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  1. Jetstream

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    Why? Only real obstacle is the last 2min, where anything is open to booth review... but IF they see something that looks egregious they say we want to review... Could possibly make all replays be timed. IF after a 5min review of the video you're still unsure, then it stands. All other points in the game the review is controlled by he Challenge system, so why should it matter What is challenged... You could argue that coaches would be more frugal with their challenges to make sure that they only use it only when needed...
  2. Jetstream

    AFC Championships Since '98

    Good question... did not, must have used the date of a photo I uploaded.... trying to find the memory again to see where it came from.
  3. Was shocked when a Facebook memory hit me of the 98 AFC Championship being 20 years ago Made me look up all he games since, considering our rep as an inept franchise atleast we had 3 in that time...but the Pats having 13 is the killer. (but atleast no other AFC East teams) Counts of repeat teams... Patriots…13 Steelers…6 Broncos…4 Colts…4 Ravens..4 Jets..3 Multiple with 2 times Year Season Teams/Score Field 1998 1998–99 Denver Broncos (6) 23 New York Jets 10 Mile High Stadium (4) 1999 1999–00 Tennessee Titans (1) 33 Jacksonville Jaguars 14 Alltel Stadium 2000 2000–01 Baltimore Ravens (1) 16 Oakland Raiders 3 Oakland Coliseum (3) 2001 2001–02 New England Patriots (3) 24 Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Heinz Field 2002 2002–03 Oakland Raiders (4) 41 Tennessee Titans 24 Network Associates Coliseum (4) 2003 2003–04 New England Patriots (4) 24 Indianapolis Colts 14 Gillette Stadium 2004 2004–05 New England Patriots (5) 41 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Heinz Field (2) 2005 2005–06 Pittsburgh Steelers (6) 34 Denver Broncos 17 Invesco Field at Mile High 2006 2006–07 Indianapolis Colts (2) 38 New England Patriots 34 RCA Dome 2007 2007–08 New England Patriots (6) 21 San Diego Chargers 12 Gillette Stadium (2) 2008 2008–09 Pittsburgh Steelers (7) 23 Baltimore Ravens 14 Heinz Field (3) 2009 2009–10 Indianapolis Colts (3) 30 New York Jets 17 Lucas Oil Stadium 2010 2010–11 Pittsburgh Steelers (8) 24 New York Jets 19 Heinz Field (4) 2011 2011–12 New England Patriots (7) 23 Baltimore Ravens 20 Gillette Stadium (3) 2012 2012–13 Baltimore Ravens (2) 28 New England Patriots 13 Gillette Stadium (4) 2013 2013–14 Denver Broncos (7) 26 New England Patriots 16 Sports Authority Field at Mile High (2) 2014 2014–15 New England Patriots (8) 45 Indianapolis Colts 7 Gillette Stadium (5) 2015 2015–16 Denver Broncos (8) 20 New England Patriots 18 Sports Authority Field at Mile High (3) 2016 2016–17 New England Patriots (9) 36 Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Gillette Stadium (6) 2017 2017–18 New England Patriots (10) 24 Jacksonville Jaguars 20 Gillette Stadium (7) 2018 2018–19 New England Patriots (11) 37 Kansas City Chiefs 31 Arrowhead Stadium
  4. Jetstream

    Legalized Cheating

    Point is it give yet another advantage to the offense... how many do they need?
  5. Also Gregg has been on 2 Hard Knocks...he going to get a Third?
  6. I didn't watch the whole season but found this segment on youtube... Bonus stuff
  7. I like Williams, I just feel like he's probably not strong enough to play on the inside he seems to move so well i'd love to see him work on the outside... Am I wrong? would it be an impossible move?
  8. Jetstream

    Adam Gase Mic’d Up: Chicago vs Miami

    Yeah didn't say much... but good to see him talking to his QB during the game... Main takeaway...can we get Albert Wilson?
  9. Jetstream

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    How does this happen...can't get any worse
  10. Jetstream

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Star of the game...
  11. Jetstream

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Pass Interference doesn't exist in any playoff game so far....not Pats play and they get call after call their way... feel like Darnold is not going to be enough to defeat these guys....
  12. Let me know if another choice should be added... I'm in for the Coach and I'm optimistic...

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