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  1. Looks like Cimini took yours... http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/76223/will-jets-new-hope-sam-darnold-be-better-than-old-one-mark-sanchez
  2. Jetstream

    Talent Available Rounds 4-7

    I like the idea of pairing Darnold with a new TE for them to grow together....Thomas would be nice...
  3. Obviously haven't been bleeding green for long...but hopefully this is the change that we need...
  4. I Hope Sam is our savior and I won't have to feel like this anymore, but with Buffalo trading up for Allen, I can't help but worry that he doesn't become Marino on us.... Hoping the other Josh goes to Arizona...
  5. It Is... "Sign the Beast", but hopefully it will become... "Now that we have a franchise QB..."
  6. I don't know we've done it before...
  7. The only thing about Allen...ALL the retired Pro QB's seem to love him...
  8. I think any of these Except Mayfield, but what about everyone else?
  9. Jetstream

    Allen Hurns Released

    Not to high-jack this thread, but mentioning Kearse and the fact he's in last year of deal and we have lots of space....did he show enough to consider re-structuring/extending his deal (front loaded) to be able to get like 2 more years out of him? or ride out a player in the last year of his deal?
  10. Jetstream

    Anyone Else Feeling Schitzo ??

    I'm thinking one of the Josh's, too soon?
  11. Jetstream

    Adams on NFL Network

  12. I think Robbie is ready to try someone else
  13. Wouldn't say he's playing good made a few good throws, but the coaching is awful...because what QB looks good when you throw only of the downs you are forced to throw on...could we mix it up a little?
  14. Can't we just forfeit? isn't that easier on all of us?