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  1. No need to apologize.. it was the last thing we did, and not nearly as cool as the stuff we pulled off in 1999/2000 when the team went up for sale. We once had a rally at Mulchay's on Long Island that was truly impressive, hundreds of fans, tv crews, the whole nine. The original mission was to secure a commitment from the new owner to return the team to New York. The Jets brass at the time hated us. We were a real thorn in their side - blocked us from getting on WFAN and few other things. Once Woody bought the team and committed to the WSS, we thought we were done. But a few years la
  2. Bowles and Mr Coffee were hired individually by outside consultants. JD hiring Saleh is theoretically the first time GM and HC have been aligned since Parcells made himself HC.
  3. I would agree with you, but I went to the Titans game. It was a perfect late summer early afternoon game. The official attendance was registered as 70,232 (85% capacity). That was a lie. As the photo taken in the 2nd quarter shows, 50k is a generous attendance estimate. From a distance, speckled grey seats hide a lot. But if you double click on the photo you can zoom in and look at the sections. This was home game #2 !!
  4. I sort of had to be... although I knew they were using us and didn't want to do it. The things that you don't know about that time ...
  5. The Upper Deck End Zone sections should be tarped. Just bite the bullet and do it.
  6. Jay Cross asked us on an August Friday if we could throw a rally for Tuesday afternoon in Kew Gardens. We had about 40+ there. It was a pretty good showing all things considered.
  7. That would be awesome if you could report back. I was on the phone with Polk about their new soundbar and the person said you couldn't do it. She didn't really follow what I was talking about so she may be wrong.
  8. I think the hot dog guy put his kid through college because of that day.
  9. We can care about the team sucking and still speak our truth as bitchy fashionistas, thank you very much.
  10. IIRC, when the Jets went back to white helmets in 1998, Parcells mentioned something to the effect that the QB would be able to better identify receivers.
  11. The white jersey / green pants combo in the new unis work much better than the pickle pants worn with the old kit. That said, white on white is still superior. Clean look. And yes, the record has always been worse in the green pants since they were re-introduced around 2002. Someone use to keep a running record.
  12. Thank you for this info. I'm not an audiophile so the primary reason I am even contemplating this is because I loathe listening to announcers. Local, national - doesn't matter. I figured the soundbar would be 1. a way to POSSIBLY remove Jim Nance, Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth from life and 2. Slightly upgrade the sound of my TV. In that order. Any recs on reasonable SS 5.1 systems? All the speakers and the woofer seem like a lot to deal with.
  13. He's not wrong. Also was smart to say "the last 18 years" as to avoid disrespecting Victor Green. That all being said, Erik McMillan had the best 2 1/2 seasons I've ever seen a Jets Safety have in all my years watching this team. His rookie year he had 8 interceptions in 13 games. Has anyone on the Jets even had 1 INT this season?
  14. I posted this in The Lounge and got only 22 views and zero responses. Reposting here because it is technically Jets related and I think many people will be interested. As many old timers may remember the Jets played the Dolphins in a game broadcast by NBC without announcers. I have been wishing for decades that with all of these channels and new technology, you could watch sports on TV with all the sights and sounds of the game but without the voices of announcers. This is especially true of Jets games as I find myself turning off the volume when we are losing badly - which is often.
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