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    Photographer, Irish
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    I was sitting in front of Willy Joe at the Meadowlands when he said to Suzy Kolber " I want to Kiss You". I'm sorry, I know the moral majority was outraged but that was the funniest thing ever. We all want to say something and not give a damn, Joe did. Drunk or not , I said that's pretty damn cool.
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    On the waiting List, when I broke up with my girlfriend 7 years ago, the tickets were her family's.
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    Marino's Fake Spike is second on the list but easily Doug O'Brien missing that field goal to send the Jets into the AFC championship
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    Amateurs. Want to see what cheerleaders should look like in Green, google the BosCeltic cheerleaders
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    In diapers, ****ting myself and excited

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  1. Yes I'm super excited by Jordan Palmer's latest speaking of future greatness. Whomever Jordan Palmer sprinkles pixie dust on, they're destined for QB greatness...right? "When Jets Quarterback Christian Hackenberg left Penn State he hired a nutritionist and a Quarterback coach. That Quarterback coach was Jordan Palmer. Palmer has worked with Hackenberg on his footwork, throw angle and more. It was refreshing to get the inside track from someone that actually work with Hackenberg instead of the people who have already quit on him. Palmer: a lot of the stuff that I do installing for the draft, even when I was training Christian, I stole from what Josh did. When I was sitting at 9 at night, I was backing Josh up when (Jay) Cutler got hurt in Chicago. So I stole a lot of the stuff from Josh. How he prepares, how he thinks, so the fact that Christian got to go sit with that and Mike (Maccagnan) and Todd (Bowles) have been so patient with him. Christian doesn’t really care what everyone says, same with Blake Bortels, which is why Blake was able to have the best game of his life when it mattered the most in the AFC Championship game. And I think Christian is still a guy who will play in this league and I’m really excited because this is the biggest offseason of his life. He’s going to get an opportunity and I think he’s going to be a kid who runs with it. Read More: QB Jordan Palmer Expects Big Things From Christian Hackenberg | https://1045theteam.com/qb-coach-jordan-palmer-expects-big-things-from-christian-hackenberg-audio/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral
  2. Me too, I think he was worth a roll of the dice more so than Morgan, had really hoped that we would draft him.
  3. It's dangerous to give advise although I thought Boozer did a good job. Here's my two cents. Your step son needs to know that you give a damn. Yes he needs boundaries but if he feels no one is interested or gives a toss, it's not going to work on it's own. There's a fair chance he resents you for not being his dad and he's probably got good at blaming everyone else for his issues. He has already concluded that it is other people who are the problem. Depending on how much you have in common with him, try listening to him, spending some time with him. My old man loved the stuff that some men love...booze, other men's wives, knocking us kids about as hard as he could when he was liquored up and such. This was all fine of course but my brothers acted out like crazy and went off the rails. Cars and motorbikes crashes, legal issues, fist fights with the old man leading to them eventually getting tossed out of the house. If you're going to expect him to behave like an adult, you've got to be someone he can be inspired by. You're not his dad but you need to invest in him without expecting anything back. You don't need to blow a lot of money on him, go do some stuff together. If you can pay him for working together on stuff, that's another opportunity. Teenagers need money and if they are forced to spend time with you working on something, home construction project or whatever...it's an opportunity to see you as something other than an unwelcome complication in his teenage years. He needs to know that you're just not waiting for him to leave, that you find something worthwhile in him, that you will support him as he tries to figure this stuff out. When he looks back on this teenage sh*t storm of his ten years from now, he might be grateful that for a stepdad, you weren't such a pain in ass after all.
  4. awesome NFL films soundtrack and VoiceOver.
  5. Mehta can only hope somebody in Jetland appears in a crime blotter before training camp. The dude is creative writing everyday to keep his job. If he looses this sports writing gig he will have to take up content writing for some medical device company, writing about the joys of urine catheters.
  6. Getting media attention in a world of free blogs, webcasts and social media dictates that the biggest liar wins the game. If you write soap opera scripts, angry Jet fans will come out of the woodwork, wriggling, apoplectic, shaking their invertebrate shuffle. There is nothing to write about this time of year, the dude has to pull phantom stuff out of a hat. I'm pretty sure he gets fired if he doesn't write about stuff going wrong. Who wants to read about stuff going right? That why the Patriots were so boring for a writer. Aaron Hernandez finally gave Boston beat writers a real life horror to write about. I'm guessing that a Daily News sports editor sat Manish down not long after he arrived and said "You need to make lots of stuff up. I want to read "franchise in eternal turmoil", I want internal strife, I want fights, I want rumors. I want dirt lots of dirt, real or imaginary....it doesn't matter" Was it the last century when we had to subscribe to a printed paper delivered in the mail, "Jets Confidential" for some off season dirt (information was usually out of date by the time the paper arrived). Now we have the Jets football equivalent of the National Enquirer pumping out "Adam Gase is an alien who was kicked off Uranus for being too weird even for Uranusians."
