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  1. Pennington is destroying Ginn as well. His main attribute is his speed. The only way we can get Ginn the ball and use his speed is by running reverses. But hey its working.
  2. Coles is a decent WR. I would rather have Coles over Moss though. Moss is somewhat limited as a wide reciever.
  3. its funny how you guys take shot after shot at other teams but when people take shots at your ****ty team you all start crying like little bitches.
  4. awww....too much?.. BIGGEST MELTDOWN EVAAR!
  5. Favre does belong in the probowl. I mean he throws touchdowns left and right, to the opposing team even.
  6. ive been around since 05 brotha...
  7. Jets are nothing but a bunch of losers with frail ego's that get their heads filled with crap.
  8. hey where were all you bandwagon bama fans before saban?
  9. ahh man its great.. people dont expect much out of you. Pretty sweet deal in the end.
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