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  1. This post is........Ridiculous; deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd. "when you realize how ridiculous these scenarios are, you will have to laugh"
  2. Joe Douglas and Robert Salah seem to be in lockstep, I have never seen such cooperation ever (I was 13 when I watched the Titans at the Polo Grounds 1960). This organization from the top down Douglas on down is finally doing something I have never seen, building a foundation! In the trenches they have 43of 5 top starters 1 good very good center and 1 also ran, the TE group is unproven, the Rb's are from this system or young studs, our QB is the best I've seen since I watched Joe. He can make throws with accuracy, arm strength and from any angle. On defense we have top tier d-line, shaq lawson
  3. Those rooting for Trevor Lawrence, did you guys watch the game Saturday? He did not look like an NFL ready QB! Jet fans will be pulling out their hair saying why is he throwing into double and triple coverage, why does he throw so many short passes? and we should have held onto Sam
  4. No, and if you have ever coached or played this game NO!!!!! To quote Herm Edwards "You play to win the game" No, I felt the pain of those players....that locker room must have been HELL. Those players deserved a better fate! Draft picks are just that....a pick! Any players drafted are just that a college player being drafted look at these BUSTS Lets not forget Blair Thomas and 10. LB Vernon Gholston, Jets (2008, sixth overall pick) 9. CB Justin Gilbert, Browns (2014, eighth overall pick) 8. WR Justin Blackmon, Jaguars (2012, fifth overall pick) 7. DE Steve Emtman, Colts (1
  5. Mann, the sixth-round pick has lived up to the hype that followed him coming out of college. Mann currently leads all punters in yards with a whopping 2,239 punt yards and while a lot of that is due to quantity, his efficiency has been impressive as well. The 23-year-old has only booted three touchbacks despite an NFL-leading 50 punts. He also leads all NFL specialists in tackles — a trait he’s carried over from his time at Texas A&M. He is also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt in Karate and went to The Junior Olympics twice coming in third both times.
  6. This is dumb....to "tank" for Treavor Lawrence ..... what if this SAVIOR stays in school ala Payton Manning ? Keep Darnold until the draft and draft Lawrence (IF HE COMES OUT)......then you can either have them battle it out in camp or trade one or the other after you take the pick. The worst that could happen (ITHINK) we still have Sam and the first pick in the draft! I haven't even thought about Fields
  7. The NY Jets took advantage of Mekhi Becton. You have to understand the situation for a moment. Becton is a tough-as-nails rookie trying to find his footing in the league. If the coaching staff gives him an opportunity to play, he’s going to play regardless of whether or not it’s best for his health. Adam Gase and the Jets took advantage of a rookie they knew wouldn’t say no. Gase attempted to justify his decision after the game stating that Becton only played because there was no chance for re-injury. But at the end of the day, when it’s clear that your promising first-round pick
  8. I was an assistant coach and a head football coach at a small NJ High School....we had some coaches (Old School) who would tell kids that they were not hurt and go and play....if a kid says he is hurt you have to believe him....either he is really hurt or he could get hurt worse or get someone else hurt because he does not want to play! Do NOT play a player who is hurt! I was pissed when I saw him come in and it was OBVBIOUS he was hurting while he was on the field. Adam Gase should have seen and known....he is our first round draft choice, he is a monster of a man BUT if he is further injured
  9. Gase should have NEVER been hired BUT when we get blown out on Thursday Night he should be FIRED THURSDAY NIGHT !!!
  10. With Adam Gase as our Head Coach you say we will win???? :")
  11. The Jets aren’t playing to win games. They’re kicking field goals down three touchdowns in the third quarter. They’re punting while down in the fourth quarter just trying to reach the end of the game. FIRE ADAM GASE ..... NOW !!!
  12. I also said 0 - 16 when you go for a field goal late in the third quarter, losing by double digits 24-3, your team has not performed well offensively, you are an IDIOT The Jets aren’t playing to win games. They’re kicking field goals down three touchdowns in the third quarter. They’re punting while down in the fourth quarter just trying to reach the end of the game. ---- FIRE ADAM GASE !!!
  13. A fan since 1960 at the Polo Grounds TITANS, season ticket holder at Shea JETS, watched Namath come up as a rookie, Enlisted to serve in the Air Force Vietnam '68 - 72. I was home on leave for the "Heidi Game" :(, never got to go or see the Super Bowl III game and I still root for The J E T S Jets, Jets Jets. I have never asked for a Coach to be fired BUT PLEASE FIRE ADAM GASE !!! I want to see and be at a Super Bowl in my lifetime
  14. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-t-mekhi-becton-graded-as-nfl-s-top-rookie-on-offense-through-two-weeks
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