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  1. so when will kevin mawae email jetnation
  2. lmao those suckups at jets insider
  3. wow i do not belive you guys.this is just shocking
  4. jetsrule128

    mets fans

    spring training does start today but for the past few days the mets have played intrasquads so these are the results game 1-starters 6 minors-6 game 2-minors-4 starters 3
  5. aaron garcia is out for the year for the new york dragons of the afl
  6. survivor fans ruth marie from s12 and jenna m from s6 and s8 will be on survivor live at 2 est at cbs.com and burton from s7 and rob c from s6 and s8 will be on reality this week 3 est at thefishbowl.com
  7. every time i click mb it says login with msn? i have never done that before. so is it back and this is just a new rule?
  8. no offence to jets insider and gang green because i am a civil person and i post at all 3.but jetnation was the only one i heard of word of mouth .i had no idea this place existed before i heard some old lady talking about it 2 her husband at training camp (she does not post she just reads) but i think there is an accomplishment right there
  9. lol good job smizzy .idk he likes the show.i told him you guys should not chose a name off a reality tv show but he will not listen to me
  10. my friend is having a baby soon and they narrowed it down to 8 names . 4 if a girl . 4 if it is a guy.so vote what is the best name and why GO JETS
  11. i was just wondering .lock it if you want no biggie i am 17 . senior in high school no way am i going into politics
  12. lol come on i am a civil jets fan .i hate no one .i post at all 3 jets mb all your arguements are good .so i listen to everyone
  13. we are all jets fans so why all the hate? i think jetnation is better because jets insider cost money for all the good stuff
  14. watched the pro bowl and never heard there name mentioned once.so did they even do anything? tiki barber and rod smith got hurt , any update on there condition?
  15. if you live in new york it is going to be evil watching the pro bowl.that dam snow we have and the nice weather in hawaii .so will you watch
  16. .good win for usa they are on there way 6-0 i do not think switzerland is good at hockey
  17. Thurs., Feb 9, 2006 (11AM-7PM) Alumni Session 12PM - 3PM Dave Herman Fri., Feb 10, 2006 (11AM-7PM) Alumni Session 12PM - 3PM Brad Baxter Sat., Feb 11, 2006 (10AM-5PM) Alumni Session 10AM - 1PM Wesley Walker
  18. i post at all 3 never had problems *ducks a way from eggs being thrown at him* i am banned at jamesbb6.com and thefishbowl.com though
  19. they are backstabbing there fans who go to hofstra. 2005 so many fans went to camp .you guys see how packed it is every seat in that area is full.sometimes fans are standing.there has to be at least 2000 people there. and then after they practice .at least 50 fans go to where they eat and get autographs.and what do they do to say thanks.THEY BACKSTAB THEM BY MOVING TO JERSEY
  20. JUST STAY AT HOFSTRA i belive this takes effect 2007 so li jets fans 1 more year.well this will ruin a tradition i go there almost every day in the summer.when they move to jersey i will prob go once
  21. I Know This Has Nothing To Do With The Jets But This Girl Pretended To Be A 23 Year Old Who Had Cancer .people Sent Her Money And Everything And Then Today She Came Out That It Was A Hoax This Is Not Right
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