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  1. It's an "investment" just like your tickets to see "Starlight Express" were,
  2. Using Nimble now via my FIOS account - streaming Channel 11 (CW) -in INDIA of all places Nervous now about the Russian SW (or author) - how do I know Nimble isnt going to use my linked CC accounts????
  3. When was the last time a Jets RB had a run like that? *mad I started AP over Ivory*
  4. Indeed. I seriously meant that, b/c I think we all know full well who we like/don't like and why, but this can be the moment we start to move on. Nations cleft by war can have reconciliation, so should Jet Nation.
  5. Well, a dingo ate my baby and my boomerang wouldn't come back over there so I'm ready to (re)emigrate here. tie me kangaroo down,scout
  6. Shasta is cheap, flat and tasteless. 99c can buy a lot of it tho...
  7. Can't we all just get along? We've been kindly granted sanctuary and we should leave the past in the past. I say we blow up the old placeTM with the unfinished business of settling scores, wronging rights and vending vendettas while it implodes.... Signed, Cath Harr's Sis
  8. Well it sure as 'ell ain't Fuji Lengths Jet Lungfish or Jut Shelfing... My post counts haven't made it over here yet. Could be trading at the Zimbabwean exchange rate. ************************************************************ Jestful times are Nigh
  9. Don't forget that people start having flashbacks whenever you post. That's a bonus.
  10. You made me feel like the Prodigal Son and a comped VIP National all at once, thank you. What time do you serve the hotcakes?
  11. At scout I got a online concierge who types his posts in green ink to help me navigate. Can your site do that?
  12. I'm hoping it's the end of....well you know who I mean. I hate those guys.
  13. william gay, not a backup per se but killed the jets thanksgiving '85. DET had 7 sacks, 31-20
  14. You have to call jetswin "jetsweenie" for him to ban you....(that inadvertently succeeded once - never tweak a mod's sacred nic) Or Gd forbid mention "Dr. Mengele" when decrying embryonic research. That analogy will draw an J* "infraction" for being "offensive to Jewish people" **** Wow, I have a following, I mean Wow, another stalker! When an obsessed lib J* closet case runs over *here* to cry about you and your opinions, instead of just inanely and reflexively calling you a racist or bigot there, that's when you know you've really made it on the Internet.
  15. Dear Diary: I just broke up with J*...JN is a hunk! Ooooh, I hate that FJ! I'm going to run to the JN Lounge and b*t** about him like a runny v***@. PS TGG is my Standby Boyfriend forum in case I break up w/ JN. ******* Oh great....now all the J* P* Forum losers are flocking over here like flies on sherbet. Or is it more like those who stealthily sneak across our borders? Anyway, K* and H* are both smart guys but also a bit hotheaded/impetuous. Does this turn of events particularly surprise anyone? How do you think JN was born? I would have posted here more through the years, but the constant gaming / Madden / guys named Tom's derrieres threads werent too thrilling. Did learn much about the NFL salary cap though. Always lurking tho. If I had a $ for every time some J* puke who didnt agree w/ me & called me something offensive I'd, Id...be a J* VIP. Sorry, kid, I have never received "special" treatment at J*. I have been banned/threatened at J* for as ludicrous an infraction as making fun of a mods nic. Dont know anyone there in any way whatsoever, although most here & there & at 16H seem like decent folk. Hate the overpriced/inedible 16H food though (Yecch-1x was enough) Never paid a cent to J* otherwise. I did meet an inebriated blonde lady from there once who insisted that her stuffed toy bulldog was the NYJ starting center.
  16. Like the way NE dropped Bedsore for Brady? Some people have been onto CP's phony persona since his "you're privileged to cover us" statement to the press back in '04, not a surprise. He had to be cut right away and no team was going to give much for a player that was on the chopping block anyway. Going to Miami is a weak-a$$ attempt to show he's better than Favre, in a "mano-a-mano", immediate way. It'll end in tears for CP and his sicko-phants as I expect him to be injured within the half-Parcells better have Vinny on speed dial.
  17. Alright maybe I need to rephrase this again. If you own a PSL it'll always have some current market value whether its day 1 or 1 day from "expiry". Could be higher, could be lower. Depends on many factors. I'd bet on higher value long term myself but it's not because I want to pay it or want it to be higher...just assuming thats the way itll go based on the fact that today demand exceeds supply. PSL value doesn't decline because its going to "expire", no one knows if the owner will renew or not, they might renew at the 11th hour. Also, if you dont renew, a would be buyer of your PSL doesnt necessarily get your PSL from the Jets if you dont sell it to them, itll go back in the PSL pool for someone who either asked for an upgrade or someone on the wait list. (BTW I have no freakin' idea what process the Jets have ever used to "upgrade" anyones seats) Furthermore, no one has experienced paying gym, beach, or local town golf club membership fees (ie like a PSL) necessary to enter/use facilities and then paying extra for related equipment, towels, court fees, greens fees? (ie like Game Tickets after PSLs are paid) I'm just resigned to it because a) I'm probably still going to live in the area for the next 5-10 years and I will still want to attend games and have 1st dibs on my familiar seat for playoffs etc mine, in the upper uppers, are likely not to cost much PSL-wise. I'm firmly in the camp of those sick of being surrounded by non-Jets fans or their surrogates/customers so I'm looking at PSLs positively strictly on the basis of their being the vehicle to evict the Giants/speculator fan. I wanted them gone from Jets games yesterday-let them choose between keeping Giants seats and polluting our stands. Otherwise I dont find it virtuous, or not, to want to, or not want to, attend Jets games. Hopefully the people who feel themselves being squeezed out or wont pay PSLs on some high minded principle but in their hearts still want to go will find some way to share tickets with others and continue going, even if its part time. I appreciate very much that at least here you can argue about this a little more gentlemanly than the old nuthouse, where posters/mods threaten/insult you if you disagree with their egocentric visions or *shudder* make fun of their dumba$$ nics.
