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    I was sitting in front of Willy Joe at the Meadowlands when he said to Suzy Kolber " I want to Kiss You". I'm sorry, I know the moral majority was outraged but that was the funniest thing ever. We all want to say something and not give a damn, Joe did. Drunk or not , I said that's pretty damn cool.
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    On the waiting List, when I broke up with my girlfriend 7 years ago, the tickets were her family's.
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    Marino's Fake Spike is second on the list but easily Doug O'Brien missing that field goal to send the Jets into the AFC championship
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    Amateurs. Want to see what cheerleaders should look like in Green, google the BosCeltic cheerleaders
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    In diapers, ****ting myself and excited

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  1. Looking at the twitter hints I think it's going down. He's getting support from players and ex-players. Deshaun has done a ton of great work in his community but if a player wants to switch teams, ( not surprising given what's going on with the Texans) you have to Jamal-Adams-strut-your-way-loud out of town. I'd prefer to build the team OL first, but it is what it is...
  2. Lawrence, I would rather risk taking; it's chasing the bitcoin of quarterbacks before it blows up in your face. Watson is the smart choice; which I always try and avoid wherever possible...like I did when I became a Jet fan.
  3. Marv Levy, I am happy for you...I hope you get to experience winning the big one before your final lift off from Bill's country. Congrats to Bills fans, most of you deserve it, the one New York State based football team possibly on it's way back to the Super Bowl after what seems like an eternity on the outside looking in. Credit to SeanMcDermott, Brandon Beane, Josh Allen, Diggs and some other very good football players. Still an unlikely pairing for next week but the Bills and Browns in the AFC, that would be epic clash of once marginalized NFL franchises.
  4. As with the coach search less than a week ago, the situation is fluid. Most if not all of the most emphatic strongly held beliefs shared right here on this board are conjecture. Right now based on multiple reports, some from two posters almost all of us trust... it appears the Jet's FO are leaning towards Sam Darnold getting one more last bite at the cherry. While unlikely, it's possible that our front office direction may change 180 degrees; with free agency, as yet unknown trade offers, a certain unhappy QB trying to force his way out of town, or simply more information accumulated post combine, pre-draft etc. Not one of us knows for certain. I imagine Joe Douglas has a strong feelings about where he is steering the franchise but situations change; there are 105 days or so to the draft. Let's enjoy the unknown...
  5. Welcome to the board, you're not being an a*s, Posting misunderstandings...misinterpretations is one of our core strengths here. Post away, you will figure it out.
  6. Identical sentence in an almost identical post on the Bills forum.... The Stadium Wall -Two Bills Drive Welcome "JoshAllenReceipts." You only have 178 posts there so I expect you create new poster identities on a regular basis. Enjoy the game tomorrow night, it should be a good one.
  7. Best of luck Saturday night, it should be a good one.
  8. I can't see any team in the NFL picking up Sam Darnold's fifth year option. Clearly Darnold has not played not even close to good enough to guarantee him 25M for year 5. Whether he remains on the Jets or is traded, Sam will be playing out his forth year and that will be that. If he suddenly shocks the world and plays lights out in year four...whatever team Sam is playing for at that time will either sign him to a new deal or franchise tag him for that fifth year.
  9. Bravo, you did call it...and days ahead of the crowd
  10. It was remarkable how many of DJ's talking points on Rich Eisen and the Moose/Maggie show are exactly the same. i.e. you can get a great receiver in the second round, but if you want a great tackle, there are a limited number of tier 1 tackles, you gotta go round 1 for a tackle. "Running backs and wide receivers you can get later" DJ What was different on the Eisen show is Rich Eisen pushed him to make you're-on-the-spot draft day decision if Daniel was handing in the pick for the Jets. "You are drafting at 2, do you keep Darnold get him some playmakers... or do you draft a QB not named Lawrence?" DJ struggles for a moment before answering "I draft Zach Wilson" He sounds like he is on the fence about keeping Darnold versus drafting Wilson but right now his nod goes to drafting Zach Wilson. He compared Justin Fields developmental stage to Josh Allen pre-draft. Not there yet but with his athleticism and size he has a potential to be something far beyond where he currently is.
  11. Great recollection, dad chillin' on the floor drinking martinis and later your Mom leafing through a phone book to try and call NBC to try and have the Heidi bowl switched back.
  12. 2021 - #1, #2 2022 - #1, #2 2023 - #3 If not Sewell at 2, trade down no further than 8 and take Rashawn Slater. If Trey Lance falls to 23 take him, if he's gone take Kyle Pitts or drop a few more slots for Najee Harris.
  13. I saw that, there are definite signs to suggest legitimate interest in candidates outside of the usual suspects. Staley and Brady both of whom would be considered unusual hires To be honest I am not sure what the "right hire is" but so far Douglas in his track record on choices in free agency and drafting have leaned cautious. Now with full autonomy maybe Douglas will surprise. An average coach can go all the way with a great roster/good staff eg. Doug Pederson. A great coach with a bad roster can get you to respectability until his GM produces talent, if ever. The unlikeable Gase was idea target practice for Jets fans but the Jets core problem was and is the roster. We can pretend that a great coach can turn things around, but the oline was one of several failed experiments on the Jets 2020 roster. Douglas is the real key to wins in 2021 and beyond.
  14. Football forums are great fun, an escape and entertainment for football fanatics, like many of us here are. We as fans have the freedom to take or leave what we read. Life is a buffet, choose what interests you and leave the rest alone for others to make their own decision. Why vilify the OP? Whats the point of the witch hunt?

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