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  1. If you post this like 5 more times I'll believe it
  2. I love it, but I think we need to pump the brakes a little... every 3 plays it was like the Titan's lost another O-lineman, so their line was a bit compromised... but I do like it
  3. This reminds me of Clowney...can't believe all the focus on him... his was on the field, didn't get targeted for whatever reason...
  4. well you said last year in regards to Minshew...my bad
  5. make up call for the missed hold (tackle) on the play before
  6. i think there is a 2nd language audio feed that was coming through too
  7. I say this is the reason... most likely they found him not as coach-able
  8. could see Rhule Bellicheat sign him to PS just to get intel on our offense Spoke too soon...
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