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  1. Geesh we can't change the past, so looking at it today... i think his coverage skill are better than Jamals...will see how he does as teams prep for him this role and yes health is always an issue for him...lets hope he shakes that. He missed it but i think he had a 3rd sack staring him in the face but allen got out of it...
  2. Found this posted today and thought i'd share...
  3. Nice work...agree with all but the Thomas throw....yes he slows up in his run but to me that throw needs to be more in the middle of the field...but not horrible.
  4. guess nobody got my John Connor reference.
  5. listen here https://dcs.megaphone.fm/ESP1839073295.mp3?key=3db615eec2a9dec3eb2dc8f57c91bf2a
  6. Why do we need reporters anymore if all they do is look at twitter for "cryptic" tweets and then they tell everyone to hold onto their hats...how about break the news....when you have NEWS...
  7. Not to defend robbie, but he had no one to throw to him for half the year... i feel perriman is an upgrade but i wish robbie well
  8. I had heard someone on one of the shows mention it, but only thing written i can find is the deal he supposedly had ready with the Eagles for Dillard...
  9. nice write up.. for the "panicky news reports" I love that he had a trade in place to use if there was a run on OT's

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