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  1. LOL. Was going to say, "If I survive the heart attack, yes."
  2. The thing that people seem to forget is that the kneel down wasn't a play yet. The QB had to fall on the ball and could get hit. Pisarcick fell on the ball on fiirst down (after the INT) and the Eagles jumped all over him which started pushing and shoving. So the Giants decided to go back to handing it off, with a disastrous consequence. The kneel down became a rule the following season.
  3. Hope for the best. Expect the worst. It's the only sane approach to this here fandom.
  4. Raiders benefitting from epic collapses by Browns and Ravens. They completely choked away that game vs the Cards.
  5. Yes. Especially the last 2 minutes of last Sunday's Jets-Browns game... The playoffs last years were awesome. It wasn't because the games were defensive struggles. If I'm watching non-Jets games, I want to see points. Unless I bet the under, of course.
  6. Jets will likely get rolled this Sunday by the Bengals, so.... Week 4 Zach Wilson's first start of the season Kenny Pickett's first start of his career
  7. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Zach goes back to QB1 if Flacco is really playing lights out game after game and the team is winning every week. That said, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Flacco is really playing lights out game after game and the team is winning every week. This is much ado about nothing. You ride the hot hand until it's no longer hot - which is both inevitable and not far off.
  8. y2k8

    103 vs. 30

    The Jets have yet to take an offensive snap with a lead. And they scored THIRTY-ONE points this week. Not the time to start complaining about rushing attempts.
  9. But he didn't take a knee. IF Fant isn't called for that phantom Holding call (a 40 yard penalty) on the Carter run and the Jets go ahead (instead of tying), what happens then? No one knows. We only know what actually happened.
  10. Saleh sounds like he did after the Mike White game vs Cincy lat year. He's keeping his options open. It's called being smart. The last thing anyone needs is have the team winning and having Zach go back in and fall on his face. It's not in anyone's interest for that to happen. Zach included. We should be so lucky that this becomes an actual problem. Right now, it isn't.
  11. For many years I would make sure that my legs were never crossed before a kick. Yesterday I tried something completely different. I focused my eyes between the posts where I wanted the ball to go... in an attempt to manifest kicking success. It worked. You're all welcome. I feel I deserve as much credit as Mr. Zuerlein.
  12. I dunno, but I assume she's a big fan of maximizing her and her children's inheritance when the old man croaks... But who knows, maybe she wants to be the next Georgia Frontiere.
  13. True. Suzanne probably told him to look into it. She's no dummy.
  14. Woody is 75 with a wife in her 50s and two school age sons. It would be negligent of him not start considering possible sale of the team as part of an estate plan strategy.
  15. If you read the article, it's pretty interesting that Donald Trump basically invented the PSL. He never sold them, but that was the financing scheme described to pay for TrumpDome.
  16. I'm still waiting for the Jets to move into Trump Dome. https://www.nytimes.com/1985/12/06/nyregion/trump-cleared-to-build-domed-sports-stadium.html
  17. y2k8


    Geno was never going to work out here. He was too immature and undisciplined to lead a franchise. Geno deserves a lot of credit for sticking with it and developing into a capable backup and now serviceable starter in the NFL. He wouldn't be the first Qb to have this sort of trajectory. Both things can be true.
  18. It was. And apparently the Ravens never hold. The bad team is never getting the benefit of the doubt. The bad luck needs to be overcome, not compounded. The Jets yesterday took every bad break and made it worse yesterday.
  19. The sequences that cost the Jets a winnable game: 1. Cager gets called for hold and then falls down on a route that ends up a pick. 2. Huge 3rd down drop by Corey Davis. 3. Missed FG. And then later in 2nd half (less important because the dye had been cast, but still...): a. Fumble somehow not recovered by the Defense and then Lamar hits a bomb for TD that effectively ends our hope. b. Breece fumbles c. Carter drops a TD on 4th down This is what losing teams do. Some of this is a bit unlucky, but it happens too often to be more than bad luck. New season, same crap. I hate this team.
  20. The Ravens played half the game with a third string LT. I'm so tired of the excuses for the Jets OL.
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