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  1. _______ Someone pm'd me about #14- there has not been a 14 on the field since Witherspoon. my bad 48 is my iwoa boy javon you have to root for a udfa like him he gets cut then he gets signed back a week later but doesnt'nt even get his original number back speaking of which who saw newsday today had a article about strait ...then it had a pic of strait and it was clearly number 27 terry butler not 20 Clem and Katnik messed up another snap exchange. did they work it out during extra work out time? did not make it to the session today so no ******* of the day today
  2. was there for the autographs today i swear i wanted to see the session but my friend drives really slow i had a job interview at like 2 so i could not get there then got home around 3;15 had to change and then leave today was the wr and kickers of the team i got c williams (9) m hill(4) c baker 2(19) w wright (2) b smith (16) r newhouse m nugent coles signed like 3 people and then he left that giving him ******* of the day let me just say i think i made williams and hill day by calling them by there real name...so many people were calling them silva and mobley (UPDATE YOUR ROSTER NEWYORKJETS.COM NOT FAIR TO THE GUYS)i do belive 44 is j martin now and 14 is j johnson i also got j thompson and d coleman also big props to k clemens (remember yesterday i called him ******* of the day) today he redeemed himself by doing extra work for 20 min then signing for the fans also big props to pennington after his interview with mike and the mad dog signing for me ,my friend and this other kid and that is my autograph report of the day
  3. well today after the session 1-pennington-signed autographs for the vip 2-ramsey-signed autographs for fans and vip 3-clemens did extra work and signed for vip 4-bollinger-nowhere to be seen
  4. coach mangini signed today *******'s of the day i hate to say it but kellen clemens and norm katrack they were doing extra work for like 20 min when they finish all the fans were like KELLEN KELLEN ...he gives a wave and walks over to the vip side
  5. ok i am off to the session now i will be back with a autograph report and who did extra work report later ok
  6. only this player should be geting blasted wr #2 wallace wright after he finished his extra work ...these 3 little kids were really sad that they did not get chad autograph ,so i call wallace over to sign for the kids and he looks at me like i am crazy.blowing off kids when you are a udfa is rude
  7. he had a good mini camp guess it did not transition into training camp
  8. i was there yesterday 2 got the autos lol ...they were just being nice to the fans even chad came over...now clemens he blew off the fans 75 was val barnaby and tui a was also signing bj askew did it sunday also came over while some people were doing extra work ...he threw his glove in the air i cought it lol...i might put it up on e-bay
  9. hey jetcane did #4 #9 #11 do anything to impress today?
  10. weird today at camp 1 pennington was signing autographs after the session 2 -ramsey was nowhere to be seen 3-clemens was doing extra work with norm katrick 4-bollinger was signing autographs after you have to wonder why ramsey was not out there
  11. 1st off db javon johnson is back i belive he was #14 opposed to 4 last time he was with the jets (they gave 4 a way already to some wr) i only saw like the last 10 min of the session ok well today at the cafeteria no one signed autographs at all when the usual guys like nugent,nuhas,and t johnson don't sign you know something is wrong so jetcane did something happen at the session? maybe mangini told them not to sign today? also 3rd joel dressen was riding his bike and he got off and started limping some of the cafetira crew went over to see what was wrong and he said just a cramp
  12. ok i got there at the tailend of the session did not see a lot not as good as jetcane but hey i will give it a try did not even see the qbs i did see wallace wright mario hill curtis williams and the wr chris baker catching passes from a machine i guess some extra work wright (2) he did not look that bad good hands baker(19) dropped a few but i guess ok hill(4 or 9 not sure) not bad good hands williams(4 or 9) good hands and i saw the new fb jamar martin 44 he is a big guy ...he might make the team thats it not much but figured you would like to know oh and i cought bj askew glove
  13. we signed 3 new guys and cut 2 guys the past few days and there is nothing on the website about it...i understand it is preseason but i go to training camp and i want to see these new guys but i have no idea what numbers they are...and why is dj fitzpatrick still on the roster we cut him 2 weeks a go i belive
  14. well kaysar lost big brother 7 all stars this is a very sad day he did not make jury so he is coming home i will try to get him to post something at jetnation jets insider does not deserve to have him there
  15. i was there last night bollinger did not look happy after the session
  16. well janelle got off the block so now kaysar is on it so the stage is set for thursday kaysar vs james who will stay and who will go home the soverign 4 will become the soverign 3 thursday will be a really sad day
  17. poor guy did not even get his own article at jets.com did anyone even notice this guy at camp? the only thing i know about this guy is well my friend went to jets camp 1 day and curtis martin was signing autographs and he was trying to hand his hat to curtis and Deqawn Mobley
  18. The New York Jets announced Sunday evening that their 2:00 p.m. practice on Monday, August 7, 2006 has been cancelled. Generation Jets Fest and the Jets Shop Tent will be open Monday from 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. The Green and White's next scheduled practice is set for Tuesday at 8:45 a.m.
  19. 2 of kaysar best friends are on the block this week to go home this is not good
  20. if the 1st link does not work
  21. http://www.jamesbb6.com/smf/index.p...=5;sa=showPosts go down 2 August 4-Video Live Feed Updates Will talks about his Kaysar chat and the people on the net. August 4, 2006 at 3:15 PM Big Brother time view video about 2:40 into the clip
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