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  1. Didn't work on my desktop browser, here is a link that worked for me... http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=25124450
  2. Thought this was a cool story of all the work it took to just get noticed... (maybe we need to find this guy Kyle Bolton) http://www.espn.com/blog/minnesota-vikings/post/_/id/27523/finding-adam-thielen-how-the-vikings-discovered-a-star-at-a-tryout
  3. Jetstream

    George Carlin: Guys Named Todd

    ahhh the days when people would laugh and not be so offended....
  4. Jetstream

    Is Herndon the Answer at TE?

    I think this has the opposite effect, because there are no real receivers that scare you, you don't have to double anyone and mostly can have a DB on the TE... when there is a real threat and the TE is seeing more LB coverage then he can become even more of a weapon...
  5. I think the fact that Mac didn't even try to address receiver or pass rusher is an indicator of him feeling safe... I think if he felt like he was on a hot seat he would have made some moves to today and not worried about saving picks... but this move (or lack there of) does make the Bowles firing more possible... I hope.
  6. Jetstream

    Next Head Coach?

    Coughlin was still a great in game coach, I thought, with Giants... Seems to be killing it with Cam in Carolina but I guess even if it works it would have a shelf life
  7. Jetstream

    Next Head Coach?

    If we're going with re-treads, I have one that is an offensive genius, but never a great head coach Would you give a shot to: Norval Eugene Turner
  8. With the fire sale next door should we see if they would trade Olivier Vernon? There is talk about teams being able to trade dead cap space with the player, IF that was an impediment... Immediate upgrade on pass rush and signed for 2 more years... https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/olivier-vernon-9882/
  9. Jetstream

    Rishard Matthew works out for Sam's team

    This is getting good...
  10. Jetstream

    This is getting Good

  11. Jetstream

    Rishard Matthew works out for Sam's team

    Hopefully we just need a temporary solution... I always like this guy... http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/6551/jeremy-kerley
  12. Jetstream

    Baldinger Break downs from Colt game

    Yeah, and I was impressed with the athletes on their defense...especially in the run game defense on the edges...you'd think with that speed on defense they'd be a better man to man team, but they don't seem to play much man...
  13. Talks about the throw to Prior in the endzone being Sam's best throw as a pro..I think I agree...
  14. Jetstream

    Baldys NY Jets Film Breakdowns

    yeah robby, don't hurt yourself...and make sure you are in the endzone before you release the ball...cut it pretty close.
  15. I like that Denver is on the short week, just hope we don't make Case look as good as Bortles did... https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/nfl-network-game-preview-broncos-vs-jets

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