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  1. jetcane you rock i was there today but could not get a seat so can't really put numbers to plays today

    autographs were great today mangini coles pennington dabrikall in 1 day

    hard to pick a ******* of the day when basiclly the entire team signed so i will give it to the jets staff for telling the team when to stop signing autographs ...this litlle kid was close to the front and chad was signing and you could see in the kid face he was sad to not get it

    did 82 or 31 the two newest jets do anything to impress today

    it sucks next year is there last year

    it is great free entertaiment for fans who can't get to games such as myself

    plus free ice cream today pretty good deal lol.you can't beat that anywhere

  2. cane did you see anything out of 82 (rasby) today anything to impress..considering he was the other new guy maybe you were looking for him

    some notes from today

    eric coleman made a great int on a tipped pass from ramsey

    bollinger threw a int to dave ball

    mario hill working with the 1st teamers

    ramsey ran a really good 2 minute drill

    wallace wright unable to catch clemens pass with no one covering (after the session those 2 were doing extra work)

    some autograph notes

    got terry butler and james dearth,mike westoff

    ******* of the day d-brik he signed like 10 autographs by the fence PROMISED he would be right back...was talking to some guy for like 20 min and then he left

    cane and green and white considering tomorrow is the last day if you want to meet up somewhere by hofstra i will pm you my phone number

  3. Phil Silva (4) got some looks today and may see some PT Friday. Wright, too. I spent too much energy looking for Barlow, at the expense of focusing on other things. Oh well.

    cane i hate to see you fall victum to the not updated roster but 4 was mario hill ...silva was cut a while back

    but yeah i noticed he was working with the 1st teamers

    mangini must like him

  4. i have a feeling people will be begging for jetcane after reading this

    but hey i tried

    so here we go

    roster notes -31 is barlow ,82 is that new te we signed(i know i thought i was seeing things 2 cause posiak is hurt but i guess if you are on ir you'r number is fair game)

    ok qb notes from today

    pennington threw a few deep balls for cotchery (he cought them all

    ramsey beautiful pass to number 4 mario hill

    clemens was running a lot of laps today

    did not see bollinger

    running backs

    barlow was on the sideline today

    blaylock a few nice runs

    housten did not look that good today

    that is all i remember sorry

    now for the autograph report of the day

    barlow was signing today very nice guy a lot of welcome to new york for him

    blaylock housten j martin askew moa tutt also signed today

    kimo signed for a good 20 min

    clemens signed

    wallace wright was signing in the tent

    also got drew coleman eric coleman jovan johnson (told him welcome back and good luck)that gave him a laugh ...nugent dressen ben g

    ******* of the day sorry issac snell but it is you...stood up people in the tent never showed

  5. is he going to make the redskins roster?

    he is the 6th round draft pick we traded for ramsey

    he started a fight at camp lol

    AND IN THIS CORNER: After seven days of training camp, players are tired and the irritability ratio is high. And that led to the first "fight" of the Redskins training camp yesterday.

    It started like this: Rookie safety Reed Doughty pushed fullback Mike Sellers out of bounds at the end of a play. Offensive tackle Jon Jansen started yelling at Doughty. Rookie defensive tackle Kedrick Golston got between Jansen and Doughty.

  6. I'm not sure I got the whole meaning of your post, but I believe 48 is a DB who I mentioned got toasted a couple of times yesterday.

    i am just saying i like number 48 cause he was a jet got cut got resigned the next week and did not even get the same number

  7. _______

    Someone pm'd me about #14- there has not been a 14 on the field since Witherspoon.

    my bad 48 is my iwoa boy javon you have to root for a udfa like him he gets cut then he gets signed back a week later but doesnt'nt even get his original number back

    speaking of which who saw newsday today had a article about strait ...then it had a pic of strait and it was clearly number 27 terry butler not 20

    Clem and Katnik messed up another snap exchange.

    did they work it out during extra work out time?

    did not make it to the session today so no ******* of the day today

  8. was there for the autographs today

    i swear i wanted to see the session but my friend drives really slow i had a job interview at like 2 so i could not get there then got home around 3;15 had to change and then leave

    today was the wr and kickers of the team i got c williams (9) m hill(4) c baker 2(19) w wright (2) b smith (16) r newhouse m nugent

    coles signed like 3 people and then he left that giving him ******* of the day

    let me just say i think i made williams and hill day by calling them by there real name...so many people were calling them silva and mobley (UPDATE YOUR ROSTER NEWYORKJETS.COM NOT FAIR TO THE GUYS)i do belive 44 is j martin now and 14 is j johnson

    i also got j thompson and d coleman

    also big props to k clemens (remember yesterday i called him ******* of the day) today he redeemed himself by doing extra work for 20 min then signing for the fans

    also big props to pennington after his interview with mike and the mad dog signing for me ,my friend and this other kid

    and that is my autograph report of the day

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