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  1. It's been a disaster and the coach needs to go. But it's Week 3. I'm not rooting for losses and I want to see what the QB can do.
  2. What did he say that was inaccurate? Love that Joe still is a fan who watches every game, cares about the team and gives his honest opinion. God Bless Joe Namath.
  3. Wow. Where the hell you find that?1?! The funny thing about what you just said is not only is it not true, the Jets paid for those shirts.
  4. December 24th 2000 - Week 17 - Jets @ Ravens - deserves mention on that list. Win an in. Up 14-0 and the walls caved in. Pick 6 and TWO punt returns for touchdowns. Christmas was cancelled. Worse for me, I was in Baltimore and at the game with my inlaws form Maryland. It was a dark time. Also not mentioned: 81 Wild Card vs Buffalo at Shea and the Mud Bowl the following year in Miamil.
  5. I became a fan when Walt Michaels was the coach, so I can't speak for your list prior, but this seems legit. I never thought that we could possibly hire someone as bad as Kotite, but Gase is challenging him. GAse has more wins but Kotite's teams were more competitive. Only quibble would be Joe Walton below Todd Bowles. Walton was not good, and stuck around waaaaaay too long, but his teams went to the playoffs and actually won a game. The 1986 team could have been special if not for injuries. I'd argue Walton could be as high as 7th actually.
  6. Every time I read this thread title, this song starts playing in my head: If I were a carpenter And you were a lady Would you marry me anyway? Would you have my baby? If it is now playing in yours... You're welcome.
  7. In 1998 I had been a die hard Jets fan for almost 20 years. I thought during the AFC Championship game that finally after all the years of suffering we were finally going to the SuperBowl. Verge of tears. That was 22 years ago. There is no God.
  8. Gase should have been fired yesterday, but the players share in the blame too. Where are the leaders that hold other guys accountable? Good teams have guys that self-police. It can't always be coming from the coaching staff.
  9. I was hoping they would promote Cager. He seemed to be winning battles near the end of camp.
  10. I fundamentally disagree with your projected ceiling for Sam, but truth be told, the Jets have not had a QB as good as Andy Dalton since 2008 (Old Favre). And they almost went to the Super Bowl with Mark Friggin Sanchez. If Sam ends up Eli Manning, we are good assuming Douglas can build this team the right way.
  11. You hearing any whispers about a certain HC that would make this fan base happy?
  12. Let's face it. Sunday was tough watch for even the "die-hard never miss a minute of the season" fans. It's one thing to be bad. It's quite another to be so boring. The 2020 NY Jets are both.
  13. I'm done rooting for losses and lottery tickets. Life is short and getting shorter.

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