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  1. Sanchez had/has the physical talent of an average pro-QB and the emotional IQ of a 5th grader. All the world class coaching and mentorship was never going to overcome those realities. Rex & Co did the kid no favors, but the failure of Mark Sanchez as a pro QB begins and ends with Mark Sanchez.
  2. Hess became the majority owner in 1973. Our team's ownership has been a seamless shift from apathy to ineptitude. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Marshall's drop

    Forget the drop. The more telling play was the pass in the corner of the end zone. Marshall showed no desire to come back and fight for that ball. He'll run his routes, but don't expect much more than that Giants fans. Same dynamic with Revis. We all could see he was on the decline going into last season, but after he went on record about switching to safety, no one should have been surprised at how bad he was in 2016.
  4. Marshall's drop

    I'm not a guy who hates on ex-Jets, but the cold reality is that Marshall was effectively done after the loss in Buffalo. He signed with the Giants for a lot of reasons, and most of them had nothing to do with football. I don't blame him, but let's be honest. He never had any intention of being a star on that team. And when a competitor switches off "alpha-dog" mode, the fall is precipitous. That kind of attitude adjustment may work in other sports, but not on the gridiron.
  5. Maybe he is better at picking coaches than he is at picking players?
  6. Interesting to read that article. Thanks to the OP for posting it. What strikes me as curious is that Leon Hess never had the foresight (or appetite) to use that 7 year window to build his own stadium. I know he was a Jersey guy, but Nassau County in 1977 was in a strong financial position and had ample space for a stadium. But Hess was content just to lease, not own, and so he went to the NJSEA.
  7. The St. Louis Jets?

    The value of the Rams franchise, what, doubled? quadrupled? going to LA... There is no net loss. The only way Woody sells the Jets is, literally, over his dead body. Estate tax makes keeping it in the family very difficult.
  8. The St. Louis Jets?

    The New York Jets moving to St. Louis, Missouri and not Los Angeles or London would take 'typical Jets' to a whole new level.
  9. If you're assuming a $155 average ticket price over 30 years, your estimate is too low. Even if the team mostly sucks for the next 20 plus years, that 30 year average will be higher. But If they start winning divisions in 10 years when Brady & Co retire, they are going to jack those babies up big time. Average price will be well over 200 a ticket when all's said and done.
  10. Having sat corner Lower Level end zone corner for all those years, I became excellent at knowing yardage gained on a play despite the angle as far as the opposite 35 yard line. It takes time, but you pick it up eventually. Anything happening in the other red zone is a rumor, but you are definitely IN THE GAME when play is in your red zone. And you will gain a heightened appreciation for interior line play. As I said, everything has a trade off. Enjoy the new perspective!
  11. Correct. PSLs are not nor ever were an invest opportunity. They're a depreciating asset. As the team continues to be poor or mediocre, the value declines with each year. And when a new stadium is announced in 15-20 years, the market for them will crash even further.
  12. Investment gold for him? Perhaps. Investment gold for the original PSL owner? Definitely not!
  13. View is a subjective preference. I don't know where your UD seats were, but if they were a low row between the 20s, that's an excellent perspective. I had seats in lower level endzone, for 20 plus years, and UD prime now, and for me, I prefer the later. I enjoy seeing the entirety of the play develop and not caring what side of the field the line of scrimmage is. I would prefer to be closer, but to get that view nearer to the field, you need to be in club seats. Not something I'm willing to do. That said, pennies on the dollar is a great value play and you're re-sale opportunity will be greater than that of your tix in the UD. Everything has trade offs, so you make the ones you are most comfortable making.