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  1. who is excited about mini camp
  2. troy bergeron would be a good udfa
  3. it wasnt the year of the draft nfl qb brothers
  4. i know he is not a jets but any info on this McMahan, Kevin guy espn did not even talk about him
  5. michael harrington went undrafted also
  6. but why..a lot of teams open it but never the jets...i always thought it was just a herm thing so maybe eric will open it
  7. very funny hofstra will be there home until 2009
  8. has anyone heard anything if they are going to be open to the public this year?
  9. in arena football 1 we have the new york dragons at 6-4 2nd place to dallas at 8-2 and in arena football 2 we have the albany conquest in 1st place at 2-0 and that was your arena football update for today have a great day
  10. we should sign him as a udfa
  11. anyone ever play this game? it is the most addicting game ever just don't move the mouse or you lose i will give you the link there is 15 levels btw http://addictinggames.com/
  12. who is the best ncaa runner up and why
  13. was at the dragons game tonight and guess who i see CHAD PENNINGTON everyone was going up to him but i felt it would of been rude i mean he is trying to enjoy the game .and you never know he might of got hurt signing a autograph New York Jets QB Chad Pennington attended the game as a guets of Kevin Swayne and signed several autographs for fans during the game
  14. i don't go to games.i enjoyed seeing them at hofstra
  15. NO offence max but they are the new york jets.you have the games.give the poor people who can't get tickets and live in long island a chance to see them
  16. I Am Thinking Of Starting A Pettition This Summer For The Jets To Stay At Hofstra So Where Do You Guys Want It.MAYBE I WILL GET THE PLAYERS TO SIGN IT.What If I Have The Players Sign It.I AM SURE ALL OF THE CAFITERA CREW AT HOFSTRA WILL SIGN IT
  17. 2008 Is Better Then 2007 I Want My Jets To Stay A Long Island Team For As Long As They Can. I Want To Have More Summers With My Jets Everyday I Go The One Thing I Look Foward To Every Year And Now They Are Taking It A Way From Me it is not fair i tell you i love meeting them at the cafitera with the true long island fans waiting for them .everyone is so nice now where in florham park will true fans find there team eating lunch WHERE I ASK YOU I KNOW I AM ACTING CRAZY BUT I DO NOT CARE THE JETS ARE BACKSTABBING THERE LONG ISLAND FANS
  18. The New York Jets will build their new corporate headquarters and training facility in Florham Park and plan to move from their Long Island home in the summer of 2007, officials said Thursday. IT WILL BE MADE OFFICIAL TOMORROW GUYS THIS SUCKS WHO WANTS TO PROTEST AT HOFSTRA WITH ME
  19. when are they moving.when do they expect it to be built by
  20. anyone still need people?
  21. 3 weeks a go we lost our starting qb and now our backup qb is out for the season. does this sound similar to another ny team ?
  22. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE 12-16 YEAR OLD KIDS .TELL THEM TO TRY OUT FOR ENDURANCE 6 . IT IS THE TEENAGE SURVIVOR http://kids.discovery.com/fansites/endurance/getontheshow/getontheshow.html
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