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  1. yeah probably sitting around in the workplace with a white guy like you... you know how much pressure there is on non-whites, especially in the workplace to act all patriotic? like the arabs that put american flags in their car?
  2. Leah Remini is so ****in bangin... I have had a huge crush on her for a while
  3. Stop the cursing? You were the one who started the cursing with your insanely wierd insult "Whore-Nosed-Bitch?" Take a look at yourself, before you accuse others. SJ, I also suggest you actually look at the stuff objectively before you just take the side of seniority.
  4. Saying that Me and Carlos "dont like America" is not all that different from saying we hate it. and I know what you were implying... Besides which you chose to argue on the basis of reading comprehension, and you obviously did a terrible job of it yourself. therefore, you owned yourself.
  5. I think you underestimate the way race or lack of understand of racial issues plays a part in people's opinions.
  6. you dont understand SJ, I know you have a perceptive mind, but the problem really lies in an inflexibility to understand another human being's point of few. as a young man who grew up in New York, you find that the only people who flip out over things like Delgado refusing to take part in the god bless america routine, are old white guys. This is 99% of the time true, and I think you understand that. The problem doesnt have to do with race though, it has to do with the fact that guys like this dont understand that you dont have to sit through a ridiculous, ornary, fake show of support t
  7. just picked up "Nasty" Nate Robertson for my Fantasy team... I'm banking on that offense getting him wins.
  8. Maxipad... lets break down what happened in that thread, shall we? I feel a lot of heat comin out that mouth, but there is honestly nothing to back it up. 1) you read my post, and then described a completely twisted, wrong interpretation of it, saying I walked out on the national anthem or something. 2) you accuse me of having "poor reading comprehension" 3) I point out to you that your whole post was based on a severely flawed reading of my original post. 4) you flip out and lock the post, threaten to ban me, etc etc... you owned yourself there, buddy...
  9. the mets have not played too many good teams so far, but you have to admit that the yankees do not look too good. they have all that mega-hitting but no pitching. they dont come through in the clutch very often. Like your own yankees apologist Mike Francessa said today, "This Yankee team is not built for the playoffs... playoffs teams need big hits and big pitches when they count...and the yankees just do not have that"
  10. I have yet to see wright make a crucial error in an important game... in fact he makes better plays when we need them. I've seen a-rod mess up a bunch of times in crucial games though. When the mets hit the playoffs we'll compare notes, k?
  11. you must be referring to the after world series party when Hernandez will party with the team.
  12. no one is "crying payroll" the yankees payroll is twice as much at 200M... that is a huge amount of money... a very ridiculous amount of money... most yankee fans can admit this. they are not winning nearly enough for that amount of money. have the mets not been winning enough over the years for their amount of payroll? absolutely. But at this point we are definatly playing to at least the level of our money, which also happens to be better ball than the yankees. So i will rub that in
  13. Closing the thread and abusing your mod because i owned you in that the thread... look man we sat there and argued on your terms... you wanted to say I have "poor reading comprehension", whereas you read my whole post and then just regurgitated some completely messed up version of it. if you cant take it, dont bring it... it's just that simple.
  14. wait you dont read my posts correctly, because you did read it, you just did not do a good job, then you wanna say I have a problem with reading comprehension? you just owned yourself. besides which you misconstrued what you read enough to imply that "I dont like America"... Dont mess around like that.
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