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  1. It's an "investment" just like your tickets to see "Starlight Express" were,
  2. Using Nimble now via my FIOS account - streaming Channel 11 (CW) -in INDIA of all places Nervous now about the Russian SW (or author) - how do I know Nimble isnt going to use my linked CC accounts????
  3. When was the last time a Jets RB had a run like that? *mad I started AP over Ivory*
  4. Indeed. I seriously meant that, b/c I think we all know full well who we like/don't like and why, but this can be the moment we start to move on. Nations cleft by war can have reconciliation, so should Jet Nation.
  5. Well, a dingo ate my baby and my boomerang wouldn't come back over there so I'm ready to (re)emigrate here. tie me kangaroo down,scout
  6. Shasta is cheap, flat and tasteless. 99c can buy a lot of it tho...
  7. Can't we all just get along? We've been kindly granted sanctuary and we should leave the past in the past. I say we blow up the old placeTM with the unfinished business of settling scores, wronging rights and vending vendettas while it implodes.... Signed, Cath Harr's Sis
  8. Well it sure as 'ell ain't Fuji Lengths Jet Lungfish or Jut Shelfing... My post counts haven't made it over here yet. Could be trading at the Zimbabwean exchange rate. ************************************************************ Jestful times are Nigh
  9. Don't forget that people start having flashbacks whenever you post. That's a bonus.
  10. You made me feel like the Prodigal Son and a comped VIP National all at once, thank you. What time do you serve the hotcakes?
  11. At scout I got a online concierge who types his posts in green ink to help me navigate. Can your site do that?
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