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  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3274297
  2. It's not mandatory, but it should happen. Chad is taking steps back every week. It may be because he's banged up, but it's true. Clemens could be a spark, and even if he's not, at least we get a real long look at him. That QB spot of the future needs to be examined right now. Chad got a TD from his defense and a TD from his special teams, yet canceled it all out by lofting up three awful INT's. I just don't trust Chad at all anymore. I'm also really getting nervous about our receivers health. Every week Pennington puts people in harms way. At some point, it's going to really bite us.
  3. I'm going to disagree with the "Pennington is the least of the Jets problems." The Jets do in fact have A LOT of problems. Unfortunately, Pennington is the most glaring and obvious one. His ducks are either going to end up in INTs or injuries to our receivers. Fortunately, although QB is currently our biggest problem -yes bigger than the defense- it's also our most easily resolved problem. Quite simply. Put in Clemens. The receivers (now including Smith) are very strong. The offensive line is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. That line will give Clemens time to throw the ball down field. Having that threat alone will help free up the running game and make us less predictable. PLEASE, PUT IN CLEMENS.
  4. I've always been a Chad supporter and I admire the cerebral grasp of the game he has, but I'd be lying if I said the news of KC "possibly" starting didn't make me excited. I've been up with Chad. I've been down with Chad. I've cheered him with more passion than maybe any QB in a Jet's fanhood. I've boasted to people about his red zone stats. I've cursed him out for his crucial interceptions in play off games. I've been through the trenches with Pennington. I've been a complete fan to him for many years. That being said, it's time for something fresh. It's time for Kellen Clemens. Chad might even know that already in the back of his mind.
  5. Quoted for the truth. Our offense is horrible right now, and considering the weapons we have, it shouldn't be. It's so damn obvious why we stall and have to fight for every damn first down.
  6. You know what sucks? Everytime I watch a QB on tv, I always think "Man, Chad could never make that throw." Every single QB. Why should the Jets be stricken with such an obvious handicap each and every Sunday? It's just not fair.
  7. With the way our defense is, I just don't see how we can get wins with Chad as our QB. We need Clemens in there badly. The defense is going to take some time to fix. QB can be fixed by next week. Make it happen, Eric.
  8. He can't turn it around because his limitations are physical. He will always have no arm. Defenses will always play up on him. The running game will always stagger due to it. Our receivers will always be in jeopardy extending for his ducks. Chad used to have no arm, but made excellent decisions. Now he's making awful decisions, thus producing barely any points against one of the worst defenses in the league.
  9. Not only does the passing game suck, but it's so damn boring. The Jets right now are probably the least entertaining offensive team in the league. Not to mention that Pennington's ducks are going to put our receivers in the hospital one of these days.
  10. We should do what the Browns did. Trade our starting QB and start winning some games.
  11. Seriously. I'm fed up. Mangini needs to show some testicles here.
  12. Agreed. With Pennington at the helm, we're in serious trouble. He can't throw long which eliminates any possibility of a quick strike TD. Since he can't pass deep, the running game is much less efficient, which ultimately destroys the play action possiblities. In turn, every first down is going to be a struggle.
  13. Seriously I was so looking forward to football today, then all of a sudden it was half time and I felt like I hadn't watched any football action yet. Pennington's offense eats away clock without producing points. Every first down is a struggle and worst of all, when it comes time for a clutch drive, we end up with interceptions. So frustrated with Pennington right now. I feel like Cotchery could be a probowler THIS YEAR if he had a different QB. COME ON MANGINI. GROW SOME BALLS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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