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  1. Totally agree with this, said it at the time this happend... when does a QB become a runner????
  2. I this one of those I told you so posts?? I still wouldn't want him, he misses the easy throws...does make some athletic throws and runs well, but I can't see him making it through a complete season with the hits he takes and how reckless he is diving head first for first downs and trying to jump over people. but maybe you're right...don't really see what good that does a Jets fan at this point...
  3. didn't they both suck sunday? Mayfield did it with alot more weapons...
  4. Isn' that we call all our kickers? That Ficken kicker missed again.... 🥵
  5. I was watching this thinking that Belle-cheat is sitting and waiting for us to release him so he can pick him up and pull another Woodhead...
  6. Yes great work, I think Cimini is reading your reports and stealing your observations?
  7. good stuff... makes me think ahead to the Cleveland game, I think Williams will want to fluster Mayfield...especially since he didn't back him for head coach...Thanks!
  8. Yeah, how many times will we hear the Vitt story line... until they're punching each other on the sideline can we put this story to bed?
  9. Lev Bell forget what sport her's playing
  10. This is the quote that most need to hear...feel like all the detractors say this... "Everybody says, 'Oh, Peyton Manning, anybody can coach him,'" former Denver coach John Fox said. "Not really true. All quarterbacks want answers, and Adam did a fantastic job of giving him answers."
  11. I can't see Gase liking that he used that as the title...we'll see if he gets a bit of a cold shoulder in the press conferences, although it will be hard to tell if it because of this or because of the really stupid questions he asks.

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