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  1. Thanks for the info. I really like Max-Jean also. I am somewhat concerned about his conditioning, but not enough to pass on him if I don't love the other options. I didn't know about Katnik. If our draft lasts longer than the 3rd round, I may look at Mike Degory from UF.
  2. I just don't see the Titans being duped into trading up one spot. Not unless they hire Rick Speilman.
  3. Thanks for the prop's! Lawson looks to be a beast. And that is why, he'll never make it to pick 29 Our guys are nuts over him. I'm sure he'll be drafted way before #20
  4. LOL! at Cutler No doubt, if he's there, Jay Cutler will be wearing a fake NY Jets jersey. I don't know if Maroney holds that late either, as the guys on our board have been talking about a possible run at RB in the mid to late 1st round. You guys could use a speedy RB to go with Houston, though.
  5. Thanks. I did see those. I'm thinking about Brodie Croyle in the 2nd. The new pick has me torn between a couple of offensive linemen and a few DB's. My linemen are: Marcus McNeil OT Auburn Nick Mangold C Ohio State DB's: Antonio Cromartie CB FSU Jason Allen S/CB UT I don't know that either of those DB's falls to 29, but if they do, they'd be very difficult to pass up. Super talent, that would only fall due to past injuries. I don't know what you have to replace Mawae, but Mangold looks to be the real deal.
  6. Hey guys We're having a mock of our own over at Finheaven.com I got the distinction of picking for the Jets. Tempted as I am to tank this one for you guys, I'm actually trying to do right by you. Here's an idea of what's happened so far. 01. Houston Texans Reggie Bush, RB, USC 02. New Orleans Saints D'Brickashaw Ferguson, LT, Virginia 03. Tennessee Titans Matt Leinart, QB, USC 04. New York Jets finswin56 Mario Williams, DE, NC St. 05. Green Bay Packers A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio St. 06. San Francisco 49ers Michael Huff, DB, T
  7. I knew you guys were much better than you showed last week. The first few weeks in the NFL are a crap shoot.
  8. Congrats Jets. I am already looking forward to our next meeting. Maybe Saban will actually try running the ball and our WR's will remember how to catch. Those aren't excuses, just a frustrated Fin Fan venting. You guys deserved the win today.
  9. 17-13 Fins Jets move the ball, but can't punch it in.
  10. It wasn't a BS call. By the new rule a punch does not need to be thrown. You may think the rule is BS, but the call was correct.
  11. Sounds good for you guys w/ Law. What's up the fan club for a kicker?
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