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  1. y2k8

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Looking at the standings this week, I was reminded of Deadspin's NHL season preview entitled, "A 2018–19 NHL Season Preview Of Every Team, From Best To Islanders" I'm hoping we finish first, if for no other reason, the writer is forced to issue a formal apology and/or resigns from hockey coverage.
  2. y2k8

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    HA! I remember these posters from the Isles thread during the JI years! I was TJ&TW over there. Good to see you guys again. How bout the Islanders!
  3. I was a staunch traditionalist and loved going back to the future with the 1998 unis. But the advent of the pickle pants bastardized the uniform and the recent green tint change to some bizarre battle fatigue green has me ready for a new look. As long as they don't change the primary colors (green & white). I prefer a silver or "metallic" third color (actual jets are made of metal) to black (too 1990s), but I'm ready for the change. I would prefer that it's not going to have 73 possible uniform combos but I assume that is what is going to happen. As for the white helmets, that could be a total misdirection. I would not assume the helmets are staying white.
  4. You mean like when he gets the 17th "How frustrating is it _______?" question after a loss? He can win me over if her puts a reporter on full blast for lazy questions.
  5. I'm sick to my stomach.
  6. If Olivia Mund wasn't good enough for him, Mike McCarthy never stood a chance.
  7. I'd bet money that the Jets and Browns are the early MNF game Week 1.
  8. The Giants would never do it, primarily because it would be an admission that they blew it by not picking a QB last year, but that would be the only terms I'd accept from them. I'd take less from another team to make sure they don't get Haskins. F the Giants.
  9. If the Giants wanted the Jets #3 pick, the price would be Saquon Barkley. Straight up. The Giants could keep their 1st round pick and use ours to nab their new QB.
  10. Black and green don't go well together. And it would not be a new fresh look. It would be a return to the 90s/Kotite era. No thanks.
  11. Klingsbury is an intriguing candidate. The good: He coached Mayfield and Mahomes (and Davis Webb) at Texas Tech. The offense was prolific. I love the idea of him developing Sammy. He was an HC, not a coordinator, albeit on the college level. The bad: Texas Tech had no success and has never coached on the NFL level. I would not hate him being the guy. If he develops Sam and then you move on from him in 3 years, at least you have not ruined your franchise QB who will still only be 24 years old.
  12. It was 21-0 halfway through the first quarter and it was the angriest crowd I have ever seen. I remember a brawl in the stands in the lower lever behind the Bills bench (where Fireman Ed in later years would lead the chant). It was the only time I ever saw the players on the field stop and watch what was happening in the crowd. It was insane. The "paper hats" were Jets painters caps. They were the cheesiest things ever. Green but with gigantic red "Chunky Soup" logos on the side. They made better kindling than headwear. I counted several fires in the upper deck. "We want the pumpkin! We want the Pumpkin!" PS: This recap is wrong. The game led to the outright banning of all alcohol sales during any night game at any time (Jets or Giants) period.
  13. y2k8


    Mr. Coffee needs to go. For no other reason than a truly top fight coaching candidate with other job offers will NOT sign here knowing his "boss" is operating under a WIN NOW mandate. Mr. Coffee SHOULD go because he doesn't deserve to stay (he deserves as much blame as Low-Energy Todd), but he MUST go because we won't get the best candidate available.
  14. y2k8

    Next Head Coach?

    I was scanning through and surprised no one mentioned McDaniels. I realize it is a long shot considering BB's hatred for the Jets, but it would be negligence not to kick the tires and see if he was interested. I don't think a better candidate exists. He checks all the boxes and already has HC experience.
  15. y2k8

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    This is no surprise. Woody wants a London game while he is the U.S. ambassador to the UK.

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