  18. Apologies to a very fine person, Jet Moses, but in general, I can't agree. Sports teams are big money spinners for states and cities, not drags on local economies like welfare bums, summer school lunches, medicaid for illegals and other entitlements that pick taxpayers pockets that have no ROI or redeeming social value. Let's try trimming some of those back before folks try make it just as hard to exit the new Meadowlands as the old. For illustration, Harrison Goldin, former NYC controlller lamented the yearly loss of revenue from Jets games at $45M/year back in 1983...how much do you think the Jets/Giants are worth to local economies 25 years later? Whatever investments NJ makes for Meadowlands infrastructure is just a small rebate on the income they currently receive and will receive for years to come on tolls, tickets, local business sales -dining, hotel, gas, food, liquor, body scrubs, what have you. There is some misplaced concern here for the people who don't like football. Is this the best Jets Football forum on earth or have I wandered into the Newark Philharmonic forum? The "longhairs" are very happy to have funding for their loss leader hobbies/public projects but are the first to try to block what you as a football fan want at every turn. Look at the WSS opposition-NIMBY, because trannie hookers migratory patterns could be affected! So many of the false notions from others are repeated so often theyre almost urban legends; for example: PSLs for Jets tickets won't entitle you to Giants tickets; does buying a Jets season plan currently entitle you to Giants games and vice versa? PSL value has nothing to do with its expiry date- Try: the demand for your seat based on any number of factors including team performance YTY Youre a season ticket holder now, you have those rights as long as the Jets play in GS until you decline to renew, then if youre forced to accept the PSL in the move or lose the ticket rights to NM and you pay the fee, you still own that right and have 1st dibs on the renewal, until the very moment it expires and then beyond that if you or your successors pay to extend them. Like real estate, throughout the entire period of ownership decline or appreciation in value is possible but its not like buying a car where value is lost when driving off the lot-this is not hard to grasp! Here's an interesting tidbit though-Kyle Burks, founder of SeasonTicketRights.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling PSLs, told TicketNews (www.ticketnews.com) that he thought the Giants PSL price was maybe $2,000 to $3,000 below market value and could have even been more than that. On the Jets as 2nd class citizen to the Giants victimhood theme-if media outlets choose to defer to the Giants in referrring to the new stadium because they are biased towards the Giants its not my problem-I could care less. The joint venture is known as New Meadowlands Stadium Corp., but I understand the confusion in finding information in that the Jets portion is referred to alternately as "Jets Stadium LLC" or "Jets Development LLC" or "Jets Stadium Development LLC". That should help with the Googling. Ultimately, some of the statements dont mean much-what does it matter if Citigroup pays for naming rights for the Mets while simultaneously assisting in managing the Jets financing? Citigroup has enterprise level and retail businesses. Sure, Citigroup may be faltering a bit lately. That's Citigroup's problem. If you have a mortgage or credit card debt with Citigroup, and Citigroup fails itll be resold to someone else and it doesnt remove your obligation. For the record, Royal Bank of Canada has also lent the Jets $. **** People pay tolls, license fees and taxes on top of financing their cars, homes, etc. And somehow, thats acceptable...people who pay club membership fees for golf, tennis, gyms, etc also pay greens fees and equipment fees. We do so more readily for those because we understand those are relative luxuries. Is *everyone* who belongs to a gym a disinterested "corporate" type? Sure Woody/Mara could find a way to Kraft-ily finance it all without PSLs. Then there'd be $40 parking to start, ($500 for army surplus vehicles) $25 hot dogs and beers $150 for nosebleed rows and we'd be singing the big blues in a different key.
  19. look on the bright side, after dropping your tickets you can now afford to splurge on the large size shrimp vs the usual medium size AND a jar of ****tail sauce don't worry about the size of my tailgate party-the c. o. is well within E. Rutherford town code ticket envy, tent envy, shellfish envy, penis envy...the list is endless with some of you gals
  20. your words - not mine - but somehow i can't help but agree with you this time
  21. Gaynzo, Of course you wouldnt understand anything about a jets tailgate- you're probably one of those cheapo bastiges who stands near my portable HDTV setup to watch the 1 oclock Sunday Ticket games on 4:15 game days and sleazes beers outta my cooler or grabs a few slabs of tasty freshly sliced steak off my table when they think I'm not looking. HDTV is pretty good, next time you're in Costco check it out, they might have a open box deal with a few light scuffs in your price range. You think I give a ff what a Pats fan or some negative-a$$ Jets fan thinks about what I or others do re: jets tickets or jets games I go because I choose to and I manage to enjoy myself win or lose, not because some freak with an inferiority complex tells me that's it's all in vain... so you must be confusing me with the people you list above. apologies if I don't join in the mass hysteria of giving up going to games featuring the team I've rooted for over 40 years.
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