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  1. This thread reminds me of support group for men who have been married 3 times or more. You're all in love with love, and I don't have the heart to rain on your parade.
  2. This is an interesting interpretation of the video.
  3. For many, many years, business would bring me to Vegas a lot and when there I would always bet $100 on the Jets to win the AFC Championship. The thinking was that the winnings would help finance a trip to the Super Bowl. Needless to say, I never cashed a ticket.
  4. Individually was enough for now. Will tinker with exact matchup futures when the season starts. I'm high on Rams now and think price will shrink quickly when they start lighting up the NFC. Titans are just a hunch. I also pissed away a bit on the Jets making the wildcard.
  5. I put a few coins on the Rams and Titans.
  6. I think it will still be the game that the coaching staff uses to determine last cuts, but with a rookie QB and HC, you may see the starters get a series or two in the first quarter.
  7. OFFENSE I would to finally get some entertainment from this godawful team. It's one thing to be bad. It's another to be boring.
  8. Most GMs would not survive the OBJ mega contract debacle and the cap hell it created, let alone the horrible drafting, the 10-30 record and hiring/firing Pat Shurmur. Mr Coffee was equally inept but his failures seem slightly less spectacular in comparison.
  9. Instead of comparing and contrasting the legion of disastrous decisions these two GMs have made in New York, I will focus on the positives: Gettleman is better at keeping his job. MacCagnan is better at getting paid for not working. Mr. Coffee wins by default.
  10. Super Bowl XXV ??? Is this an error card? could be worth $$$$
  11. 1. There is nothing to "figure out" about the Lightning. They excel on the PP and in transition. Tonight and the rest of the series is about execution and getting more quality chances against Vaselesky. 2. The Lightning did NOT kick the Isles asses with relative ease in the bubble. Game 1 was a total throw away having to win Game 7 in Toronto, pack up, travel; across the continent and hit the ice vs a rested and already situated Tampa team in less than 48 hours.
  12. The Church of LDS in Salt Lake City must be holding an emergency privy council meeting as we speak... LOL
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