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  1. who are these guys? Ryan, 6-5, 265, is in his third year in the NFL after being drafted by the Cowboys in the fifth round of the 2004 Draft, 144th overall. Ryan has played in nine games with two starts. The Boston College product started his career as a defensive end, but moved to tight end with 75 catches for 950 yards and 12 touchdowns. His 12 scores rank second for tight ends in the school
  2. why are we drafting tomorrow at 9 when the jets have a HOME game at 7
  3. i know his team just won the arena cup (i follow arena football 2) i am just confused how a miami qb gets to arena football 2
  4. running back Little John Flowers and punter Travis Dorsch. Flowers was signed by the Giants on June 21. He had been in the Jets
  5. cane you ever hear of this guy? http://www.spokaneshock.com/team/?id=2313
  6. i will go with blake cozanteno or joe kozloski
  7. well janelle is on the block to go home again
  8. well #57 did seal his fate Giants waived RB Little John Flowers and K/P Travis Dorsch.
  9. lmao i can't wait until giants cuts i think #57 sealed dorsch fate he is going to be the reason dorsch gets cut i wonder if #57 feels bad nah probaly not
  10. but yes mcclover killed Travis Dorsch
  11. it is weird they cut wr #4 mario hill he was working with the 1st teamers on tues i belive he cought a few passes from chad and now he is gone wr #19 chris baker 2 never showed anything in camp i was surprised he lasted as long as he did wait now i remember baker 2 was doing punt returns 1 day and he was a fast guy
  12. i know he was a great st player at miami ...and he did get hurt last year so this is his year to prove himself
  13. qb j delhomme wr c johnson wr sa moss wr k johnson rb c wlilliams rb r bush te h miller w/t e moulds w/r a johnson bn d williams bn m brunell bn j jurvicious bn i bruce k j reed bn m nugent def jacksonville bn miami
  14. qb m hasselback wr p burress wr a randle el rb s alexander rb d staley w/r i bruce bn si moss bn r moats bn f gore bn d carr k r bironis bn j brown def chi bn cin
  15. maybe we should turn to our training camp reporter on this jetcane any surprises in the 12?
  16. here are my thoughts on the fallen 12 DB Rayshun Reed good he looked horrible in the 1st game DB Jovon Johnson poor guy gets cut twice in 2 weeks by the same team DB Omowale Dada i guess the int did not help DB D.J. Johnson good kevin barlow can have his number back now DB Mondoe Davis he was hurt most of tc but he was flirting with my sister when i got his autograph LB Alonzo Jackson aw he wrote go jets at the end of his autograph LB Jamar Enzor who? T/G Pete McMahon he was tall RB Terry Butler wow gets no playing time in all 3 preseason games then gets the ax RB Ben Moa he was in nfl europe WR Mario Hill wow from working with the first team to geting cut WR Chris M. Baker poor chris baker 2 ... oh well at least it won't be confusing in meetings anymore
  17. and the spokane shock are champions of the arena football 2 league world
  18. Congrats To Spokane Winning Arena Cup 7 57-34
  19. at the end of the 3rd quater it is spokane -48 green bay 27
  20. at half time of arena cup 7 it is spokane-41 green bay 14
  21. ARENA CUP 7 this saturday...will be aired monday on sny so who do you guys think will win green bay or spokane and why just a little backround on the qb's GREEN BAY http://greenbayblizzard.com/team/roster/?id=1798 http://greenbayblizzard.com/team/roster/?id=1591 http://greenbayblizzard.com/team/roster/?id=1565 http://greenbayblizzard.com/team/roster/?id=1550 http://greenbayblizzard.com/team/roster/?id=1656 SPOKANE http://www.spokaneshock.com/team/?id=2313 http://www.spokaneshock.com/team/?id=2335
  22. well james lost big brother 7 all stars this is a very sad day at least he made jury
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