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  1. Yes, Mike Lombardi; That same guy who said before the draft Faneca, Ellis and BT would be shopped around and probably cut. A few days later Faneca gets cut, the Jets tried to trade Ellis and will probably cut him too eventually. Lombardi has worked a long time in NFL front offices. The guy has contacts.
  2. It's really not about Kerry Rhodes, if Rex doesnt like him fine, but free agency speculation aside who is the replacement? Eric Smith? As an every down safety he cannot hack it. WE are probalby looking at Taylor Mays now in the 1st round
  3. Rex loved Vilma coming out and wanted the Ravens to draft hIM
  4. Running with bad ribs = fumbles. I know we like to think that these guys are machines, but they are not.
  5. Rex wasnt joking when he said the Falcons didnt hire him because he was too fat, that was the reason why Arthur Blank, who is a health freak, didnt hire him.
  6. of course no mention of the overturned fumble that never should have been overturned.
  7. Do Jets fans really need to apologize for anything with the rotten luck we've gotten since January 1969? A blind monkey on heroin would have drafted Marino over O'brien Peyton Manning from all indications was going to come out after his junior year the eyar we had the #1 pick. He stays in school for whatever reason Vinny tears his leg with nobody 5 feet around him runing our super bowl run belichick was supposed to be our coach then we all know what happened Ill stop there...So we catch one measley break and now we are supposed to fail bad about it? Eff that, win sunday and lets go dancing.
  8. lol well im not saying i want him to get skin cancer, just that its odd to see a guy his age breaking out these tans in the winter.
  9. Somebody should tell fat chops franny that it's time to stop with the facial tans. He's 50 years old, fat and married. THe only thing its going to get him that this point is skin cancer.
  10. McFadden was a skinny-legged RB with fumbling problems who got most of his carries out of the wild cat formation at arkansas. Not surprised by his suckage thus far in his nfl career.
  11. He'll learn how badly hollywood wants a backup safety now.
  12. Jeff Fisher has too much class to do that, not saying at all that Rex doesnt have class, but he is the kind of guy that will carry a vendetta. Give the chance Rex will shove it up belly's arse sidways.
  13. If you remember the meadowlands played the fire alarm before every defensive series in week 2. Definitely a little payback from Belly.
  14. Girardi was dying to lose this game tonight, he lost the game about 4 times over and it all started with not bringing in Joba to face Guerrero. Pettitte gave you what you needed, making him pitch to vlad was a big mistake.
  15. This is probably it for Jenkins. He said he thought of retiring after last season but came back to play for Rex. He may just say the heck with it and hang them up.
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