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  1. This was how it was until the late 1990s. I remember writing in a question to the Bill Parcells Show in 1998 asking why they switched the punter as I thought it took away the option to either fake or audible to a play. He said it was about practice time, IIRC.
  2. Not gonna lie. I thought of your former account handle when they hit on the TD.
  3. SOJ fans are the ones with very low expectations that are consistently never met. I don't think they are the ones who are freaking out over yesterday. Yesterday was one of the most encouraging losses I've seen in a long time. Rookie QB, HC and OC and we saw flashes. But more importantly, the team was actually competitive. If you have higher expectations than just seeing improvement through the year and finishing 6-11 or 7-10, you are going to be in for a very long year.
  4. I'm not sitting through watching this again, but for those that did, what did the o-line do differently in the second half as they seemed to improve on both run and pass blocking after Becton went down.
  5. That can all be true long term, but this game today will be tough... Wilson is a rookie QB making his first start under a rookie HC and rookie OC.
  6. I want to be wrong, but I just don't see the Jets winning today. Darnold doesn't even have to light it up for the Panthers to win. McCafferty will do all the work for him. I want to be wrong. But 40+ years of being a Jets fan says otherwise.
  7. Where do they stick the crystals on game day? Seems dangerous.
  8. The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn by outsiders is that they are both morons. Giving one credit over the other is absurd speculation.
  9. You don't need to be concerned about anything. But Maye was a captain last year, leads the secondary and is arguably the best player on the Defense. It's not a good sign.
  10. While it's encouraging that Zach Wilson was voted by teammates to be a captain, it's somewhat concerning that Marcus Maye was not.
  11. Why would anyone possibly care about any of this?
  12. Reuben Foster was falsely tried ... is what's playing in my head now.
  13. Defense Wins Championships was a stunner.
  14. They may have cut him today to give him a better chance to stick somewhere else. I'd like to believe Salah is the kind of guy that would do that.
  15. Watson’s affinity for playing in Miami has remained since before the draft when he initially identified the New York Jets and then the Dolphins as his top two desired locations.
  16. Obviously we don't want him in the division long term, so please not the Dolphins. But if it is the Panthers and Sam is part of a deal (I imagine he would be), week 1 should be a W.
  17. For Week 1 and Beyond ... Please be the Panthers. Chatter builds of a potential Deshaun Watson trade Posted by Mike Florio on August 28, 2021, 11:43 AM EDT As noted earlier this morning, decision time is coming for the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson. The options are few. The one that has seemed the least likely in recent weeks could be the one that happens. Multiple executives from teams not directly involved in the discussions tell PFT that there’s mounting chatter that Watson will be traded in the coming days.
  18. So ridiculous. If you're not going to start Wilson bc Bechton is injured, you may as well just forfeit and skip the trip. Thankfully Saleh would never consider such a cuck strategy.
  19. He got blowback back in the day because he smugly held himself up as a draft expert and condescended to other posters bc they didn't posses his level of insight or analysis. I think that's why so many gave it back to him That said, I think he has dialed it down over the years.
  20. Why would anyone debate a moot point? The decision was made. We all moved on. Only time will tell what was the correct choice. Whatever has happened since the trade means squat.
  21. Bitoni is a good poster, but every time I see his name I think of his unwavering support of Dwayne Robertson. I'm not sure JN existed yet!
  22. Sriously, is thing monitoring me?
  23. It's as if JN knows about the side effects of my new meds. Creepy.
  24. I'll sign up for that as long as Wilson does not become our Richard Todd or Kenny O'Brien.
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