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  1. No one on planet earth even those crazy, insane Darnold peeps are ignorant of the financial aspect. If those crazy loons in the Jets front office were insane enough to pick up Darnold's 5th year option, that means Darnold will reportedly average 14 million a year over the next two years. Zach Wison's rookie contract, picking second in the draft will average approximately 8.5M a year over the next four years. For those first two years, (2021, 2022) drafting Zach is a net saving of 5.5M a year over keeping Darnold. Even if aliens invade and take over Joe Douglas's brain forcing hi
  2. Zach or Sam playing behind a line that includes even two of Van Roten, Lewis and Fant there's a good chance that whomever of them looses that QB competition in camp will end up starting at some point in the season anyway. Late December in a blizzard, just as the new oline replacements looks like it is finally beginning to jel. The camera pans to the Jets bench. Snow is falling and James Morgan has got his helmet strapped on as he starts warm up throws on the sideline.
  3. Medicals on the draft prospects happen late next week, offers evaluated and decision likely after that as per @football guy A week from tomorrow or the immediate few days following, The Jets and this board will have some kind of resolution.
  4. Pro Day Highlights from March 12th below, Daniel Jeremiah on commentary. Talk of a second Trey Lance Pro Day surfacing to accommodate the 49er's. Trey Lance is seen by some as long shot mystery candidate for Kyle Shanahan at 3. Matt Rhule, Joe Brady , George Paton (Broncos), Ryan Pace (Bears), Spielman (Vikings) Schneider (Seahawks) and Joe Douglas in attendance. Trey Lance pro day measurements 6' 3 7/8" 224lbs Played a total of 17 college games. Not a finished product compared to the other top four, TL, ZW, JF, MJ Powerful ball velocity, comparisons on pro
  5. You're right, we'll find out soon enough, and we'll both cheer for whomever is taking snaps behind center on September 12th.
  6. If you haven't watched his review of Darnold, even if you hate Darnold the qb as you do, it's worth a watch. Jenkins has reviewed the tape on both qbs. He likes Wilson's potential; he likes Darnold's elite traits. He said if he was making the decision, he'd keep Darnold...work on the issues and trade down, if possible, for picks.
  7. Tim Jenkins, the qb coach behind the Youtube channel 'All Things QB' that produced the Sam Darnold video also produced 'Is Zach Wilson a Franchise QB'. Jenkins is essentially complimentary but he has said Wilson has to clean up his footwork. He added that he was unsure that ZW is developed enough as a prospect to start day one. Whichever qb they start out with, there is some issues ahead that need to be addressed. Tim Jenkins along with JT O'Sullivan are both must see QB football channels on YouTube.
  8. No apologies needed. Post away like you just broke out of rehab. and scored some Adderall. The begrudgers, of which there are many, will begrudge even if you are a second cousin twice removed of Mike and Peggy Shanahan (Ó Seanacháin)
  9. In SI's MMQB, there is a piece about the agreement that the 49'ers and Miami had for weeks coming up to Wilson's pro day. They had promised each other to keep the deal quiet, completely under the radar for weeks. Whomever approached Miami about dealing the 4th pick were told that Miami had an agreement in place with an undisclosed team. Another deal that was kept quiet in tandem with this deal was Miami's pre-existing deal with Howie Roseman and the Eagles... moving from 12 back up to six. If three NFL franchises can keep two deals out of the national NFL media for weeks, then it's possi
  10. There are so many variables, that's why the argument over who's the right pick never ends. Take Josh Allen's transformation from 'barely good enough' to 'great' in year three. Was it all on Stefon Diggs? Did his oline improve? What about the strength of schedule? Meditation classes over Zoom, eye laser surgery ? It's not just stats. We know Josh Allen can take a hit and keep going, availability matters.
  11. Irrespective of what happens with the Jets starting qb position...let's see what linemen get added in the draft but if a combination of Van Roten, Lewis and Fant remain in the starting line up; history suggests that James Morgan, Nick Mullins or some other unknown journeyman will be seeing meaningful snaps behind center this Fall.
