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  1. RIP The Boss pick a great year to pass away, a year with no federal estate taxes, saving his family 100's of millions, if not a billion.
  2. Bad decision maker and he older than dirt, just great.
  3. I'm thinking Miami and Denver, I wanted to do Chicago but December 26 is a no go. Al, are you going to the game?
  4. Selected to the Pro Bowl at three different positions (NT, DT & DE) Wtf, he should be in the HOF just for that.
  5. Woody has PSL's to sell, Jets have more incentive to spend money; it COULD be an interesting offseason for the Jets.
  6. In a uncap year, the money decisions will not be made by Mike T, but by Woody. NFL could start looking like baseball next season.
  7. +1 There was just no imagination on using Leon and Smith. With the running game we have, where is the play action? And when we do run play action, can the fake be any worse?
  8. Al, you said you like the cold weather? What cold, in the 60's?
  9. Some history for the kids on the board http://www.jetnation.com/JetsWiki/index.php/Mud_Bowl (hey, I know that site) The Mud Bowl was the name given to the 1982 AFC Championship game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. The game, played in terrible conditions on January 23, 1983, resulted in a win for the Dolphins, owing to some underhanded tactics by their head coach, Don Shula (and a nightmare performance by Richard Todd). Shula
  10. That was bad, so was the mud bowl, A.J....................................................
  11. Had a great time Monday night, can't say the same thing for Tuesday. Really nice seeing Cotchery and the players giving back.
  12. Miami has the personal to run the wildcat well, with the OL, Williams, Brown & Company. Very few teams could have the same success as the Fins. Buffalo does not have players for the wildcat.
  13. Too many shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey? So that saying is correct? Put hair on your chest (and everywhere else) A term explaining something that will make you a man or make you tougher. Whew, thats a strong drink. It'll put hair on your chest. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Put%20hair%20on%20your%20chest
  14. Just bought 3 tickets, Melissa was great. Thanks Phil for posting this. Hopefully nobody pukes in front of us like in Land Shark Puke it Back up Stadium.
  15. Happy Birthday Steve, drinking tonight?
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