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  1. Clearly this is what you want. You have shared your personal projection (' auto repeat mode') of a future result based on the facts available. No one knows what Joe Douglas wants, we all have an opinion. Most of us have an individual desired outcome. Joe Douglas may not have come to a decision yet.
  2. If the Panthers move up, which qb do you think they are targeting?
  3. I look to the difference in Josh Allen's 2019, 58.8% completion percentage versus his 2020, 69.2 % completion percentage. Did he simply understand football better/work harder in 2020 and dramatically leap ten percent in accuracy or did it have something to do with Stephon Diggs and the Bills O line? That's the beautiful thing about football. there are so many variables, it takes a while for everyone to agree when a football player truly sucks.
  4. That's interesting, Darnold in his usual radio spots sounded pretty down. Yes, maybe any qb in a 2 win season sounds down, but he came off as a clinically depressed individual. Not that I blame him behind the Jets O line and throwing to Berrios and company. Mike La Fleur might be a more nuanced fit for Darnold.
  5. Josh Allen is clearly a better football player but the the difference between Allen and Darnold is magnified by the O Line Josh Allen played behind plus the receivers he threw to , Stefon Diggs (ranked 4th), Cole Beasley (ranked 13th) The Jets don't have a WR ranked in the top 25. Bills ranked 10th in PFF O Line ranking 10. BUFFALO BILLS The offensive line is just one example of how the Bills have done a tremendous job of building the right way around a young quarterback. They didn’t throw a lot of high-value resources at the offensive line, but they did take a fair am
  6. Kelechi Osemele blew out tendons in both his knees, mid October. He will be celebrating from the sidelines or maybe a sofa in his hometown of Houston if the Chiefs win.
  7. Pre- the 2018 draft I recall Dan Orlovsky, after many hours of careful film study of Josh Allen, going all in on pronouncing that he could not process defenses at the line of scrimmage and would fail at the next level. Ironically Orlovesky's issue was not about Allen's accuracy, which was poor at the time, it was about his processing ability. Others, instead raved about Allens potential based on arm strength, toughness and mobility. No one cared so much about his low level of competition even though he did play in a pro style offense under Craig Bohl in Wyoming. Now I wonder about th
  8. I would encourage you to exercise and avoid salt, this may take a while.
  9. "the fact that they allowed me into the circle, there’s no way those three are gonna fail" That's some Rex Ryan quality stuff right there. Saleh is enthusiastic but respectfully, these words are all prime quality, A1 horse sh1t. Those three people that Saleh deemed to be very special, screwed it up royally in the previous two years.... Gase was the central-casting perfect patsy, the decoy. The guy everyone loved to hate, took the fall. The truth behind the Jets franchise will be indicated by performance, nothing else...just as it was the previous two years. Bad l
  10. It looks like the Lions will save 14M and take a 19M hit in dead money on trading Stafford. Stafford's new team requiring 23.5M cap space for Stafford unless he signs a new back loaded deal. Even if they had the players and draft choices, there is a quite a few cap strapped teams that might possibly need a QB who would struggle to fit Stafford under their cap. That list includes Houston (post Watson), New Orleans, Philly and Pittsburgh. The Rams, Giants, Bears would all look better with Stafford under center but they would struggle to fit him under the cap. It's got to affect the tr
  11. Good post, the typography/formatting was little harder to read than the standard formatting but thanks, good stuff. If you have time after you digest your Ourlads draft analysis April 1st, give us your own mock draft analysis on where you think Joe might go in each round or who you would like to see drafted.
  12. Totally fair point. I think if the writer was to take in draft position value in each round the article becomes too long and it's harder to quantify and compare unless you are using a trade/points value chart. Even then it's just a rough guide. Ultimately it is how much the Texan front office feel pressure to trade Watson and how much other teams are willing to outbid each other for his services. In a rational world they should not trade a 25 year old start quarterback...but the situation in Houston seems beyond messy.
