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  1. y2k8

    Jeremy Kerley

    No NFL fan base loves their retreads quite like this one. At least we've seemingly moved on from wanting to resign Braylon Edwards... baby steps.
  2. Agreed. Allen has shown more in 2 games than Hack showed in 2 years. But still not half as much as Brett Ratliff showed in his first two games... This is all meaningless. I'm old enough to remember Browning Nagle lighting it up as the Jets went 5-0 in the 1992 preseason followed by a 4-12 regular season...
  3. My guess that this will be a pretty drastic redesign. I'm not happy about that - i love the 1998-2018 uni era but 20 years was a good run - uniform-wise at least. I just hope they stay with green and white and nothing else. Third colors with green as a primary are limited. We've done black. We don't need to do that again. The early 90s are dead and buried. Grey/silver is already taken (eagles) as is yellow (packers). The last unofficial "third" color was that experiment with the yellowy-green accent of the Generation Jets era. I don't want that either.
  4. If only Copper Fit existed when he played.
  5. I don't have a narrative. But I can tell you with certainty that drafting Mayo instead of Gholston would not have dramatically changed the fortune of this franchise. Gholston was the 6th pick in what was considered at the time a five player-deep top of the draft class. However, if the Jets picked Cortez Kennedy or Junior Seau or Emmitt Smith instead of Blair Thomas in 1990....? That is what defines an immortal bust. Missing out on a franchise changing talent. That simply did not happen with Gholston.
  6. A very good player made better by the team he was on. Definitely would have been a better pick but not exactly passing on Marino or Sapp... POSSIBLY.
  7. I don't think it was the worst pick ever, but Hack can now join our Mount Rushmore of 2nd round disasters from this decade: Christian Hackenberg Devin Smith Jace Amaro Stephen Hill
  8. My God - We had two first round picks in the 1995 draft and selected Kyle Brady #9 and Hugh Douglas #16. Douglas was a very good player and Parcells should never have given him away... But... Tampa Bay also had 2 picks in the first round. They picked Warren Sapp #12 (who we should have selected - not hindsight, it was an outrage at the time). They also selected Derrick Brooks #28. Both are in the HoF now. Has any team ever had a better first round than Tampa in 95?
  9. If the Jets picked any of those guys at #6 they would have been laughed at of the building. The possible exception is Mayo or Clady - both guys who are out of the league and not going to Canton anyway. I could only imagine what the reaction would have been if with the #6 pick the Jets picked Jordy Nelson. LOL.
  10. People love to point to Gholston as one of the Jets worst draft busts, but honestly I'm not sure who we would have picked that would have been much better. Draft busts are relative to who you COULD HAVE PICKED instead of what was available in and around the actual selection. Bryan Thomas over Ed Reed hurts a lot more. Picking Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp still stings... Vernon Gholston over Sedrick Ellis or Derrick Harvey??? Who cares? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_NFL_Draft
  11. The prevailing wisdom was that Fitzpatrick didn't need a lot of reps going into his second season here. Didn't seem so wise once the season started.
  12. Outside of Woody being less involved in the day-to-day, no one here has any idea how the team is being "managed" by "ownership". My hope is that perhaps this time period is to the Jets organization as George Steinbrenner's banishment in the early 90s was to the Yankees when Gene Michael was able to build a championship caliber team without a meddlesome owner getting in the way.
  13. y2k8

    Jets bolstering their FO.

    This. The Patriots are still "the Patriots" because their pro scouting has been light years ahead of every other NFL franchise the past 7 years. Their amateur drafts over that time frame have been extraordinarily average.
  14. y2k8

    Here we go

    If in the future I contemplate my life and question if any of it meant anything, I will be sure to remind myself that whatever little purpose defined my existence, at least I wasn't Tony Pauline.
  15. I am thrilled to have Darnold and ecstatic that he was the QB the Jets ended up getting. It really doesn't matter to me if they prefered Mayfield more or not. Perhaps Darnold was always #1... Perhaps. But is it not just a bit curious that both Cimini and Costello would publish almost identical articles (all but saying as much - but still not saying it) simultaneously a week after the selection was made?

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