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  1. Oh yeah, one red flag... hope he has the time to be a head coach... Kid #7 on the way
  2. Haven't really found any red flags on this guy...
  3. Thanks for posting in a new thread it might have been posted elsewhere but this one is worth posting over and over til everyone sees it!
  4. Listen to him talk... starts about 5:10 in https://open.spotify.com/episode/40a92GqRQFxXXLejtIJy8u?si=XYC9g9CmSY-6NXNK6S1_HQ
  5. You needed a mirror under Bowles' nostrils to make sure he was still alive... this has to be better
  6. Is it possible that 2 teams we beat both win this weekend
  7. Let Fields have a game that leaves us no doubt I'm starting to get fired up for a multi-dimensional QB...

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