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  1. A Lot more level headed thinking then the stupid rhetoric coming out of Joe and Evan... Let's see where this all goes... (as long as it's not Payton)
  2. Jetstream

    Mac fired!

    reading it on WFAN right now...Gase as GM!! ??
  3. Ex-Jets achilles curse strikes victim #2
  4. Was Gettleman one of these Scouts he texted?
  5. Jetstream

    Le'veon mistake?

    as long as he doesn't come in like this...
  6. I agree with those that realize this is not something that increases the length of games, since coaches can't challenge calls any more than they used to. You can argue that by making more things reviewable they would use them on less frivolous things like a possible first down spot in the 1st quarter and save it for when it is really needed. That being said I can't see why it should stop here.... what if the fake roughing the passer call on Brady in the Chiefs game was called on an interception pass and wiped out because of that call, wouldn't you use a challenge on that? what if the offside call on the chiefs when Brady did throw an int was the wrong call, wouldn't you want to be able to review that? I'm not saying give the coaches more challenges, just allow them to use the ones they have on more important times to review any play...
  7. Sam better get him a good gift!!
  8. No but I do remember World Wore 2 😎
  9. Jetstream

    Raiders Release Jordy Nelson

    Francessa was talking about the Jets needing a some veteran presence... this could be it and a good voice for Sam to have in the room. I think he's worth a look...
  10. IBC - in before the Compiler comments
  11. Jetstream

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    It kinda feels like we got Sam and Saquon now with Bell in house just needs someone to snap
  12. Jetstream

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    liked this stat...
  13. Jetstream

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Can't remember his name now, but we had that corner that we thought we signed and he went to Vikings cause his wife didn't like NY...

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