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  1. Well done Barry, like Max, I wish I had read this thread in February 2019. Listening to the likes of Janet Yellen, Jamie Dimon and Christine Lagarde, I blame for not jumping in years back. Reading up a little I came across this quote in a finance article... It's indicating that if you can manage to hold for two to three years, Bitcoin is an exciting if speculative risk. The writers' two caveats are 1. There will be significant and wild pull backs along the way i.e. you better have the stomach to see the floor drop out from under your investment for months at
  2. If we are going to use that beloved analogy for the tale of two Kyles... let's say Kyle Brady has in much in common with Kyle Pitts as 3 series BMW to an Aston Martin Valkyrie.
  3. Johnny Mitchell, there's company out there for Brady, a crowd of dropped balls among Jets tight ends of the past. Never say never but Kyle Pitts is no ordinary tight end; he's a grade above any tight end that the Jets have drafted previously.
  4. We have too many needs, we should trade down if we can find a trading partner. I doubt Sewell will be there at 4, he definitely will not be there at eight. Rashawn Slater is value and need at 8 if we find a trade down partner. As a fail safe in case we can't find a traded down partner, Sewell does need to be asked if he will play RT in his rookie contract. I don't think Becton stays healthy but if he does, and Sewell will agree to play RT in his rookie contract, then failing a trade down take Sewell. Towards the end of either Becton's or Sewell's rookie contract trade one of them. L
  5. Good post. My concern with your number 2) is that there is likely other far worse options than Jared Goffs available to be picked at no.2. At the second pick in the draft which of the available 2021 draft eligible qbs, are not a future Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Joey Harrington, David Carr, Vince Young or Matt Leinart (all top ten picked qbs) ? Trying to find a Rodgers/Roethlisberger/Ryan clone among the next crop of Jake Lockers, RG3s' and Blake Bortles is luck as well as scouting. *** Random fact ; There are tons of bust examples out there for every NFL play
  6. Below is Monson, who has loudly admitted to being wrong on Allen and is one the PFF guys who manage to annoy everyone including two of our favorite Jet Nation posters who rarely get annoyed about anything @TomShane @Irish Jet PFF was way wrong on Josh Allen, and collectively though Baker Mayfield was the top qb in the 2018 draft. I enjoy PFF stat geeking but their track record on qbs is far from infallible. Don't take PFF's word on Wilson and Fields as gospel... (or Old Testament, Dead Sea scrolls or another religious book I can't mention for fear of having a fatwa issue
  7. Absolutely, the Texans are not in as bad a shape as New Orleans. Like other over the cap team in the the NFL can restructure and kick the financial can down the road . They have a top four quarterback at 25 years of age. The questions is why would they trade a superstar QB, Watson away and make a poor cap situation worse? Because he wants away from toxic management and asked for a trade? It's my guess, but until Watson shows up in camp and starts misbehaving like Darrelle Revis or starts personally attacking like Jamal Adams the Texans are not yet under much pressure to capitu
  8. Every situation is different, of course there are no apples to apples. The truth is we don't know, no one knows, there are no absolutes here because there are a multitude of possible permutations to each situation, Watson's leverage is to sit out and get fined. The team does not want to trade him, any team would be absolutely insane to trade him. A 'no trade' only means something only if the team gives in to their top four quarterback franchise quarterback, to 'social media' his way out of town. Hypothetically, If a team comes up with an insane offer for Watson the Texans,
  9. The Jets passed up on 2020 draft capital to hold onto until Jamal Adams because they had no intention of trading him. That is, until July 2020 because he went radioactive taking down everyone in the Jets organization that he could. The Texans are not trading Watson because they would be crazy to unless he goes Jamal Adams all over the Texans. There are no absolutes about how the 2021 NFL QB carousel is going to go down.
  10. If the Texans, who are already 13 Million over the cap, trade Deshaun Watson before June 1st, the dead money is 21.6M with a cap saving of just 5.6M. Should the Texans capitulate to Watson, it's got to be in June or later.
  11. PFF prediction on Maye ... PFF Prediction: Jets sign Maye for four years, $60M ($15M APY): $28.5M total guaranteed, $20M fully guaranteed at signing. * * * I like the other Marcus from the cash strapped New Orleans unrestricted free agent safety , three years younger than Maye... but apparently may command similar money... PFF Prediction: Jaguars sign Marcus Williams for four years, $57M ($14.25M APY): $30M total guaranteed, $18.5M fully guaranteed at signing.
  12. Profootball Talk are quoting Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Enquirer who said that a trade of Wentz is close, PFT are sticking with the Colts as the likely destination. https://twitter.com/Jeff_McLane/status/1357838943216099329?s=20
  13. Strong feelings from T S about the beautiful city of Jacksonville
  14. Zach Wilson has had surgery on his throwing and his non-throwing shoulders plus an additional surgery on his throwing hand. Lawrence clearly has some surgery catching up to do to be considered the beautiful health risk that Wilson is.
  15. That's a genius marketing idea. Deshaun from the lazy boy, Deshaun endorsing Audible.com listening to 'War & Peace', Deshaun teaching meditation courses online.
  16. God bless Marty, a good coach...he is finally free of the clutches of Alzheimers. Brian Schottenheimer was quoted years ago in an interview as saying that he didn't see that much of his father growing up. Marty was always coaching. Hopefully today with technology the current head coaches are staying more connected with their kids.
  17. Yeah I read that. Palmer is all in on supporting Watson to do whatever is necessary to leave behind toxic ownership.
  18. Comparing running backs to quarterbacks...Watson's shelf life is potentially longer plus Watson doesn't rely on the same running back burst that Le'Veon once did to make plays. I don't see Watson sitting a year, he loves the game, but who knows...
  19. Business of Football: After the Matthew Stafford Trade, the QB Carousel Will Stop Spinning Business of Football: After the Matthew Stafford Trade, the QB Carousel Will Stop Spinning Many prominent names are caught in the rumor mill, but Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz and even Deshaun Watson will stay put this offseason. Andrew Brandt 9 hours ago Never mind that there is still this little thing called the Super Bowl to be played; the NFL offseason—the busy season for the business of football—has begun. And the overriding media message for this 2021 offseason is one of change and ch
  20. All I am reading here are your opinions, projections and your conclusions, not Joe Douglas's conclusions. You have not talked about the factoring in of different rebuilding approaches with completely different timelines on qb replacements. The permutations are endless, you have pinned your colors to one of them. You are possibly right, you are possibly wrong. You have strongly held convictions but these are not yet truths. It's awkward not knowing but that is the only truth here.
  21. I understand your thought process. You are assuming, based on what you know about Joe Douglas, that he has a business process reflecting what you believe is an inarguable truth...That Sam Darnold is a bad investment. The data available to you, from what I can see is inclusive. I have my own projection, but me framing my projections as an inalienable end result...I struggle with.
  22. Clearly this is what you want. You have shared your personal projection (' auto repeat mode') of a future result based on the facts available. No one knows what Joe Douglas wants, we all have an opinion. Most of us have an individual desired outcome. Joe Douglas may not have come to a decision yet.
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