  7. Most of you have the challenges figured out but it's interesting to hear Fauci spell it out how the virus spreads in a football environment. It's possible that that the team with the best depth wins the 2020 season. Here is the piece... "Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in Americathat widespread testing of players would be the first step, and the obvious acknowledgement that any player who tests positive has to be quarantined because of how rapidly it would spread in an athletic environment. “Sweat does not do it,” Fauci said. “This is a respiratory virus, so it’s going to be spread by shedding virus. The problem with virus shedding is that if I have it in my nasal pharynx, and it sheds and I wipe my hand against my nose—now it’s on my hand. You see, then I touch my chest or my thigh, then it’s on my chest or my thigh for at least a few hours. Sweat as such won’t transmit it. But if people are in such close contact as football players are on every single play, then that’s the perfect set up for spreading. I would think that if there is an infected football player on the field—a middle linebacker, a tackle, whoever it is it—as soon as they hit the next guy, the chances are that they will be shedding virus all over that person. “If you really want to be in a situation where you want to be absolutely certain, you’d test all the players before the game. And you say, Those who are infected: Sorry, you’re sidelined. Those who are free: Get in there and play.” That’s going to require so many tests that imagining it now would either be sheer folly or greedy on the part of a sports league. But Fauci hopes that the coming months bring increased access to tests. He’s also in modified quarantine after contact with a person who tested positive at the White House, where staffers are tested daily, showing how quickly things can change. “If I test today, and I’m negative, you don’t know if I got exposed tomorrow,” Fauci said. “There’s no guarantee that you’re going to get exposed and be positive the next day. To give you an example, you’re probably reading in the newspapers that there’s an infection in the White House. I was exposed to that person. So I immediately got tested. I am negative. So, I’m negative yesterday. I don’t know if I’m going to be negative Monday. Understand? It’s almost an impossible situation. “To be 100 percent sure, you’ve got to test every day. But that’s not practical and that’s never going to happen. But you can diminish dramatically by testing everybody Saturday night, Sunday morning, and say OK, only negative players play.” That creates a number of questions for football teams in the context of the game alone, as they’ll have to be cognizant of depth and have backups ready to go at a moment’s notice — because that’s how quickly a game plan can change with one positive test. "
  8. I don't see him staying healthy. He's talented, really talented but I don't see how he can stay healthy. He has one thing going for him, they have had a serious infusion of draft capital this year and more coming next year. I do think he was worth taking a risk on, what else were their option? Justin Herbert? Jordan Love? Take a shot with Jalen Hurts? Not having a top ten quarterback in this league means having everything else needing to go right for you in terms of drafting, player health, great coaching. Josh Allen had a top five defense helping out, ultimately he's going to have to deliver the ball if that team is going to bring a trophy to western New York. Likewise Sam Darnold has to deliver in year three. The Jets roster is now improved to barely average from complete crap, we should have a better sense of who Darnold particularly if the roster can remain healthy.
  9. . The Dolphins are talking about 15K fans in their stadium, we can joke about that being a typical Dolphin game but in reality to do 6ft distancing, 15K fans in a typical NFL stadium sounds about right. A rough guess, every other horizontal row has to be be completely empty and in the the rows that are occupied, maybe one fan in every third seat. Cousins thought it would be refreshing to have no fans. I think the players who are really fired up at practice, they will still be fired up for games with little or no fans. I think there is too much television money not to try the game with 15 K fans or no fans at all. NFL fans like us will be so desperate for sports, we would rather have televised football with a scattering of fans in the stadium than no football at all. Footballers have a limited shelf life, I expect a we-are-all-in-this-together and pride to come into this to this. The hard part might be whether footballers would consider quarantining themselves with their team to what might be a shortened season total of say four months from preseason to superbowl.That's a big ask but it is a lot of money.
  10. On net average our punter ranked 17th out of 36. Yes, the coaches were not enamored with his game but can you at least complain that he was only an average punter ? Our next punter will be also be on a rookie contract and most likely better but the Jets have had some seriously sucky punters over the years. For every good punter the Jets have had, we've had ten crap punters. Edward's career net average is 40.2 yards. In four lousy seasons of Jets football, he punted for the third highest total of yards in Jets history. That is punting 15,368 yards, third most in jets history during 64 mostly crappy Jets games is four lousy seasons... 21 wins, 43 losses.
  11. I don't mind Brady having a good, even great year in Tampa but for the love of whatever God he follows, would he not consider playing on a level playing field and play within the fricken rules that govern all NFL players for once? Hi greatness is asterisked by a repeated disregard to compete within the rules. Are there other cheats in the NFL? Sure, they all suck deflated balls but none more obvious than him. He was even kicked out of a public park in Tampa that was shut down under the quarantine rules. Is greatness about completely ignoring the rules?
  12. Only leaking now after happening two weeks ago on April 7, Brady accidentally wandered into a Tampa house while trying to find the home belonging to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. David Kramer to TMZ.com, “I literally was just sitting here and I watch this tall guy just walk into my house. He didn’t even look at me. He just like dropped his duffel bags down on the floor and just kind of like looked up at me and I’ll never forget the look on his face. . . . He just goes, ‘Am I in the wrong house?!'” Brady was in the wrong house, and even though being “sighted” there won’t result in him being “cited” by the authorities, Brady’s explanation could result in the team being “cited,” not “sighted,” by the league. ESPN.com confirmed the incident, and reports (i.e., passes along the self-serving leak from the Buccaneers) that “Brady and Leftwich were trying to follow social distancing guidelines, having Brady come to pick up materials from his new coach rather than meeting with him.” It doesn’t matter, under NFL rules. As one source explained it to PFT, players cannot meet with coaches at any time prior to the start of the offseason program. Meetings outside the building are even more problematic, because in many cases those meetings can happen without detection. “Totally illegal,” the source said. “They should be fined. Plus, I bet those duffel bags had footballs in them.” In other words, the source suspects that Brady fully intended not only to meet with Leftwich but also to participate in some sort of workout in which Leftwich would have been directly involved.
  13. Netflix, until draft night, if you are okay with subtitles... "Babylon Berlin" Berlin during the Weimar republic, dark, stylish, noir underworld intrigue. "Fauda", the dirty war between Israeli intelligence and the Palestinian underworld, gritty, tense.

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