  12. I guess, Tepper & Fitterer have a month...they're likely the only franchise situated high enough to consider trading the farm for Zach Wilson, to meet Joe Douglas's demands for that #2 spot. If the asking price is too rich for them, they can move on Darnold if the Broncos don't get there first. Darnold for a year while they are waiting for Deshaun Watson's situation to clarify, is competition.
  13. Ahead of the 2018 draft Bitonti had Josh Allen as the obvious clear pick for the Jets, pronouncing loudly to all 'draft Sam' devotees and anyone else who would listen that Sam Darnold was too soft to ever make it New York. It's been 18 years since he struck out on Dwayne Roberston in the 2003 draft; maybe he missed out on Robertson's existing knee injury history from college football. By the time Dwayne made it to the NFL, he had little cartilage remaining in one knee, playing all of his shortened NFL career with significant bone on bone knee pain. 18 years later we have a draft elig
  14. We can only hope. Joe Douglas I like, but his short history on signing oline free agents so far, doesn't fill me with confidence.
  15. I understand you don't care about surgery in a non throwing shoulder or in his throwing hand . We're not talking about baseball here. Drew Brees was a success post surgery, others like Chad Pennington, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton have mixed results. Chuck Pagano admitted to having Luck on a pitch count on his return. No two labrum tears are the same. Wilson's results after that second shoulder surgery and the surgery on his throwing hand hand, both before his final year, were widely recognized as significant factor in his dramatically improved stats in his last year of college bal
  16. That may be the first shoulder surgery you're referring to, the one after his freshman year. this is a BYU interview June 2019 "“It always felt great in games,” Wilson said. “The problem was coming into practice the next Monday. I just felt terrible. I don’t know if it was getting landed on — I don’t think it was from throwing because in a game you don’t throw nearly as much as you do in practice. So I would go into Mondays and I could barely lift my arm up because I was getting driven down on my right shoulder, and guys were landing on me.” He already told us in that interview that
  17. Zach Wilson is legitimate. The first time he gets rag dolled like Bronco linebacker AJ Johnson did to Darnold, that's when all the glorious draft hype meets the reality of taking NFL quality hits on those 16 or 17 football days a year. Behind the 29th ranked, recently rebuilt oline that protects a particular QB's recently rebuilt shoulder, fans hold their collective breath as the next franchise savior peels himself gingerly off the turf. Somewhere out there in America, a renowned shoulder surgeon stirs as he watches a football game with renewed interest on his 85" X800 4K Sony.
  18. I'd have to imagine the 49'ers first approached the Jets at the No2 spot with the same offer and were turned down before dealing with the Dolphins. That is some talent injection to the Dolphins over the next several years.
  19. The jets oline would have to improve significantly in the draft to offer protection to either of these two. George Fant was a head scratcher a year ago and still is. Von Roten, Lewis? Enough said. Becton has to prove that he can stay healthy. The draft will fix all of this? We can hope. Both QB prospects are super talented, I just don't see how Wilson can physically stand up to the beating he's going to take in the NFL. Seven or eight months from now, Wilson fans will hold their collective breath as Zack is taken down and body slammed like the Bronco's Alexander Johnson did to Darnold.
  20. My fresh take is that I don't known, the situation remains in flux and may remain so until the pick is traded, the pick is used to draft Sewell, or used to draft Wilson. Yes they can keep Darnold, yes they can trade down. The OP arguments are valid but diagnosing the situation based on Douglas's non moves? Douglas moves like molasses, that is the man's super power. Why wait so long, why not sign Mullins now? Signing Mullins now suggests they are drafting Wilson. One of many possibilities is that they might have an agreement in place with Mullins that only becomes public when they tr
  21. Considering the Jets are a two win team who share an unimaginative dreary grey box in the swamplands of New Jersey, we did well landing whom we landed in free agency. Along with overspending on free agents, Jets are dependent on drafting well and getting more wins to give us additional appeal to next years crop of free agents. It's still early in free agency, I want Brian Poole back. The roster depth last year was a mess last year, we need better quality at the back end of the roster, easier said than done. With the lack of quality O linemen available in free agency, the inte
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