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  1. If watching the Jets every week for 40 plus years has taught me anything, the Jets are going to lose to Sammy and the Panthers this season. Just write it down now.
  2. On the other hand, you get it over with without wasting your Sunday.
  3. i didn't say the window has closed to trade Darnold. Just the window to extract FMV. Clearly other teams that were interested a month ago have moved on and made other deals.
  4. Do you think that this conservative approach of not wanting to make a decision too soon has - ironically - made the decision for them? It seems that by not playing the negotiating game sooner, the window on either trading the pick OR Sam for FMV has closed, and now they are basically locked in to keeping the #2 pick - and therefore selecting a QB. Or do you think they would consider using the pick on a non-QB at this point? I personally don't think they take the TE or LT at #2.
  5. Pitts is the truth. Just praying he doesn't land in Miami.
  6. I'm not sure. But I know I laughed when I typed it. Peter King is the worst.
  7. Peter King thinks he thinks you couldn't care less.
  8. Maxman does not want advertisers to see that JN apparently courts the same age demographic as Hannity.
  9. Are the Falcons really not interested in moving up 2 spots? Would not cost nearly what Carolina would have to pay. And the Jets could still draft Pitts.
  10. Just to be clear. Now we are reporting on the hot take of an anonymous fan on another team's message board. Awesome
  11. We must watch different sports shows. Even Kiper thinks the Jets should keep Darnold. He has Wilson going to the Jets at 2 because that is what he *thinks* they are going to do.
  12. Tony Pauline can be accurately reporting correctly what his sources tell him. It doesn't mean that his sources are correct. It could be a smokescreen - either by his sources directly and / or the Jets indirectly. But we will only know for sure when something actually happens.
  13. The sinking of the Titanic was an inside job, perpetrated by the owners as an insurance scam. #TitanicTruther
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