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  1. If the idea is to keep the kid in one piece then don't be so predictable with your calls... I wanted them to mix in some passes on running downs, but they kept running until they had to throw and that is what puts the kid in harms way and lets the D know what's coming.
  2. Jetstream

    Fireman Ed’s Message to Sam Darnold

    How great of a statement would it be if fireman ed removed the Harper jersey for a Darnold
  3. Jetstream

    No nick names

    Like "Tom" is known when you talk QB's or Football, he'll just be "Sam"
  4. I laughed when it happened...but still believed in all this kid had shown us. I received some texts from my daughter and brother, and told them both... "It's all up from here" And I like what Bates did but that call and the Robbie anderson end around had me a little worried. Can't ask the kid to make an against the grain throw for his first throw... let him throw a deep ball or just hand it off, but I do think it calmed him...as crazy as that sounds.
  5. Jetstream

    Are the Jets...

    right...Neil O'Donnell
  6. Jetstream

    Leonard Williams

    I had this same thought after watching him run back that fumble...athletic and big... why not... maybe he's over matched strength-wise inside?
  7. Jetstream

    Infinity War: New York Jets

    This was the best analogy
  8. At the time the Jets were told they gave up too much to move up...but you can also look at this now as a bargain. at the time most thought you're moving up to #3 and might possibly get the 3rd best QB.... but doing it early and a little luck and I say it's a bargain now, could you imagine the price for #3 pick on draft day, after Mayfield went first and even again after Giants take the running back... would have cost another 1st at that point
  9. Jetstream

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    Loving it.... already getting some jealousy from my Giant fan brother-in-law, throwing out the "runs like Aaron" statement 😍 http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=24374691
  10. Looks like Cimini took yours... http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/76223/will-jets-new-hope-sam-darnold-be-better-than-old-one-mark-sanchez
  11. Jetstream

    Talent Available Rounds 4-7

    I like the idea of pairing Darnold with a new TE for them to grow together....Thomas would be nice...
  12. Obviously haven't been bleeding green for long...but hopefully this is the change that we need...
  13. I Hope Sam is our savior and I won't have to feel like this anymore, but with Buffalo trading up for Allen, I can't help but worry that he doesn't become Marino on us.... Hoping the other Josh goes to Arizona...
  14. It Is... "Sign the Beast", but hopefully it will become... "Now that we have a franchise QB..."

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