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  1. NONE and I was there when he came up !!!
  2. Schmidt

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Sam The Man Slinging Sam
  3. I do not think the Jets should pick Rosen too many concussions!!!! One hit away from "I RETIRE"
  4. Schmidt

    We better effing lose every game

    Some have NEVER played the game...YOU NEVER GO OUT AND TRY TO LOSE!!!! It is just NOT done!
  5. NO !!! I ate the NBA Draft system! why bring it here?
  6. Schmidt

    Josh Rosen

    Watched this "comeback" so many of his passes should/would have been picked off
  7. Schmidt

    Game Predictions- Bengals/Jets

  8. Schmidt


    Does anyone think that was a cheapshot on Bryce Petty? Sure looked like it to me ! I know that injury may help us keep the 4 QB's but if that was Brady it would have been called !!!
  9. Gotta keep in mind, Geno is a Free Agent after this year! I do not want to negotiate with him after he has a "good not great" season. I think we are better off if we go with Fitz, Petty and Hack......We can renegotiate with Fitz or move on with two unproven but, better than Geno QB's who are under contract.
  10. WHAT ????? NFL teams draft QB's with at least a few starts in the pros ??????? I thought we drafted from the colleges.....
  11. Sounds correct !!!! message sent !!!!!