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  1. Best of luck Saturday night, it should be a good one.
  2. I can't see any team in the NFL picking up Sam Darnold's fifth year option. Clearly Darnold has not played not even close to good enough to guarantee him 25M for year 5. Whether he remains on the Jets or is traded, Sam will be playing out his forth year and that will be that. If he suddenly shocks the world and plays lights out in year four...whatever team Sam is playing for at that time will either sign him to a new deal or franchise tag him for that fifth year.
  3. Bravo, you did call it...and days ahead of the crowd
  4. It was remarkable how many of DJ's talking points on Rich Eisen and the Moose/Maggie show are exactly the same. i.e. you can get a great receiver in the second round, but if you want a great tackle, there are a limited number of tier 1 tackles, you gotta go round 1 for a tackle. "Running backs and wide receivers you can get later" DJ What was different on the Eisen show is Rich Eisen pushed him to make you're-on-the-spot draft day decision if Daniel was handing in the pick for the Jets. "You are drafting at 2, do you keep Darnold get him some playmakers... or do you draft a QB
  5. Great recollection, dad chillin' on the floor drinking martinis and later your Mom leafing through a phone book to try and call NBC to try and have the Heidi bowl switched back.
  6. 2021 - #1, #2 2022 - #1, #2 2023 - #3 If not Sewell at 2, trade down no further than 8 and take Rashawn Slater. If Trey Lance falls to 23 take him, if he's gone take Kyle Pitts or drop a few more slots for Najee Harris.
  7. I saw that, there are definite signs to suggest legitimate interest in candidates outside of the usual suspects. Staley and Brady both of whom would be considered unusual hires To be honest I am not sure what the "right hire is" but so far Douglas in his track record on choices in free agency and drafting have leaned cautious. Now with full autonomy maybe Douglas will surprise. An average coach can go all the way with a great roster/good staff eg. Doug Pederson. A great coach with a bad roster can get you to respectability until his GM produces talent, if ever. The unlike
  8. Football forums are great fun, an escape and entertainment for football fanatics, like many of us here are. We as fans have the freedom to take or leave what we read. Life is a buffet, choose what interests you and leave the rest alone for others to make their own decision. Why vilify the OP? Whats the point of the witch hunt?
  9. I don't think you have to worry about Brady taking over. The Jets are inherently conservative, it has not shown itself to be the type of organization to risk upending a more traditional hire for a 31 year OC as head coach. In his tenure starting June 7th, 2019 , Douglas has not shown himself to be any more of a risk taker than those that have what has gone before. I'm guessing interviewing Joe Brady is primarily about due diligence and getting to known him for the next fire/hire cycle. Likewise, interviewing Aaron Glenn, I'm guessing is about doing a solid for a well-liked ex-Jet, h
  10. From what I know it's possible that we could get a compensatory pick for Darnold if he walks after four years but by no means a sure thing... Compensatory picks depend on a bunch of things, its a formula not divulged by the league. Per OTC "If a team loses more players that qualify as CFAs than it signs during free agency, that team is eligible to be awarded compensatory picks in the following NFL draft.Those are only players whose contracts expire. Players who are cut are the most common example of free agents ineligible to become CFAs, but other methods of disqualification, s
  11. Darnold, if he stays ( a big IF), I imagine will have serious competition in 2021...either a rookie or a veteran. The Jets probably will not pass on the two top qbs after Lawrence in the draft but if they do it's because the Joe Douglas's current roster is absolutely abysmal, and it needs a massive injection of talent.
  12. Holding onto Darnold for the 2021 NFL season costs the Jets an additional 5M. You know that May is the deadline for Darnold's fifth year rookie contract (2022) option. Trade or no trade, no NFL franchise on planet earth, including the Jets is picking up Darnold's fifth year option. Where ever Darnold plays, if he holds onto a starting job, if he manages to compete for a starting job elsewhere...Darnold will be playing out his rookie deal under his forth year contract in 2021 this upcoming season. If Darnold is traded or cut , the Jets will still be paying him 5M for the
  13. 2021 Saleh with Darnold starting after easily beating out James Morgan in training camp. (Jets trade up or down in 1st rd to grab Lance, sit him a year) 2022 Saleh with Trey Lance starting, Morgan backing up, Darnold walks in free agency
  14. Josh Allen is no.3 in QBR for 2020, ranking over 10 points above Deshaun Watson. Yeah, he's surrounded by talent, but this QB is not going to regress anytime some. Great coaching, awesome talent, physically built to take the punishing hits that many NFL qbs can't. Put Darnold on the Niners or the Rams, would he break the top ten in QBR? That would be one hell of a quarterback whisperer. Game managers need at least a strong running game.
  15. . With hindsight, for every Aaron Rodgers who fell in the draft, there are ten other qbs who should have fallen so much more.
  16. It's all entertainment, nothing more... Unlikely that Fields falls to 15 unless he has a disastrous outing Monday night. That said, notable quarterbacks have plummeted down the draft before, all it takes is one late developing story.
  17. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-final-2020-offensive-line-rankings 29. NEW YORK JETS The Jets, like the Dolphins, threw a lot of resources at the offensive line this offseason. That included a first-round pick spent on Louisville tackle Mekhi Becton, who impressed in his rookie season. His 74.3 PFF grade ranked 19th out of 38 qualifying left tackles despite battling injuries, and he showcased that his rare blend of size and athleticism could cause serious problems for defenders. Overall, however, it was a disappointing season for the offensive line in New York. They allowed pressure
  18. It's a small sample size but yes. Did Mims fall off towards the end of the year because Darnold royally sucks or was it the conservative game plan, low-risk short passing game/run the ball and try a squeak a win by 3 points ? Straight ahead, year 2 Mims with another quarterback, the Mims mystery continues.
  19. Here's hoping they draft or sign an Olave equivalent if Fields is coming to the Jets... plus a real oline with a real training camp and pre-season behind them.
  20. As unpopular as it is here, Sewell at 2 and Trey Lance later in the round is great but as of right now does Lance last to our Seattle pick? Trading down to select Rashan Slater and moving up for Trey Lance would be a alternative. Morgan, Lance and a vet in competition seems right.
  21. The drums are banging loud for a QB after today's magnificent finish to the Jets season, all eyes are focused on Fields a week from tomorrow. So much promise with Lance, but he has played so little college ball.
  22. Wild uninformed guess? I have a sneaking suspicion that they will all fall short of their original draft expectations. Lawrence will be very good but not the superstar that people are anticipating. TL will be borderline top ten qb but not all-world dominant. If he has a good oline, Fields will be very good early on but that running scares me, he is going to spend extended time in the evaluation tent on the sideline. (Zach Wilson will move on to a promising media career after various crushing collisions) Darnold will be much better than the Gase years but will still b
  23. Gangrene

    544 points

    I imagine he will be leaving town quietly...going as he is, where football is going.
  24. Interesting note on Carolina, thanks. I enjoyed your earlier posts, belated welcome to the board.
  25. more on Eberflus from a Colts writer perspective ... https://horseshoeheroes.com/2020/12/02/indianapolis-colts-2020-holiday-gift-guide/ Colts would be crazy to let Matt Eberflus leave for head coaching job by Daniel Davis Matt Eberflus has been extremely valuable to the Colts. The team cannot let him leave. The Colts’ strength has gone from a high-scoring offense to a swarming defense in what feels like the blink of an eye. Players such as Darius Leonard, Khari Willis, Julian Blackmon, and Bobby Okereke have turned out to shine on a young defense, but one co
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