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  1. Too early to call that one. I can easily see Edwards being the guy. You can find Holmes types at lot easier than big strong guys who can move - like Edwards.
  2. RIP George. You were all about winning. While other owners plowed all the profits into their bank accounts, you plowed them back into the product. You called it "re-investing" back in 1976, at a charity event where you were the guest speaker, and I was a teenager attending as an usher. Your many charitable acts will probably never be released to the public. But there are a lot of organizations that are poorer today, with your departure. Thanks for everything you did with my favorite baseball team. Some stuff was embarrassing or sad, like the suspensions and the re-hiring
  3. I remember hearing him in 1966, and asking my father who that was. Even then, as an 8 year old, I felt that that voice was "something different" than others. Now, decades later, having been at many sporting events in parks all around the USA, I can say with full conviction - there was no one else like him". RIP.
  4. Hopefully, in a month or so we can up that to .280 or so.
  5. Yankees are only scouting Lee for the FA period. Same as they did in 2008 with CC. Can't believe they would trade for Lee when he is going to test the market anyway. Why pay twice?
  6. Not quite on the same planet as Mo.
  7. I think you just don't remember the great catches of yesteryear. Catch some of the highlights of the 1969 World Series. Check out the Swoboda or Agee catches. Check out some of Willie Mays catches, especially the one in the 1954 WS. Check out the one the Dodgers made against Yogi in the WS a few years later. And there are many, many more. Guys are bigger and faster today, but the fact that we have the internet, and twitter, among others, makes the info get around the world faster. Didn't have that way back when.
  8. Almost unheard of. Usually these athletes injury 1 body part at a time.
  9. The overall issue with no salary cap is something that Baseball needs to face someday soon. But under the current rules, and with all the revenue sharing, it isn't just about $$ anymore.
  10. When all the insults are pushed aside, it has to be recognized by all that A-Rod did finally win a Championship, and also played a big role in getting it.
  11. Tampa went to the WS last year. You will never find them near the top of any salary listing. It's not just about $$$. You need the smarts to know how to use it. For example, not trading Hughes, Melky, Kennedy and others for Santana, but getting CC was "smart". Sure, at the time it looked like the wrong decision, but right now, it looks like a stroke of genius. Cashman gets his kudos. He did good.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen.............. Your World Champion New York Yankees. Has a nice ring to it.
  13. If A-Rod goes 3-4, gets a couple of RBIs, and the Yankees win tonight, he probably gets the MVP.
  14. He should be good for 180 innings next season. That sounds like a starter to me, with almost no limitations. Maybe a few starts with some extra days off, but that's it. Hughes is the one who may be on some kind of innings limitation.
  15. I think Sanchez is playing better than expected based on his College (lack of) experience. However, he is not lighting it up either. He is doing OJ for a rookie, nothing better and not any worse. Take in account that the Jets have given up 6 TDs via returns (2 KOs, 1 INT, and 3 Fumbles) and also consider that the defense has allowed only 9 TDs in 8 games, and if some of those return TDs were stopped, we would be 5-3 or 6-2. Than, no one would be complaining at all about Sanchez.
  16. Mo and Jeter are in there also. But, even when the Yankees win, Utley has to be in the running.
  17. When does George make any competitor of Macy's the "Official Department Store" of the New York Yankees!!
  18. Either would have been a solid choice. Can't argue CC winning it.
  19. mbn007


    Congrats to the Phils. Getting to the big dance 2 years in a row is very difficult. Job well done. Yanks-Phils would be great theater if both teams hit the way they can. A seat in RF would be worth a lot, especially if you wanted a shot at catching a baseball. I wonder what the rotations would be. Maybe something like this: NY -Game 1 - Lee vs. CC. NY -Game 2 - Hamels vs. Petitte PHIL - Game 3 - Pedro vs. AJ. PHIL - Game 4 - Blanton vs. Gaudin??? PHIL - Game 5 - Lee vs. CC NY -Game 6 - Hamels vs. Petitte NY - Game 7 - Pedro vs. AJ
  20. mbn007


    The best pitching investment the Yankees ever made in the FA market. Maybe Tommy John is at the same level. But when you combine age and performance, CC is probably on top. I rate the CC signing above the Carl Pavano investment. And a bit above the Whitson signing back in the mid-1980s.
  21. He is a vet of some 25 years or so. I doubt he gets the boot over this. If you look at the replays, he may appear to be screened a bit and unable to see the bag clearly. But he was wrong, no doubt about it. Now that joker at 2B last night. He really blew it. And I understand he is one of the lower rated umps.
  22. Based on what happened some 11 years ago when he was with the Mets, I am not surprised that it happened again. This should be a career-ender, at least on ESPN. Just from a PR standpoint.
  23. I guess that the Sox will spend the money on one of them. I would guess Bay, seeing as he was successful in Boston, while Holliday really struggled in his short stint in the ALl. Maybe they don' t want to "experiment" with Holliday.
  24. Tough weather forecast the next 3 days. If game 1 is rained out, forget the 3 man rotation, as that would make game 4 on only 2 days rest (lose the Sunday off day. If game 1 is played, but game 2 is rained out, it can still happen with CC, but there is an issue with AJ, as he would have to pitch game 5 on 3 days rest, and that is not the ideal situation. Bottom line. IMO, if there is any rain-out in NY this weekend, you will not see CC pitch 3 times this series.
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