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  1. SAR had officially retired from this thread. His return reminds me of when Michael Jordan came back and played for the Wizards. It's completely unnecessary and will only serve to tarnish his legacy.
  2. So the guy you have in mind is actually tied with C-Mart if the benchmark is a minimum of 2 passes.
  3. y2k8

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    Can still hear Dick Enberg saying "world class speed" whenever he was talking about Johnny Lam Jones. RIP.
  4. So one version could be something like this.
  5. y2k8

    Trading down makes sense

    I was all in on the trade down if Bosa and Allen were off the board. Given that we may very well have the choice of one or the other - I take the player and run.
  6. This. And we can get the edge rusher on a rookie contract. This trade idea is bad business.
  7. y2k8

    Jason Myers

    He was lights out the first 2/3 of the season but there was a definitive regression to his mean in the last part of the season. That stretch was more indicative of who he is and I congratulate him on the contract Seattle gave him. I hope he likes rain.
  8. As with anything involving the NY Jets, always best to follow a strict policy of hoping for the best while expecting the worst. Lowered expectations lead to sometimes being pleasantly surprised... As for your feedback, Seahawk-esque uniforms can mean a lot of different things from design, to color use, etc. Not knowing what he is specifically responding to might translate into not being a complete disaster. We shall see.
  9. I'm definitely ok with Emerald Green. Basically color rush uni color, if this chart is accurate.
  10. The only thing one can take away from that video is that the new primary color is black. Unless, of course, it isn't. But right now I expect on 4/4 we will see something like the unis in Any Given Sunday.
  11. y2k8

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Great win. Need to keep the intensity high for Caps tonight. Cizikas is the team's MVP this season. Just an incredible year he is having. And how about Pulock? He has taken his game to another level recently.
  12. y2k8

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Watching the pregame. The venom is palpable.
  13. Too soon? I thought people analyzing the uni tease video as if it were the Zapruder film deserved a joke. But i respect your call. But to be clear, I didn't make a JFK because he was a democrat, I made it because if he lived, he would have been a Patriots fan.
  14. I've watched the video countless times and the new color scheme is obviously going to be green, grey, black with a spattering of red.

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