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  1. I actually think this quote is the funniest part of that article... Seems like in their camp they are saying the offense will be better when they have the pads on an can hit... in our camp everyone keeps saying Zach looks great, BUT it's only football in shorts.... so which is it?
  2. Sounds like our D Coordinator must have liked this player...
  3. Feeney is already an Islander legend...we can hope he becomes something with the Jets https://twitter.com/NYIslanders/status/1402418689954222082?s=20
  4. Best answer... "My feet are on the ground"
  5. And Cimini with his hard hitting question... is this offense too wordy
  6. Says Mike's brother said you better not burn this guy out .
  7. Right and this proves we won't know anything about our current QB until we see him with real pressure in his face and then again in games that count with added pressure to perform. Sam could make all the throws too, it was under pressure where he mostly wilted...
  8. Agreed on Knapp and as good as it is to nice to have someone with LeFleur's pedigree, but the way this NFL works IF the Jet's offense takes off this year he could easily be gone in a year or 2, so to me it's great to hear Saleh on calls and in press conferences discussing offense schemes and things with ease, he's not one of these Defense only guys, from what I can see. And we'll need that.
  9. I'm watching all these draft shows and everyone is praising the Pats for getting Mac Jones, great... they think he'll be good. But the part that gets me is they keep talking about Cam still being the starter until the kid is ready and then they turn over the team to him.... No one mentions what I think is glaring, Cam and Mac Jones could not be more polar opposites, could they? Part of the problem with the Pats last year was...yes, lack of talent... but to me it was they dropped in this QB that is better with his legs into a team that forever had a pocket passer, who got the ball out b
  10. I never believed the Mac Jones rumors, to me their thoughts might have been... IF the Jets pass on Wilson we take him and get rid of Jimmy...IF they don't we take Trey and use him WITH Jimmy...I think Shannahan will get him on the field like Payton in New Orleans had done taking Breeze off to get RPO plays in
  11. still stuck on the Fire Bowles bandwagon . you've missed some stuff
  12. I don't care who they take...as long as they hit a home run... double is not good enough here. This has to be a guy that in 10yrs we can mention HOF, and it's a debate.... or better yet, it's a definite. Please!!!
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