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  1. There is nothing wrong with a father and son bonding over the Jets and boobs. And now, I have passed down to my teenage son a love of both the New York Jets and boobs. Circle of life... Unfortunately, he doesn't have the Gate D spirals to see real life boobs. He is forced to find boobs on the streets. I feel so sorry for this new Jets generation. Nobody thought about the children when they got rid of the spirals.
  2. You're wrong, joewilly12. When I was a teenager, the Halftime Boob Show at the Gate D Spiral was one of the few things that my father and I could agreed on.
  3. The only solace I can take is that it means David Woodley started as many Super Bowls as Dan Marino. Eff the Dolphins. I can't wait for the Gase revenge tour twice a season.
  4. I remember that game and have no idea why - given today's multiple platforms - no network offers a fully produced broadcast that simply drops the announcer mikes. I want to hear the sounds of the game and nothing else. Doing this would actually make the commercials more impactful as they could have full sound and grab attention when they cut away from live action.
  5. Next you will tell us you prefer to buy your suits off the rack, that you love the way Men's Wearhouse makes you look, and it has NOTHING to do with the "Buy 2 Get One Free" deals they run on holiday weekends.
  6. And further perspective: Becht knows Geno as they were both West Virginia Mountaineers. At best, Becht was giving Geno the benefit of the doubt, and at worst, sticking up for a guy when he probably shouldn't have. regardless, it's not surprising to see one alum backing another.
  7. If injuries don't decide, probably Cannon. But I'd bet one of them doesn't make it through camp healthy.
  8. Chiefs don't have Kingdoms, they have Tribes. Thus, not at all surprising that a stupidly named group of people think Darron Lee can play linebacker in the NFL.
  9. One of the most underrated Jets of all time. Overshadowed by many of the 1980s big name NFL LBs, but definitely a quality player.
  10. I thought he was a steal coming out of BC with that late pick. His game against #1 Notre Dame his senior year was special. Things may have been different if he didn't get hurt anytime someone breathed on him, but alas...
  11. My daughter goes to WVU. I watched every Mountaineers game last season and thought of all their players Wesco, the OL drafted by the Pats (Cajuste) and the WR drafted by SEA (Jennings) were going to play meaningful snaps on Sundays. I was delighted when they drafted Wesco as I didn't think the Jets would go TE but was glad they did. I'd wager he makes a significant contribution in the years to come. My evaluation may be biased but it is not uninformed.
  12. The Herndon/Wesco tandem is going to be legit. They did this kid a favor letting him go now so he has a better chance of catching on elsewhere.
  13. Your scenario sounds like Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men when George lets Lennie pet the rabbits, except in your narrative, George is also Lennie.
  14. Win or lose, Adam Gase will make our Post-Game press conferences great again.

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