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  1. I hope the front office is not wasting calories on this distraction. Will be helpful if the Chiefs lose on Sunday so the Texans can hire Watson's guy and end this drama
  2. Sheldon Silver, one of the most despicable New York politicians of the last 50 years, is probably going to walk out of Federal prison via Presidential pardon. In the pocket of James Dolan, he and his crooked compatriot Joe Bruno (who died in October) made sure that the Jets were to remain in exile another half century. A pox on both their houses. https://nypost.com/2021/01/19/president-trump-should-not-pardon-criminal-sheldon-silver/ Trump should not pardon ex-politician and criminal Sheldon Silver By Post Editorial Board - January 19, 2021 | 10:44am | Updated Rumor has it that President Trump is considering pardoning Sheldon Silver, former speaker of the Assembly and criminal. We hope it is just that: rumors. Silver had a nice racket going as one of Albany’s most powerful. He would arrange for state money to be paid to a cancer researcher at Columbia University. That researcher would refer cancer-stricken subjects to a law firm associated with Silver; they would pay the speaker a fee. Essentially, he was laundering taxpayer money for his own pockets, to the tune of $3.9 million in fees. Silver remained unrepentant during his trial. He has used every trick to stay out of prison. He was tried and convicted in 2015, and appealed. He was convicted again in 2018, and appealed. He spent years afterward free, only landing in prison — for a 6½-year sentence — just this past August. Politicians across New York followed Silver’s lead, setting up side businesses and nonprofits, funded by state or city money, that would provide cushy jobs to friends or allies. He is the poster child for Democratic corruption in the state. We don’t know what friend of Silver got in the ear of someone in the administration, or if this is because of animus toward the man who tried Silver, Preet Bharara. Either way, we hope that the name is quickly dismissed. There is no travesty of justice here, and a man so defiant and arrogant does not deserve mercy. Keep Sheldon Silver in jail.
  3. Fixed. The fans are not going to want anything but keeping their franchise QB. Period. Stop.
  4. The Jets are not getting Watson for one of the 4 first rounders in 21 & 22. You'd have to give up at least 3 of them - or 2 plus some other 2nd rounders. At a certain point the price just gets too high for the Jets. Watson won 4 games with a roster as poor as the Jets. We make a trade and ship off all of those picks - we are signing up for more of the same, imo.
  5. If that is the offer, Watson will be in Miami
  6. This is accurate. The rest of the NFL and fans of other teams by-and-large think Darnold was screwed by a bad organization with an awful coaching staff. They may or may not be correct, but that is the outsider perspective, IF the Jets were to trade a bunch of high picks to get Watson, Darnold is guaranteed to be a part of the package.
  7. That's not accurate. Fan base loyalty to Vinny was strong. It only became less of an issue when they started winning.
  8. If included coaches on your list - Rex Ryan would be #2. It's a sad list for sure.
  9. Which debate? Pennington v Testaverde Pennington v Clemmens Pennington v Favre Of the three I think him taking over for Vinny was the one that divided the fanbase the most.
  10. Imagine having an OL coach who actually knows what he is doing. Love the emphasis on building a quality staff. It sounds like a no brainer but we simply have not done this in over a decade.
  11. Please, please, please put Adam Gase and Jamal Adams back in the same building. Please.
  12. Bowles was a terrible HC. In-game - some of the worst decisions I've seen an HC make. Complete lack of awareness of situations. Slow to adjust (not Gase slow, but still bad) Holding players accountable was something you thought you were getting with him, but he had several games where the team just quit on him.

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