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    Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

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    Photographer, Irish
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    Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, NYC
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    photograph and video

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    I was sitting in front of Willy Joe at the Meadowlands when he said to Suzy Kolber " I want to Kiss You". I'm sorry, I know the moral majority was outraged but that was the funniest thing ever. We all want to say something and not give a damn, Joe did. Drunk or not , I said that's pretty damn cool.
  • Do you have season tickets?
    On the waiting List, when I broke up with my girlfriend 7 years ago, the tickets were her family's.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Marino's Fake Spike is second on the list but easily Doug O'Brien missing that field goal to send the Jets into the AFC championship
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    Amateurs. Want to see what cheerleaders should look like in Green, google the BosCeltic cheerleaders
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    In diapers, ****ting myself and excited

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  1. Gangrene

    Previewing the Jets O L

    Hah, it was a referenc to the the loose train track in your photo but still, Toulouse-Lautrec is worthy of your attention. This is not, in fact, a painting Robert Kraft with his baby's momma but Toulouse-Lautrec documenting the working girls of Paris with their monied clientele.
  2. Gangrene

    Previewing the Jets O L

    Toulouse-Lautrec, or is the fault of the Jets GM?
  3. Hackenberg likely sucked giant elephant testicles, however it's really more a statement about McCagnan more than Bowles. Seriously I am fine with Darnold sitting. Guessing how long he will sit, if he will sit? I'd prefer caution, given that this oline is liverwurst in uniform. Not the worst in the league but not something I want to put in front of a rookie. But we have all one million opinions in the silly season before training camp; this is where fan insanity takes root as the mercury rises.
  4. With Hackenberg, the Jets coaching braintrust is developing a radical developmental technique of sitting rookie qbs through their first contract. Let's not rush in to this, show him some patience and start him year five; by then Mac will will have drafted more o linemen not related to Art Shell.
  5. Gangrene

    FitzMagic Shirts for $13.50

    They have a Hackenberg shirt, that's premium nostalgia material right there. The thinking fan's 'throwback' shirt.
  6. Gangrene

    Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    All is not lost Christian, deer hunting season is only a few months away.
  7. If this is true, Kraft was foolish to once again back soft balls Brady over Belichick. Belechick is the golden goose, Kraft should have tied his wagon to the coach and held on to Jimmy G.
  8. Sanchez was playing versus a legit defense, that's got to be worth one or two passes, call it a toss up right now !
  9. Time will tell...if Robbie can take the next step.
  10. Josh McCown was the third most accurate deep ball qb in the league last year, he deserves part of the credit for Robbie's great year. I would give a supporting Robbie award to Morton who liked to push the ball down the field. To think that in a Bates run offense, Anderson will be transform to some kind of wunderkid WR paired up with Sam Darnold... may require some magical thinking. I am a Darnold fan, hopefully he will work out for the Jets but I don't see him making a transformative leap to Robbie's stats over McCown.
  11. The great advantage of having Todd Bowles as coach is that he is not Hard Knocks material, not a compelling figure in front of a camera...that's a win for the Jets.
  12. Agreed that the medium is inherently stupid are there are few that are capable of undertaking the task. I simply don't find him entertaining as you do. I find him dull while simultaneously grandiose, but that's just me.
  13. You have to be blood related. This love of the naked emperor as he waves to the imaginary crowds, depraved drooling lunatics who fawn and grovel while Mike's procession of one passes by....makes no sense.
  14. Gangrene

    Jets UDFA Thread

    Micah Awe, that was a brief stint with gang green. Jalin, I hope you squirreled away that cash.
  15. Gangrene

    Future of the AFC

    Agreed, for the New York area there is the fun factor to see Darnold and Lauletta ! Will Bill for Mike White or Luke Falk ? or maybe Kyle Allen as a UDA to the evil empire...