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  1. From breast-freak to Ward Cleaver. Really consistent, like2god.
  2. Folks, we have veered off course here. There are only three choices. I'm doing a sociological study. Please cooperate. What type of ladies do you prefer? a) high society homespun c) gamine
  3. Patsfantx is the Andrew Dice Clay of jetnation. Hahaaaa. Hope he doesn't go on Arsenio and cry.
  4. I think that anybody who doesn't post with intelligence, jets-relevancy and insight should be bsnned forthwith. Just my .02 cents. Let's raise the standards around here, ok? On an unrelated note, I met this chick today who seemed really cool and she invited me to her place for pimm's cups & truffles so i went wit her and when i get there i notice she has these pulleys on her ceiling and i ask her what it is and she says it's for fun for erotic fun and then she goes to the bathroom and comes out wearing nothing but a pith helmet and starts throwing gummy bears at me. St
  5. What type of ladies do you prefer? a) high society homespun c) gamine
  6. i feel so happy despite the blonde who pulled up beside me in jag and huge sunglasses and handed me an enneagram book and lingered waiting for something but i just chit-chatted and now she's gone back to school in nocal and i think she loved me.
  7. 1) I have no particular posting agenda.....just truth. 2) I dictate, my personal assistant does the actual typing.
  8. All I know is this: At the end of training camp Bollinger will be, not only UNCUT, but starting against the Titans. Bookmakers lines will then be SHAVED to reflect the Jets becoming favs to win the Superbowl.
  9. Bollinger to be cut? I'm as interested in this qb race as the next guy but to start threads about a player's barber visit, that's a little weird, a little excessive. Peternorth09 might be gay, just a heads up.
  10. Fatizzaro had written Bolly off, and now even he's saying that, talent-wise, if talent and on-field production have anything to do with it, Bolly ain't goin' anywhere any time soon (except to a coveted roster spot, that is) That was the point of the thread. Even the haters are waking up and smelling the coffee. You should too! You know who you are!
  11. http://www.nypost.com/sports/jets/q..._cannizzaro.htm QUARTER-BACKUPS JETS' COMPETITION A REAL FLIP OF COIN By MARK CANNIZZARO August 23, 2006 -- All right. We know Chad Pennington is the Jets' starting quarterback. The competition for that job is over. Sure, Eric Mangini has not confirmed it yet, but Mangini won't confirm that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, either, so we'll go by what we've seen, which is a complete dominance of the competition in practice and in games played by Pennington. Now the quarterback question with the Jets is this: Who's going t
  12. I have nothing against Chad, but there is some truth to this post. While kellen is still an unproven commodity, it's clear that Bolly is more mobile (duh), more durable (duh), and more accurate with the long ball. Anybody who can't see that is in a hazy, dazy, lazy, crazy fog-like state!
  13. I'm bookmarking this thread. Also, the $50 if Bolly makes the roster. I already know where I want it spent...it's not exactly a charity but it is charity-like, kinda...it's kinda like a gift...an offering....I definitely know where that $50 is gonna go! Remeber Max, a deal is a deal, it's in writing!
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