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  1. Most car ads are incredibly dull. The ad may be trite but JLo is clearly a beautiful woman who holds my attention. With gas continuing to go up in price as the dollar continues to use value, small cars are here to stay.
  2. Plax has had a problem staying healthy in his days as a giant. I don't see now being any different. There will be flashes of the old Plax through the season but I can't see him playing a full season. Mason on the other hand has this incredible reputation of durability . . . so had Vinny Testeverde until he blew out his achilles. 37 is old as dirt for a receiver. My guess is our rookies will get some extended playing time this year. I am also guessing TO or Randy Moss will be on Tannenbaum's speed dial come November.
  3. Agreed . . . Woodhead may not physically last in this league more than a few years but how can you not respect his play ? Every football fan who never had a chance to play professional ball has got to cheer for him. He got cut by the Jets and has excelled, we should have no beef against him.
  4. Phil Simms is a big fan of Mark Sanchez ever since the draft. He has also been very fair to the Jets throughout his years as a broadcaster. How can you not like Phil Simms ?
  5. Cleveland Browns Featured Columnist Tim Tebow to Buffalo Bills in Blockbuster Trade: Last Minute 2010 Draft Rumors Brian DiTullio by Brian DiTullio Written on April 22, 2010 NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 01: Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators reacts after a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisana Superdome on January 1, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) Chris Graythen/Getty Images As the draft gets closer to beginning the rumors are hot and heavy, with the latest one being that Tim Tebow will b
  6. Agreed, that team is a total gut job. it will be three or four years before you can say whether Mangini's draft picks translate to a better team. Will he likely last that long ? No, some other dude will get the credit unless he can get to 8 wins next year.
  7. One day they will find Tuna belly up in his fish tank - that will be his demise - never quitting football like a dysfunctional girlfriend you can't quit on.
  8. I can only imagine what their rookie combine looks like ! The male fans in the stand look very dodgy, but it's too be expected
  9. I know it's called Lingerie football but let's face it, they are wearing bikins with shoulder pads. If they were wearing Victoria Secret, I'd probably pay psl's.
  10. Not the cutest girls on the planet but you gotta love the uniforms . . . http://cbs4.com/slideshows/lfl.caliente.bliss.20.1167021.html
  11. "This is wrong in so many ways I don't even know where to begin." Please begin, no, after you . . . "For starters, Chad's time was LONG since past with this team . . . choke artist, blah, blah." You are assuming that football is played by one person and no one else is responsible on the team. Does Doug Brien's missed field gold against Pittsurgh in the play offs ring any bells ? No, I'n sure Pennington was responsible for that too. Do you think Baltimore and Rex Ryan had anything to do with it ? Ray Lewis is just some chump right ? Who did Pennington have to throw the ba
  12. Simms is talking about Brady's shoulder but implied you will never get a straight answer on the possible injury from the Pats.
  13. "Interception off a tipped pass off Baker's hands". I hope Baker tips a few more passes into defenders hands this season.
  14. Moss (Randy) is unstoppable. Moss (Santana) is still small ! I like the way Fred Smott plays . . . Brady looks okay - two touchdowns and we're only just into the second quarter.
  15. As limited as Pennington is, trading for Favre reminded me of Buffalo trading for Drew Bledsoe, only a lot worse - it was moronic . . . pure fantasy football not based on rational thinking. Favre had a lucky last year in Green Bay, the chance of him ever playing like that again would be like winning the lottery. Drafting Sanchez was the right move for this franchise. With just 16 college starts, he should have had to sit for a year or two under Pennington and then take over. Pennington is a great mentor. Here's to hoping our aging o-line holds up since we have little depth. After Sanc
  16. "Non Existent Pass rush ? " What game were you watching ? McCown, was knocked silly, sacked, rushed . . . Thank God, we have a decent o-line to face the Phins as long as they stay healthy. Here's the offical blurb from the NFL site. The Dolphins' pass rush is formidable: One reason for the Bucs' lack of offensive production was a consistent pass rush from the Dolphins' defense. Miami recorded four sacks and consistently flushed Tampa Bay's QBs out of the pocket.
  17. If you're offered 5 million a year for a part time position and you don't sign, continuing to talk in the third person - now that's behavior a fan can hate.
  18. I don't know how a Jet fan can hate on Pennington. When he was healthy he was very accurate, he gave his all for the franchise. He was cut for a legend in his senior years, it was stupid then and it's stupid still for the Vikings. Despite his injury history, finally having a decent O line CP was a better bet than an almost 39 year old man, who has taken way too many hits. Hate on the Dolphins fine, but when they are not playing the Jets you have to respect Chad Pennington and wish him the best. I am glad he did not go to New England to back up Brady, they would have won the division la
  19. While out visting my uncle in Jersey this past Sunday came across a great article in the Star Ledger on Mike Pettine Jnr's upbringing in a football family, butting heads with his dad, and his journey back to football, great stuff. here is the link . . . http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2009/08/ny_jets_defensive_coordinator.html Here is the story . . . NY Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine Jr. took unusual path to NFL after learning game from father by M.A. Mehta/The Star-Ledger Saturday August 15, 2009, 11:00 PM Courtesy of the Pettine family Mike Pett
  20. Michael Vick best fit is not in football terms, he just needs a start. He needs to be in a southern conservative town, not a college town with lots of angry, animal-loving liberals (like myself). He also needs an NFL owner with an f-you attitude, probably an old white geezer over 75, who sees nothing wrong with dog fighting. I'm thinking Dallas, Arizona, Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston or New Orleans. Even if he sits on the bench for the year, he needs to get eased back in there.
  21. Kellen Clemens will give you streaks of great play if he starts. My gut tells me his inability to produce consistent play, game in game out will be his downfall much like the Foleys and the Lucas's of this world.
  22. I don't think Ratty will be the next Tom Brady but my feeling is he will last longer than Clemens will in this league. Clemens I think will be the next Glen Foley/Ray Lucas, take your pick.
  23. Browns camp: Ratliff waiting in wings at QB Former Utah player has done his share of working his way up in teams' lineups By Marla Ridenour Beacon Journal sports writer POSTED: 09:46 p.m. EDT, Aug 11, 2009 Cleveland Browns quarterback Brett Ratliff runs through a drill during an evening practice session at the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio. (Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal) View larger version>> BEREA: As an undrafted rookie with the New York Jets in 2007, Brett Ratliff survived what some would have considered the ultimate slap in the face.
  24. Bitonti . . . a genuine question. Have you ever wondered if any of this spin on Austin (the 18 catch wonderboy) created by the media in Texas might be funded by the Cowboys. Simply create an appearance of need in order to wrestle a second round pick ? Too far fetched ? I have to think front offices are evolving through intense competition under a fixed salary cap to figure out convoluted and new ways to make a jump on the competiition. Everyone knows that certain teams are a little desperate and might be a little more vunurable through a willing to take risks.
  25. Fast forward to the Future . . . February 1st, 2009 . . . " Giants have twenty seconds on the clock, down by six on the Jets 40, Manning escapes the rush . . . Jenkins in close pursuit . . . he has his jersey, Manning eludes him again . . . He heaves it for the tall man, Burress, Tyree, . . . I mean Hixon ! Hixon, Revis and Elam jostle for position . . . Hixon has it . . no he bobbles it, Hixon and Revis both comes down with the ball, the players pile on . . . no flag on interference, the refs are trying to pull the players out of the pile . . . Maybe I'm not so sorry f
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