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  1. I was amused. These running QB shelf life are so short, any sort of injury that would affect either running or throwing could render them useless. They're almost like runningbacks, how they are discarded after they become ineffective because of injury ala RG3, Cam, etc. Would Lamar be able to bounce back after a Brady like injury in 2008 and play another 10 years? Most likely not.
  2. Its also possible he made the comment to sow uncertainty in whoever is blocking him. After hearing about it Roaf is going to be on the lookout for this 'new move' and as a result will try and protect himself from getting caught by it. As a result less blocking strength up front because from what I understand this 'new move' takes the OL's strength and uses it against him. Its like 2 opposing forces meeting each other. One side lets go really quick resulting in the other side to shoot forward. To defend against this the defending side (Roaf) will exert less power to not fall into this trap. As a result Abe can just power through Roaf. And once Roaf gets beaten a couple times he will start putting his power back into the blocks and bam Abe unleashes the move on him. Its a win-win for Abe. But in all honestly I think Abe knows that his stam wont hold up all game. A spin move requires less energy because you arent trying to move a brick wall but go around it. In making said comment he has Roaf looking for the spin early and as a result Abe can simply overpower him off the line early in the game. And after not seeing the spin for a couple of quarters Roaf begins to defend against just the bullrush. And Abe shows him because he isnt as ideally conditioned as he wants to be. Thats my opinion. Coaches arent the only one that can play mind-games players can too.
  3. Reading the article of Joe Horn visiting NO refugees and how it gave him hope and the drive to play football. It made me wonder on how deep their drive goes and would it effect the team emotionally and mentally. Having the drive that no one else does, will their level of play take a dive from the recent tragedy or will it push them to new heights? I believe we quite possibly have a cinderella story on our hands. Thoughts?
  4. Actually I've never posted on this forum before. I frequent it alot whenever im bored at work but Im just a forum lurker that doesnt find the need to express myself over little things such lets cut Gessner cause he cant catch worth sh*t, etc etc. I enjoy reading people's posts and intellectual conversations. Now im a firm believer in social responsibility and being held responsible for our own actions. And it irritates me to no end when people start saying they deserve better or deserve more from some other entity (aka government, other people, etc etc.) after you made your own damn mistake by being stupid and staying when you should of been evacuated. Bring up how you cant afford transportation, etc etc. but seriously thats just a cope out. If you wanted to get out of the city that badly you could put on your shoes and start walking. 3mph 12 hours a day, leave 3 days early wow you're out of Katrina's path. The fact of the matter is you have the power to effect the path your life takes. The question is are you going to sit on your ass waiting and hoping for the best? Or are you going to do whatever is in your power to protect yourself and your family? What are you going to sacrifice? Your own comfort zone or the safety of you and your loved ones? I seriously ******* hope its the latter. For the record when it comes to the looter shoot to kill. If they arent busy trying to get themselves and their loved ones to safety they wont be missed. We have enough trash as it is. Its cleanup time.
  5. haha yeah i dont get it... I probably wouldnt of gotten in the car myself if all 3 were fugly. If 1 was hot then I might jump at it... hahaha
  6. damn they dont like me already. I wouldnt go as far as saying im a bigot because obviously im human and admit my own personal views might be 'wrong'. Intolerant would be the word I would more widely use. But I'm trying to jump start a discussion on personal responsibility and dependence on other entities. Obviously if you were self-dependant you wouldnt be in that kind of situation being stuck in New Orleans. And as for language filters, I just curse alot. Comes with the territory of dealing with HS kids on a daily basis.
  7. You knocked it right on the head. If I were a religious man the saying "God helps those who help themselves." comes into play here. Complain about all you want and how you deserve help. You dont deserve sh*t. I was reading in the papers how a bunch of people at the Superdome were getting pissed off when supplies. Quote from an Associate Press article What kind of response is that? Here we are donating money, food, clothes, medical supplies, hell even our own blood for some ungrateful bastards that are too lazy to get out of the city? Oh you cant afford a car then ******* walk thats what you're ancestors were doing. Fat POS that want to be handfed. Honestly thats the problem with this country and the poor they expect sh*t to be handed to them because the going is tough. Well suck it up and get out there and get a job. How ******* hard is it to get a job at 3 different McDonalds to feed your family? I dont see illegals complaining about the sh*t jobs they do. and i hate language filters

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