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  1. Belichick might be mellowing in his treatment of younger qbs. Apparently he treated Cam much differently than Brady because Cam needed it; lots of patience, holding back on the constant criticizing...or so the official line goes.
  2. That's quite the visual, I'm guessing your life's work is high concept, abstract art.
  3. The original thought was an interesting read, thanks for sharing it.
  4. Hypothetically, have you thought about whom else this, tweaked version of the west offense (suggested by the Jets wide receiver signings), might fit among the top four or five draft eligible qbs? In a parallel AFC East universe, in his podcast yesterday with Bucky B., Daniel Jeremiah has suggested, based on New England's tight end and wide receiver signings (along with resigning Cam Newton), that Belichick might well trade up for Trey Lance or Justin Fields. DJ "I know that New England loves Justin Fields as a prospect."
  5. The Bengals have a one year offer on the table too. Apparently Judge is a stickler, insisting on meeting Golladay in person first to see if he is a 'culture fit', before green lighting the deal.
  6. Mixed reports out there on where Golloday is heading. One report describing the Dolphins and the Jets in pursuit. Another has there being mutual interest between Golladay and the Giants, he's meeting the Gmen for a physical.
  7. A franchise coming off a two win season with a thread-bare roster is the last place most free agents want to go - you're going to have to over pay significantly. Seriously if you're Corey Linsley and the money is equal, do you want to snap balls to Justin Herbert in LA or do you want to snap to an unknown QB at Florham Park? Same thing with Joe Thuney, even if the Jets are offering more guaranteed money do you choose the Jets or Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs? The Jets have signed who they've signed so far, they've done moderately well with convincing players to take the cash and j
  8. Thanks Saint Patrick for all those dodgy priests. We should have left him with his guilt in the UK and continued sinning with impunity.
  9. If the Patriots can trade up, Trey Lance or Justin Fields may be spending their first year in the NFL backing up Cam Newton before Bill takes the training wheels off. Newton is going to have some rookie QB company in training camp.
  10. Cam's 2021 cap number is 5.5 M, only 3.5M of that is guaranteed. They've got to be running low on available cash but it appears that Patriots might draft or trade/sign another QB to compete with Cam for the starting gig.
  11. Splish Splash, The angry mob put down their torches momentarily...but folks still looking for a good bonfire. "FIRE EVERYBODY" banner put on hold while the crop duster refuels.
  12. I hope he stays and silences everyone from day one. For what we could get for him, we're much better seeing if he has anything to contribute.
  13. I think the OP is correct, it will be about culture building if this franchise has any chance to turn it around. The problem is JD has egg on his face from last year. With last year's pre-season plan of a modest spend in 2020 to prep for growth in 2021, he had no idea that he would strike out on most of his free agents. Use injury as an excuse if you like, I wouldn't. He was even quoted at the beginning of the season as saying The Jets were ticked off by the pre-season prognosis of the press and that they would surprise a few people. He was right they did surprise a few people with
  14. Cam Newtons cap hit is only 3.5M will additional work-out/game bonuses bringing it to 5.5M. Newton's salary suggests the Patriots are either drafting or trading for another qb. It's an unlikely scenario but with Jimmy G's injury history, paying both of those Patriot friendly qbs to compete in camp to start and keep the other for depth is not an outrageous plan .
  15. Gangrene

    KC Cuts

    I guess the Hunt family like Jerry are gambling on that new TV contract ...it was a much slower jump over the last fifteen years
  16. Gangrene

    KC Cuts

    The 2020 version of Mahomes only counted a little over 5 Million in the first year of his new contract. 2021 Mahomes cap number rises to 24M. By 2023 his cap number is at 42.4M The window is starting to close already for Kansas City to continue to dominate. Even with a superstar at QB and the cap continuing upwards next year, they have to hit consistently in the draft to stay on top.
  17. Out of all thousands of unemployed sports journalists available, they're going with a Dolphin fan? Any journalist expressing an element of objectivity to the fanbase of a football franchise that drafts as badly, that signs as many bad free agents, that coaches as badly the Jets do... will be eventually be turned on by the torch wielding angry mob. (unless that journo chooses to layer the ineptitude of Jets org. with a thick sugar coating ) He can only hope that he gets switched to the Giants beat soon.
  18. 12 Years of Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks; Their salary at the time of winning the SB 2020 Tom Brady 28 Million, (including all achieved incentives) below market deal 2019 Patrick Mahomes. 4 Million, including signing bonus (on a rookie contract) 2018 Tom Brady 15 Million ( by extending/spreading signing bonus past deal over 4 years) 2017 Nick Foles 4.4 Million ( Carson Wentz injured but on a rookie contract 6.6 Million)) 2016 Tom Brady 14.7 Million ( by extending/spreading signing bonus past deal over 4 years) 2015 Peyton Manning 15 Million (
  19. If you have a half-decent roster not quite peaking but within a year or two, then yeah it's worth taking the 38% risk of selecting a QB because with free agency its hard to retain talent across your roster year after year. Somewhere high on the rising curve of the roster developmental curve, you have to swing for the fences for a qb. For a team with a thread-bare roster facing a 38% chance of hitting on the right qb, trading down does make sense but few fans of the top draft eligible qbs not named Lawrence will want to hear that, it's not very exciting. The other take from the
  20. I don't understand the Fant love apart from a nice snappy short name. He's meant to be great in the locker room, quite the team guy but ten million for some Demario Davies-type locker room speeches? He is overpaid, not a starter. If he takes a pay cut, he's good depth. At 10 million a year, Douglas has got to do better.
  21. You are the first parrot among all the parrots. We come to the holy church of Oatmeal every day and hear the same sermon, "btw did you know Sam Darnold sucks?"
  22. The official explanation that Wilson sucked in 2019 was because he was playing with a shoulder injury that would require surgery (his second, this time in his throwing shoulder), hence he had no velocity, no accuracy, yada, yada, yada... The surgery and rehab following the 2019 season, meant he was physically night and day between 2019 and 2020. He still played against a powder puff schedule in 2020, looking less than spectacular against CCU.
  23. Not a thug, but too many excuses along the way, the penis picture (apparently it's only okay if you're Brett Favre), the time-zone issue, the money-owed broken jawbone issue, as Philc1 reminded us, the lost Giants playbook iPad issue. He seemed like a loner, stuck inside his own head alone on the bench...not mentally invested or not passionate about the game. Didn't appear to like football enough to excel as a starter and I think it's fair to say he wasn't a good team mate... These issues may seem like small potatoes but climbing to the top in football is a slog, a 24/7 commitment.
  24. Sewell, or trade down a few spots again if you can for Slater but Pitts looks like the real deal.
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