - Carolina @ Albany 

    BYE: Ontario

    WEEK 3
    Fri. June 4 - Albany @ Columbus
    Fri. June 4 - Jacksonville @ Ontario
    Sat. June 5 - Carolina @ Orlando

    BYE: Jersey

    WEEK 4 
    Sat. June 12 - Ontario @ Columbus 
    Sat. June 12 - Jersey @ Jacksonville
    Sat. June 12 - Orlando @ Albany

    BYE: Carolina


    WEEK 5
    Sat. June 19 - Jersey @ Carolina
    Sat. June 19 - Ontario @ Orlando
    Sat. June 19 - Jacksonville @ Columbus

    BYE: Albany

    WEEK 6
    Sat. June 26 - Orlando @ Jacksonville
    Sat. June 26 - Columbus @ Carolina 
    Sat. June 26 - Albany @ Jersey

    BYE: Ontario 

    WEEK 7 
    Fri.   July 2 - Columbus @ Orlando 
    Sun. July 4 - Jersey @ Ontario 

    BYE: Albany, Carolina, Jacksonville

    WEEK 8
    Sat. July 10  -  Jacksonville @ Carolina
    Sat. July 10  -  Orlando @ Jersey
    Mon.July 12 -  Albany @ Ontario

    BYE: Columbus

    WEEK 9 
    Sat. July 17 - Ontario @ Carolina
    Sat. July 17 - Jersey @ Albany
    Sat. July 17 - Columbus @ Jacksonville

    BYE: Orlando 

    WEEK 10
    Sat. July 24 - Albany @ Jacksonville
    Sat. July 24 - Orlando @ Columbus
    Sat. July 24 - Carolina @ Ontario 

    BYE: Jersey

    Sat. July 31

    Sat. August 14

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  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- QB Drew Stanton QB Ryan Griffin RB Keshawn Vaughn WR Justin Watson TE Antony Auclair DL Jeremiah Ledbetter DL Khalil Davis LB Quinton Bell WR Cyril Grayson S Javon Hogan WR Travis Jonsen K Greg Joseph TE Codey Mcelroy CB Herb Miller G John Molchon WR Josh Pearson DL Benning Potoae LS Garrison Sanborn DL Kobe Smith OL Earl Watford P Matt Wile 


    Kansas City Chiefs-  CB Bopete Keyes RB Darwin Thompson TE Ricky Seals Jones DE Tim Ward DT Khalen Saunders QB Matt Moore CB Chris Lammons TE Evan Baylis LB Omari Cobb P Dustin Colquitt WR Gehrig Dieter DE Austin Edwards WR Maurice Ffrench WR Jody Fortson  DE Demone Harris RB Elijah Mcguire G Patrick Omarmeh WR Tajae Sharpe OL Darryl Williams G Bryan Witzmann 

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