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  1. This season? That show has been my coping mechanism for the last 10 years.
  2. The NY Jets organization dumps all of their unsold tickets through liquidators on the secondary market. You'd be only penalizing your fellow STHs from doing what the team has no intention of stopping. They built a stadium that has too many (bad) seats for a team that is always terrible.
  3. as a two-time former season ticket holder, i can only give props to STH who still pay money for this product. Days like today (an all too common occurrence) only validate my decision to walk away TWICE, but far be it for me (or anyone else not a STH or PSL owner) to criticize the last men standing still holding this bag of crap.
  4. I actually think Josh Allen is a poor man's Cam Newton. Not Lamar Jackson. Jackson has a chance to be the type of player younger players get compared to. But it's only a chance, I'm not sold on him as a passer and I feel running QBs have a much shorter shelf life. Allen actually scares me in this regard more than Jackson. Allen takes enormous hits every week. Baker is Favre type. He could be great but seriously flawed. Rosen. What can you say? He might be a complete bust but I can't think of two worse situations he could be in - with the possible exception of the Redskins. Sam. I'm biased but damn, I love the kid's game. He has the pocket presence and mobility you need but is a classic pocket passer that can play for years and years. If we were redoing the 2018 Draft, I'd still pick him first.
  5. I think you nailed the first 3. I wouldn't even quibble with the order. I will give honorable mentions to the 2 big wins of the 1981 season. Todd to Barkum vs Miami at Shea. The playoff clincher vs Lynn Dickey and the Green Bay Packers. The fans rushed the field and tore down the goal posts after the game. That was for just making the Wild Card! (we shall not mentioned what happened the next week in this thread).
  6. It's hard to believe that Rosen is Hackenberg bad. Perhaps he is, but the guy could not have been put into 2 worse situations in AZ last year and MIA this year. Also, this HC is not getting fired. Fitz could screw up the whole Tank for Tua strategy. Don't understand this at all.
  7. The play at 3:30 of this video, to me, was Sam's best pass of the game. He slides in one direction (left), defender pops up in face and he slides back to the right while throwing a rope on target to Crowder (running left). I can't find it now, but the angle from behind the line shows what he did even better. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/highlights-every-sam-darnold-throw-from-the-win-over-dallas
  8. Jeff George had all the tools to be great but was inept at reading defenses.
  9. Lots of good ones. But Monday Night Miracle shouldn't count because going in the game, winning wasn't unexpected. I'd bet the Jets were favorites. Some games not yet mentioned: 1982 playoff @ the Bengals who were favorites to go back to the SB 1986 wildcard vs Chiefs - 10-1 Jets lose last 5 games of the season and back in to WC game. Somehow win going away. 2001 @ Raiders - Last game of season in Oakland after suffering BAD loss vs BUF to all but blow playoff chances. Hall with a kick at the end. 2002 vs Packers - True miracle. Miami beats NE on last second FG and we roll over the 12-3 Packers to win division. 2004 wildcard @ Chargers. OT win vs 12-4 team. Largely forgotten because what happened in Pittsburgh the following week.
  10. You can say that Gase did a horrendous job as HC while Sam was out, that's fair. The performance speaks for itself. But to say he "quit on the team" is not only baseless, it's absurd.
  11. It already happened. See time mark 1:36:00 FYI - Have to watch it on YouTube, blocked on this site.
  12. No, I'm tired of watching this team lose. Besides you don't establish a culture of winning by losing. We've been "tanking" for a decade and the draft is a crap shoot anyway. I'm all for stockpiling picks and trading down if we indeed do suck - but my days of rooting for them to lose are over.
  13. If Darnold plays well and is the guy we hope he is, what is the point of tanking? I get tanking for QBs but at what point do you start valuing wins for winning's sake? We are not going to go from 4-12 to 12-4. You need to start building at some point.
  14. People forget how young Darnold is... you'd think that him getting mono would have been an obvious reminder ...

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