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  1. This is the quote that most need to hear...feel like all the detractors say this... "Everybody says, 'Oh, Peyton Manning, anybody can coach him,'" former Denver coach John Fox said. "Not really true. All quarterbacks want answers, and Adam did a fantastic job of giving him answers."
  2. I can't see Gase liking that he used that as the title...we'll see if he gets a bit of a cold shoulder in the press conferences, although it will be hard to tell if it because of this or because of the really stupid questions he asks.
  3. Agree, was just at Hofstra for a graduation and drove by that field reminiscing of how close to the players you were and it was a great time. and the kids loved it...
  4. I agree, but believe you wanted to say...
  5. I agree and came away really impressed with guys like the TE's coach... fingers crossed that the staff is as good as coaches as they are at giving good interviews
  6. Thanks... his interview was very subdued until the Darnold question and his eyes bugged out.... got to love when a different position coach is so impressed...
  7. Meander has to be a Greg Williams suggestion, since he had him on the Brown's practice squad...so who knows what he might be
  8. A Lot more level headed thinking then the stupid rhetoric coming out of Joe and Evan... Let's see where this all goes... (as long as it's not Payton)
  9. reading it on WFAN right now...Gase as GM!! ??

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