  13. Getting more picks in the 2022 might benefit the Texans. If the Texans trade Watson before June 1st the cap saving is 5.4M, after June 1st, the cap saving is 10.5M At the 2nd overall pick last year, Chase Young's cap rookie hit was 6.3M, 2nd overall pick hit will drop some but not much. Michal Pitman's Jnr cap hit last year at 34th was 1.96M not much If the Texans were to trade Watson before the draft, get both 1st rd picks in 2021, and not draft down there is a net cap increase on an already cap strapped team. 2022 is where the Texans potentially get a big benefit in cap savi
  14. I'm leaning towards thinking Watson to the Jets likely not happening but if it does, two first round picks, one in each of the 2021, 2022 drafts , plus a second or third in 2022 along Sam Darnold seems a possibility.
  15. What I took is that there is no definitive commitment to Darnold. The collective brain trust is hopeful that they might be able to reclaim him but they just don't know yet. I think it suggests that they might need to draft another running back. It will be a run heavy, play action, ball control offense. It's designed to make average quarterbacks functional. Who is wearing that poorly-designed Jets jersey is not yet indicated.
  16. The article below is written by Mark Lane who has been covering the NFL since 2012. Lane lays out the top trade scenarios from the Texas perspective assessing a grade for each scenario with a past example of a comparable NFL trade. An interesting read from a Texan perspective with a range of asks for what the draft capital required might be. https://texanswire.usatoday.com/lists/ranking-trade-value-texans-deshaun-watson/ Ranking the trade value of Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has a no-trade clause in his contract
  17. That's an interesting take but this team is screwed cap wise and talent wise. It's going to continue to be ugly, clearly Watson reads the tea leaves in Houston. I get it, it's nonsensical to trade away a franchise qb but it is an opportunity to alleviate the cap stress for 2022 and onwards if they draft Fields or Wilson plus get some other blue chip draft pieces. The risk of course is that Fields/Wilson might royally suck.
  18. Your argument is rational, the trade is not imminent but Watson's team are indicating New York, it's obvious that Watson would amend his no trade to include New York. Yes Miami is a more realistic option but Deshaun seems to be signaling NY. Even Richard Sherman's twitter advice might be a plant, an 'ask' from Watson's crew to get Jets fans clamoring. The fans are being whipped up in a frenzy to put pressure on the Jets to act. Once the fan base is excited, the pressure mounts on the Johnson's to interfere in the front office process. PR seems to be the tail that wags the Jet
  19. Looking at the twitter hints I think it's going down. He's getting support from players and ex-players. Deshaun has done a ton of great work in his community but if a player wants to switch teams, ( not surprising given what's going on with the Texans) you have to Jamal-Adams-strut-your-way-loud out of town. I'd prefer to build the team OL first, but it is what it is...
  20. Lawrence, I would rather risk taking; it's chasing the bitcoin of quarterbacks before it blows up in your face. Watson is the smart choice; which I always try and avoid wherever possible...like I did when I became a Jet fan.
  21. Marv Levy, I am happy for you...I hope you get to experience winning the big one before your final lift off from Bill's country. Congrats to Bills fans, most of you deserve it, the one New York State based football team possibly on it's way back to the Super Bowl after what seems like an eternity on the outside looking in. Credit to SeanMcDermott, Brandon Beane, Josh Allen, Diggs and some other very good football players. Still an unlikely pairing for next week but the Bills and Browns in the AFC, that would be epic clash of once marginalized NFL franchises.
  22. As with the coach search less than a week ago, the situation is fluid. Most if not all of the most emphatic strongly held beliefs shared right here on this board are conjecture. Right now based on multiple reports, some from two posters almost all of us trust... it appears the Jet's FO are leaning towards Sam Darnold getting one more last bite at the cherry. While unlikely, it's possible that our front office direction may change 180 degrees; with free agency, as yet unknown trade offers, a certain unhappy QB trying to force his way out of town, or simply more information accu
  23. Welcome to the board, you're not being an a*s, Posting misunderstandings...misinterpretations is one of our core strengths here. Post away, you will figure it out.
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