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  1. Schmidt

    #JetsCamp 8/20

    WOW If the offense does well the defense sucks !! If the defense plays well the offense sucks ! McCagnn and Bowels suck no what they do ! WTF why even watch or root for this team? Me I have been there since 1961 Polo Grounds .... I want this organization to STAY TOGETHER for an extended period .... much like Pittspuke or Green Bay .... come'on man !!!
  2. Schmidt

    Important Week For Darnold

    Six days between the Lions and da fish (the fish will have 7+) and then we and the browns both have four days. The fish have the Titans before us and then the browns have the Saints to open followed by the Saints. IMHO it looks favorable for us!!! We have Detroit, fish and browns.
  3. Schmidt

    NY Titans

    4. Former Jets owner Leon Hess’ Thanksgiving Day visit to practice in 1995 when, attempting to rally his players, he told them, “Let’s go out with dignity and show ’em we’re not horses’ asses.’’ He had NOTHING to do with the Titans...I know I was there at the Polo Grounds with Wahoo McDaniels and my Dad!!!!
  4. Fire Jimmy Sexton get into camp with another agent !!!!
  5. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/07/29/jets-sam-darnold-wants-agents-to-get-deal-done/
  6. Schmidt

    Episode 3

    THANKS !!!!
  7. Schmidt

    Episode 3

    where do you see this? If on facebook where?
  8. I know you can make this statement BUT WHO can you get to fill these valuable positions.....just WHO?
  9. Schmidt

    Now that the dust has settled

    Luck is the residue of HARD WORK !!!
  10. NONE and I was there when he came up !!!
  11. Schmidt

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Sam The Man Slinging Sam
  12. I do not think the Jets should pick Rosen too many concussions!!!! One hit away from "I RETIRE"
  13. Schmidt

    We better effing lose every game

    Some have NEVER played the game...YOU NEVER GO OUT AND TRY TO LOSE!!!! It is just NOT done!
  14. NO !!! I ate the NBA Draft system! why bring it here?

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