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  1. I lean towards Bryan Thomas being a bust. The Jets also needed a safety (they picked John McGraw in the 2nd round), but two spots after taking Thomas, the Ravens drafted Ed Reed. Ed Reed is in the Hall of Fame. You know that had to been a debate, and Bryan Thomas supporters won out. Huge mistake. This is also not as much hindsight as many Jets fans wanted Reed to be the pick at the time.
  2. I believe hindsight plays a role. To me, Vernon Gholston is less of a bust than say Kyle Brady because of the players that could/should have been selected. Kyle Brady went on to have an ok NFL career with the Jets and Jags. His career was much more productive to Vernon Gholston's career. But the Jets should have picked Warren Sapp, a guy who went to the HoF. Drafting Brady was a colossal mistake. By comparison, Vernon Gholston's draft class was largely meh and realistically anyone the Jets picked at #6 would have been considered a major disappointment.
  3. UNC-Pembroke DL Domenique Davis: Total investment: $650 This doesn't even cover expenses to travel to and from training camp!
  4. This. Don't forget when Free Agency opened their were rumors that the franchise was having/expecting liquidity issues.
  5. A BS argument like "what if Sanchez won a Super Bowl"? This is a message board. It's all BS arguments.
  6. Better question. What if we kept Favre, kept our picks instead of trading up and then drafted say LeSan McCoy in the 2nd round instead of Shonne Green at the top of the3rd??
  7. Asyton Davis because I'm curious to see how he is deployed with the Adams and Maye and excited to see how much faster the D will look with him flying all over the place. I feel like he is either going to be a cult hero or an absolute bust.
  8. I'm glad they didn't do the draft pick idea, but just doubling down on a rule that wasn't really working in the first place seems like a weak compromise.
  9. I don't know if anyone really knows what happened in Arizona that season. The NFL has a problem creating an adequate supply of minority coaches and it;'s very well possible that Wilkes deserved to be fired after one season. Both of those things can be true. Wilkes isn't the first guy to get canned after one season. I'm old enough to remember a promising young coach only getting one year as HC of the Jets. Pete Carrol went 6-10 and was dumped for Rich Kottite. Mistakes were made. As I stated in the other thread about this, if you want to ensure a more opportunities for minority coaches, hit the owners in their wallet. But don't upset the competitive balance of the league. You're penalizing black players and coaches on teams that may just miss an arbitrary quota. It makes no sense.
  10. "Call off the dogs. Extinguish the fire. The Jets are going to the AFC Championship !!! " - Charlie Steiner
  11. This is correct. Marino passing to Toon and Walker would have had the Jets win at least one SuperBowl and several AFC East championships as the Dolphins would have been nowhere. BB is a close second.
  12. The TD that tied it with no time on the clock is probably the single greatest play in Jets history, certainly the best play of Kenny O's career. He threaded it to Walker as FIVE Dolphins were converging on the ball. I still can't believe they scored. And I was there!

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