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  1. This paragraph is everything: The 25-year-old Blinka, who stands 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 230 pounds, would say nothing about the play involving Jefferson when questioned about it at the Jets' training complex here today. He had said the day after the Green Bay game that he had mistaken Jefferson for another, taller receiver and had meant to check that receiver on the shoulder pads.
  2. Just because we need to accumulate more picks doesn't mean that the only way to do so is to trade Adams.
  3. Jamal is not perfect. And sure you'd rather your best defensive player be a linebacker or edge rusher - but he really is one of the best playing his position right now. However the kid brings so much more to the table than just how he plays his position. He's not Tom Brady or Arron Donald. But he IS a cornerstone guy. You want more guys who share his passion and desire to win. You don't trade them away. You don't change your culture for the better by doing that Fans always bitch about how the players don't take losing as hard as we do. Jamal Adams is probably the first Jet to take losing HARDER than us. And he's really awesome. But people want to ship him out for lottery tickets? I'd like to think there are other ways to build a roster.
  4. If a Jets QB ever really started seeing ghosts, it was Ken O'Brien at the end of the 1986 season. His 3rd full year as a starter went from penthouse to outhouse after a nightmare game in Miami on Monday Night Football (sound familiar?) Kenny O had moments in the seasons thereafter, but he never again was the really good QB he was in 1985 and in the first 11 games of 1986. If Sam had the sort of run Kenny O had at the end of 1986, he'd be run out of town. Teams and fans no longer have any patience.
  5. Another Jets super sub! https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/memory-lane-qb-pat-ryan-2437404
  6. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/memory-lane-rb-johnny-hector-2437484
  7. Quarterbacks who's value proposition depends a fair bit on their ability/threat to run have a short shelf life in this league. History has proven that. Josh Allen. Lamar Jackson. Ride them while you can. Bills and Ravens fans should enjoy what they have now because they are a serious high ankle sprain away from it all going sideways.
  8. Again, I realize you are trolling, but this is may be your greatest Baghdad Bob impression ever. At least your PSL investment gold narrative was delivered before it was proven ridiculous. C'mon man. You can defend Gase and not be silly about it.
  9. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Josh Allen is a poor man's Cam Newton. And that's not a dig. i almost totally agree with your 2009/10 Jets comparison. You can go all the way with him, but you need to maintain the current type of dynamic. But he is more of the reason for the Bills success than Sanchez was to those Jets teams. Allen is not along for the ride. He is one of the dudes driving the bus. The Bills have a legitimate shot at winning the AFC East this year. They best make the most of it. Longer term however, you also have to hope he stays healthy. He may not be the same guy he is today in 4 years. The way he plays he may be in concussion protocol every few weeks.
  10. I love Rex Ryan. I love Rex Ryan more when he coaches a team not called the Jets. I love Rex Ryan the most when he is on TV. While it is fun to remember the good times, let's not forget how toxic the last few years of the relationship were. The Jets broke it off with Rex for very good reasons. It's over.
  11. Pro coordinators have a better hit rate in the NFL as HCs than college HCs. The fact that the Johnson's can't identify and hire one is besides the point and an entirely different discussion.
  12. This is Pete Carroll's THIRD HC gig in the NFL. And isn't Bill O'Brien on thin ice every season? Listen, maybe Rhule will be an exception (pun intended) but the likes of Nick Saben, Steve Spurrier, Bobby Petrino, and the original new era of football genius - Chip Kelly - all were train wrecks in the NFL. And they all accomplished far more than the guy at Baylor. And let's not forget the former and future HC of Rutgers. The job Greg Schiano did in New Jersey is nothing short of a miracle and far more impressive than what Rhule has accomplished. How long was he the HC in Tampa? 2 years?
  13. I really don't get the infatuation with a college coach who has won nothing of consequence. That said, I don't get the infatuation with any college coach for that matter. Even the legends that make the leap to the NFL end up disasters. Baylor is a nice story. Rhule has done a very good job there. That doesn't make him NFL HC material.

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